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Depression in the Workplace
Clinical depression is one of the foremost costly illnesses, along with heart disease, cancer and AIDS. Depression costs the North American economy more than 55 billion each year in absenteeism from work, lost productivity and direct treatment costs. The annual economic cost of depression is more than $600 per depressed worker with only one-third of these costs for treatment, while two-thirds are costs related to absenteeism and lost productivity. More

  IT revolution adds to workplace stress
Information glut resulting from technological advances, the pace of globalization, dysfunctional office politics, overwork and job insecurity after a decade of downsizing are the main contributors to workplace stress, a survey found. More

Avoid rush hour to remove stress
A survey, conducted by British insurance company Royal Sun Alliance for National Stress Awareness Day, showed 70 percent of working adults in Britain have experienced stress in the workplace. The survey showed 44 percent of adults in Britain find being in rush hour traffic the most stressful situation. More


Computer monitors may be hazardous
Your new computer monitor may offer many advantages over your old model, but it may also have one feature that could affect your health. According to Swedish researchers, more than half of new computer monitor displays currently being sold are treated with a flame-retardant chemical known for provoking allergic reactions--and this compound emits from the screen into the air surrounding the operator when heated up as a result of everyday usage. More


US Employers address ergonomic injuries
Employers would have to correct injury-causing workplace conditions that require repetitive motion, overexertion or awkward posture under proposed regulations in the U.S. More


Wife's long hours affect husband
 If a married woman spends more than 40 hours a week at work, her husband's health suffers. In fact, his chance of being in good or excellent health drops by 25 percent in a three-year period. More

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