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9 Healthy Food Scraps You Shouldn't Be Throwing Away
May 30, 2014 | Nutrition | M.Chan
We waste a third of the world's food supply every year along with all the energy and water needed to produce it. However, we may be chucking away food scraps that are not scraps at all. Many fruit and vegetables have skins and leaves which we commonly discard that are more colourful and higher in nutritious phytochemicals like carotenoids and flavonoids than the flesh. These deliver a greater variety of antioxidants if we learn how to utilize them.

Revolutionary Aeroponic Vertical Growing System Grows An Organic Garden 30 Percent Faster and with 80 Percent Less Water
May 30, 2014 | NaturalLiving | Editor
As we all know the link between healthy eating and disease is indisputable. Growing your own garden gives you the ability to grow your own organic vegetables at a cost that is affordable for almost everyone while eliminating ingestion of toxic chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. The Pyramid Garden may be just the answer.

9 Common Sense Antidotes To Address Chronic Disease and Advance Your Health
May 29, 2014 | Prevention | M.Goldberg
Chronic diseases are at epidemic levels. These chronic diseases include heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, depression and anxiety, multiple sclerosis and chronic pain. Conventional medicine alone will not prevent and reverse chronic diseases. Only a natural, alternative approach used in conjunction with conventional medicine works.

5 Facts On Cancer That Conventional Medicine Is Now Aggressively Claiming Are Myths
May 29, 2014 | Cancer | D.Mihalovic
According to the conventional wisdom of mainstream medicine, the world's leading health practitioners in alternative, complementary and integrative medicine have it all wrong and are misinforming millions in practice and on the internet with a barrage of myths and misconceptions they claim are causing more harm to cancer patients. Could this initiative to sway opinion by leading cancer authorities possibly, just possibly be related to the revolution that is happening around the world--highlighting the dangers and ineffectiveness of toxic chemotherapy and radiation, bringing cancer cures such as cannabis to the forefront, or the emerging mass markets now creating awareness on the reality of our food and the consequences of the cancer industry itself?

Cilantro Haters, It's Not Your Fault You Hate One of The Best Phytonutrient Dense Herbs In The World
May 28, 2014 | Herbs | K.Foster
I recently ran into a website and forum that was dedicated to hating cilantro, one of my most favorite herbs. I must admit I found it humorous, but I didn't realize there were so many people that hated cilantro, also known as coriander. Some people may be genetically predisposed to dislike the herb, but the numbers are much higher than previously thought.

Hot Peppers Prevent The Number One Cause of Death
May 27, 2014 | Antioxidants | A.McCarthy
Capsaicinoids found in cayenne pepper, jalapenos, habaneros and other chili peppers already have an established treatment role in creams to address joint and arthritis pain. They also promote fat burning, increase metabolism and even kill cancer cells. Scientists have now reported the latest evidence that chili peppers are a heart-healthy food with potential to protect against the No. 1 cause of death in the developed world.

The Superfood Breakfast That Will Have You Quit All Others
May 27, 2014 | Nutrition | K.Foster
Chia, hemp, buckwheat, almonds, and dried cranberries make up this incredible superfood breakfast that will give you sustained energy with a wonderful medley of highly packed nutrients all fitting in the palm of your hands. I would not be recommending this cereal combination if I did not experience the benefits myself every single day.

The Five Most Underrated Supplements That Make A Huge Difference In Your Health
May 26, 2014 | Antioxidants | M.Chan
Everyone knows about multivitamins, calcium and fish oil, but how many people know about some of the most underrated supplements out there that make a world of difference for your immune system, energy levels, aches and pains? Here are 5 health boosting supplements to add to your daily arsenal.

The World's Largest Producer of Almonds Is Required By Law To Pasteurize ALL Almonds Including Raw and Organic
May 26, 2014 | GovernmentAbuse | N.Longo
If you are purist when it comes to nutritional value of nuts, it may come as a shock to discover that most of the world's almonds are heat treated. A little known secret in almond production and processing is that irrespective of the status of standard, raw or organically produced almonds, the world's largest producer is required, according to The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), to pasteurize all almonds. This means even organic and raw almonds shipped in North America are exposed to heat treatments.

