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Experts Call for Better Prevention
The American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology are recommending new education efforts and treatment programs to help women prevent heart disease.  According to a recent survey by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, health-care professionals counsel women less often than men about nutrition, exercise and weight management. More


With Health Reform, Gender Gap Widens
The Centres of Excellence for Women's Health recently released a report, based on six regional assessments of health care reform, revealing the health care gender gap is widening. According to Women's Health Organizations, women are facing greater financial barriers when health care costs are privatized. More


Smoking Heightens Women's Arthritis risk
Female smokers have nearly twice the risk of developing early-onset rheumatoid arthritis as their non-smoking counterparts, researchers say. Smoking appears to raise the body's level of rheumatoid factor, which is generally found in patients with more severe arthritis. More


Women on 'yo-yo' diets at risk of stroke
Women who "binge diet" increase their risk of heart attack and stroke because gaining and losing weight gives them lower levels of "good" cholesterol compared with those who eat sensibly. If you are not obese and have no risk factors for obesity-related illness, focus on preventing further weight gain by increasing your exercise and eating healthy foods, rather than trying to lose weight. If you do need to lose weight, you should be ready to commit to lifelong changes in your eating behaviors, diet, and physical activity. More


Women use Alternative Therapies
for menopause symptoms

A recent federally-sponsored survey of menopausal women finds that many are using complementary medicine therapies -- vitamins, herbs, and soy protein -- to ameliorate symptoms such as hot flashes and trouble sleeping.The data was presented at the Community Prevention Research in Women's Health Conference at the National Institutes of Health in late October of 2000. More

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