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Can We Prevent Asthma?
The incidence of Asthma has increased dramatically in the last decade, especially in children. Medical experts now believe avoiding allergens may help prevent asthma from developing later in life. Although the causes of asthma are still relatively unknown, general activity and exercise seem to be critical in controlling the severity of the disease. More


Exercise Reduces Impotence
Findings of research indicate that men who exercise regularly are less likely to develop impotence as they age. Researchers say it's no surprise exercise would have this effect since physical activity improves blood vessel health, which aids blood flow. Erectile dysfunction is the result of too little blood flow reaching the penis. At the same time, exercise decreases risk for heart disease. More


Smoking Heightens Women's Arthritis risk
Female smokers have nearly twice the risk of developing early-onset rheumatoid arthritis as their non-smoking counterparts. Smoking appears to raise the body's level of a rheumatoid factor generally found in patients with more severe arthritis. More


Depression in the Workplace
Clinical depression is one of the foremost costly illnesses, along with heart disease, cancer and AIDS. Depression costs the North American economy more than 55 billion each year in absenteeism from work, lost productivity and direct treatment costs. The annual economic cost of depression is more than $600 per depressed worker with only one-third of these costs for treatment, while two-thirds are costs related to absenteeism and lost productivity. More


Exercise Helps the Mind
Feeling blue? Doctors now are suggesting that an underused and inexpensive treatment appears to reduce depression and other mental disorders: exercise. More


Less time with partner, more interest in sex
When it comes to relationships, absence does make the heart grow fonder. According to researchers, the less time a man spends with his female partner, the more attractive he finds her, and the greater his interest in having sex with her again. More


High blood pressure linked to mental decline
Uncontrolled high blood pressure may be a risk factor for intellectual decline in older individuals, researchers report. More

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