The Living Matrix - A Matriz Vida
May 25, 2014 | Consciousness | Editor
The Living Matrix - The Science of Healing, uncovers the reality behind the intricate web of factors that determine our health. Interviews with dedicated scientists, psychologists, bioenergetic researchers and holistic practitioners explain how the healing potential of humanity first takes place beyond the physical body and then manifests physically. It details the fascinating approach led by researchers to explain science-based healing of "miracle cures" putting the science in perspective while telling the stories of people who faced and overcame incredible health challenges.

Green Tea, Blueberry, Banana Smoothie
May 25, 2014 | Nutrition | K.Foster
This is an antioxidant-rich smoothie filled with dense nutrients makes a this a nutritional powerhouse. Between the green tea and blueberries, there is an abundance of polyphenols and the bananas provide the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals.

Large Study Shows Processed Oils Including Canola, Soybean and Corn Oil Increase Incidence of Lung Inflammation and Asthma
May 23, 2014 | Toxins | N.Longo
We now know that an increase in asthma coincides with a switch from butter to certain oil-based diets. A large new Northwestern Medicine study ties the increasing consumption of supposedly healthy vitamin rich oils -- canola, soybean and corn – to the rising incidence of lung inflammation and asthma.

Gluten-Free Diet During Pregnancy Protects Offspring From Type I Diabetes
May 23, 2014 | Diabetes | M.Chan
Consumption of a gluten-free diet during pregnancy may be correlated to the health of offspring, and in particular their risk of developing type 1 diabetes, according to new research.

Report Finds Thousands Of Toddlers Are Being Medicated For ADHD At Alarming Rates
May 22, 2014 | JunkHealthcare | D.Mihalovic
There is something seriously wrong with the way attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is diagnosed in young children in the US, with over 1 million kids being potentially misdiagnosed just because they are the youngest in their kindergarten year, with the youngest in class twice as likely to be on stimulant medication. More than 10,000 American toddlers 2 or 3 years old are being medicated for ADHD outside established pediatric guidelines, according to data presented on by an official at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

FED UP - Everything We’ve Been Told About Food and Exercise For The Past 30 Years Is Dead Wrong
May 22, 2014 | GovernmentAbuse | Editor
FED UP is the film the food industry doesn’t want you to see. From Katie Couric, Laurie David and director Stephanie Soechtig, FED UP will change the way you eat forever. The film opened in theaters across the country on May 9th.

20 Amazing Health Benefits of Cucumbers
May 21, 2014 | Antioxidants | A.McCarthy
Cucumbers have not received as much press as other vegetables in terms of health benefits, but this widely cultivated food provides us with a unique combination of nutrients. Here are 20 incredible benefits of cucumbers.

How Isagenix Lies To Its Distributors And Consumers About GMOs, Preservatives, And Artificial Ingredients
May 21, 2014 | Toxins | N.Longo
Isagenix is another multilevel marketing (MLM) company which claims a "no-compromise approach to health and wealth generating opportunities to help thousands achieve their dreams." Sound familiar? That's probably because, as most MLMs generally are, they're big on talk and low on quality. In fact, Isagenix makes wild claims about their products which are easily proven false by making simple observations on their ingredient lists. The lies are so blatant that one can only assume that their distributors either don't research the products they are selling or are simply fooled by the propaganda set up by their up-line leaders and sponsors.

Do You Really Need To Use That Nasal Spray?
May 20, 2014 | NaturalLiving | J.Chitty
Many will reach for an over-the-counter nasal spray without a second thought but how safe are they to use? And could they even become addictive?

Excessive Sweating Affects Millions - 12 Ways To Stop It
May 20, 2014 | HumanBody | M.Chan
Sweating is your body's natural way of cooling itself and people normally sweat in response to thermal stimuli. However, sweating that exceeds the needs of the body--medically termed hyperhidrosis--is now a fairly common condition affecting millions. Hyperhidrosis may be generalized but most often it involves the palms, underarms, feet, and groin; it can take a social toll, making handshaking unpleasant or significantly restricting wardrobe. There are many of simple, inexpensive and natural ways to stop excessive sweating and actually improve the smell of your body odor, all without ever stepping foot in a doctor's office.

20 Health Secrets of Bitter Gourd
May 19, 2014 | Antioxidants | K.Foster
Bitter gourd is a popular vegetable in some Asian countries, where the health benefits of the plant are well-known—particularly, its ability to lower blood glucose in diabetics. Bitter gourd has been used to treat diabetes in traditional medicine and is now commercially available as tea (from fruits or leaves), juice, extracts, and pills. In recent years researchers worldwide have started to focus on the many antidiabetic effects and other health secrets of bitter gourd.

