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Why does sex exist?
Birds and bees do it, but to scientists who study evolution, sex seems wasteful, since many species that reproduce asexually get along just fine without it. In the evolutionary battle to survive, asexual species, whose members can clone themselves, would seem to have an advantage over sexual animals -- like people -- that take two to reproduce. More


Smoking increases impotence risk
Many of the same things that are bad for the heart are bad for the sex life too, according to a study of impotence among middle-aged men. In a study that followed 513 men for up to 10 years, those whose lifestyles put them at risk for heart disease were also at higher risk for erectile dysfunction (ED). More


Why Don't I Enjoy Sex?
The reasons that women may not be enjoying sex are numerous and often complex. Sexual experiences reflect the mingling of the mind and the body. Despite the complexity of these issues, many women and their partners can be helped by information on the many ways women can receive sexual pleasure. More


Human Sexual Response Cycles
Various scientists have done considerable research in the areas of human sexual response. Among the most prevalent are: Masters and Johnson, who described sexual response as the result of physiological changes; Helen Singer-Kaplan, who stated that there must be a desire for sexual activity to achieve orgasm; and David Reed, who focused more on the psychosocial aspects of human sexual response. More


Women of all ages practice unsafe sex
Women of all ages - not just teenagers - practice unsafe sex and don't consistently protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies, according to a new national study. More


Less time with partner, more interest in sex
When it comes to relationships, perhaps absence does make the heart grow fonder. According to researchers, the less time a man spends with his female partner after having sex, the more attractive he finds her--and the greater his interest in having sex with her again. More

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