Boost and Fortify Your Second Brain
May 19, 2014 | HumanBody | P.Fassa
Two heads are better than one is an old saying that relates to brainstorming with another. But scientific studies are discovering another aspect of increasing mental acuity and restoring or maintaining mental and emotional stability. It comes with acknowledging and nurturing your "second brain". But it's it's not in your skull, it's in your gut.

5 Reasons Allergies Are Mysteriously Increasing
May 18, 2014 | Allergies | D.Mihalovic
Are you seeing more people sneezing and tearing up every allergy season? Studies show that allergies are on the rise in developed countries, including the United States -- not just seasonal allergies, but allergies of all kinds. Officials say they can't quite pinpoint the mysterious cause behind such a dramatic increase in allergies, blaming it on some unknown factor in human genetics and our environment. However, it really is no mystery at all.

Researchers Show That Genes Aren't Responsible For Cancer's Potential, But The Body's Culture Medium Is
May 16, 2014 | Cancer | M.Chan
A team of Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) researchers have proposed that an "on and off" epigenetic switch could be a common mechanism behind the development of different types of cancer. The existence of this epigenetic switch is indirectly supported by the fact that tumors develop through different stages. When cells rapidly grow during cancer progression, they become stuck in their current stage of development and their cell characteristics do not change. So what does change?

The Endocannabinoid System and How THC Cures Cancer
May 16, 2014 | Healing | M.Torres
There are close to 20,000 studies on cannabinoids in the pubmed database. Few scientists who concentrate their work around cannabinoids can deny the tremendous therapeutic potential of cannabis. Dr. Christina Sanchez, a molecular biologist at Compultense University in Madrid Spain, has completed extensive research which led to one of the first discoveries that THC does indeed kill cancer cells.

Synergistic Toxicity - 9 Ways Vaccines Are Reducing Immunity and Inducing Immune Overload In Children
May 15, 2014 | Vaccines | D.Mihalovic
Convincing evidence is finally coming forward from peer reviewed studies which show that the rapid increase in the number of vaccines given to children is now creating synergistic toxicity and a state of immune overload in the majority of vaccine recipients manifesting in related health issues including epidemics of obesity, diabetes, and autism.

Study Shows One Week of Consuming An Organic Diet Results In Almost 90 Percent Reduction In Pesticide Levels
May 15, 2014 | Toxins | N.Longo
The average person is exposed to 10 to 13 pesticide residues each day from food, beverages and drinking water. About 80 percent of organically grown fruits and vegetables are pesticide free, and a recent study showed that consumption of an organic diet for one week significantly reduced pesticide exposure levels in adults.

Justin And Lauren Shelton Lost More Than 500 Pounds Together
May 14, 2014 | YourWeight | A.McCarthy
When Justin and Lauren Shelton realized they had reached crisis levels in their weight gain, they came to the realization that they needed to change, but it took something drastic to really motivate them. Here's how they did it.

11 Foods Great For Your Skin and 11 Types of Foods That Will Make You Age
May 14, 2014 | HumanBody | N.Longo
The right vegetables, nuts, seeds, oils, etc can shield your skin from the ravages of the environment, time, and even cancer, while the wrong types of foods can accelerate everything from wrinkles, to acne and dryness. Here's how to arm yourself with less than a dozen potent foods that keep you young and your skin looking vibrant.

5 Tips That You May Not Have Thought of To Improve Digestion
May 14, 2014 | Nutrition | E.Sinclaire
Most of us love food. What’s not to love?? It’s usually tasty, filling and sustaining to our bodies and souls! Unfortunately, many of us suffer from issues like boating, gas and discomfort after indulging in a meal. Okay, that’s what is NOT to love. Fortunately, there are some ways that you can improve your digestion and avoid many common digestive issues that plague us.

It's Time To Stop Living On The Earth and Start Cohabitating With Her - The Earth is a Sentient Living Organism
May 13, 2014 | TheUniverse | L.Bentley
Contrary to the common belief that the Earth is simply a dense planet whose only function is a resource for its inhabitants, our planet is in fact a breathing, living organism. When we think of the Earth holistically, as one living entity of its own, instead of the sum of its parts, it takes on a new meaning. Our planet functions as a single organism that maintains conditions necessary for its survival.

More Evidence Emerges That Insecticides Are Responsible For Collapse of Honey Bee Colonies
May 12, 2014 | Toxins | A.McCarthy
Two widely used neonicotinoids--a class of insecticide--appear to significantly harm honey bee colonies over the winter, particularly during colder winters, according to a new study from Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH).

5 Diseases Proven To Respond Better To Cannabis Than Prescription Drugs
May 12, 2014 | Healing | M.Torres
The reason cannabis is so effective medicinally is directly related to its ability to interact with receptors in the body which inhibit inflammation and prevent disease. Cannabis does this so well, that few drugs can compete with its level of potency which come essentially with no side effects. These are just 5 diseases that are proven to respond better to cannabis than to drugs, however, there are many studies currently being conducted that may prove dozens more.

Why Does Scientific Research Lead To Such Poor Outcomes In Prevention?
May 11, 2014 | JunkScience | J.Battaglia
In many scientific studies, investigators monitor disease rates and lifestyle factors (diet, physical activity, prescription drug use, exposure to pollutants, etc.) in or between large populations. They then try to infer conclusions -- i.e., hypotheses -- about what caused the disease variations observed. Because these studies can generate an enormous number of speculations about the causes or prevention of chronic diseases, they provide the fodder for much of the health news that appears in the media -- from the potential benefits of fish oil, fruits and vegetables to the supposed dangers of sedentary lives, trans fats and electromagnetic fields. Because these studies often provide the only available evidence outside the laboratory on critical issues of our well-being, they have come to play a significant role in generating public-health recommendations as well. But how accurate are they?

Can The Rings of a Tree Create Music Like a Record?
May 11, 2014 | Consciousness | J.Richardson
Artist Bartholomaus Traubeck has custom-built a record player that is able to "play" cross-sectional slices of tree trunks. The result is his artpiece "Years," an audio recording of tree rings being read by a computer and turned into music, much like a record player's needle reads the grooves on an LP. It gives us not only a sense of nature's message, but a perspective on a unique arrangement of sounds that would be impossible to interpret through any other medium.

Banana Ginger Kale Delight Smoothie
May 9, 2014 | Antioxidants | K.Foster
Soothe digestion, heartburn, nausea, and other stomach trouble with the fresh ginger in this natural remedy smoothie. It is very refreshing and will give you ample energy. The alkaline properties will also maximize full spectrum absorption of all nutrients.

The Worst Lies Mainstream Nutrition Has Told You
May 9, 2014 | Nutrition | E.Sinclaire
What if the 'experts' were wrong? Just the other day in a convenience store, I saw the following sign: This ‘registered dietitian’ can help you to choose the correct high-fructose filled, preservative-laden treat for you! Is it any surprise that a lot of ‘new’ science is showing that many of our commonly held beliefs about food are completely wrong. Common sense should be the big one in regards to if food is healthy or not. Did our ancestors eat it? Would our grandparents regard it as 'food'? Has this item been on the face of the planet for 10,000 years or more?

Apricots Have A Far Greater Potential To Protect Your Eyesight Than Carrots Do
May 8, 2014 | Nutrition | M.Chan
We've all been taught that carrots would keep our eyes sharp as a child, but as an adult, it looks like fruit such as apricots are even more important for keeping your sight. Data reported in a study published in the Archives of Opthamology indicates that eating 3 or more servings of fruit per day may lower your risk of age-related macular degeneration (ARMD), the primary cause of vision loss in older adults, by 36%, compared to persons who consume less than 1.5 servings of fruit daily.

Beets Are So Healthy That Even Pharmaceutical Giants Want To Harness Their Antioxidant Potential
May 8, 2014 | Antioxidants | K.Foster
There has been enormous research interest in beets because of the the unusual mix of antioxidants that they contain. The unique combination of nutritional and nutriceutical components establishes the red beet as a marvelous vegetable, easy to grow and process its natural products. Its strong vasodilation properties, imparted pigments, flavonoids and organic nitrogen have lead to deep investigations by pharmaceutical companies to reap the enormous array of health benefits. Fortunately, a vegetable can't be patented, so the beet will always remain as a very useful dietary tool in both the prevention and treatment of disease.

Love Ice Cream? Here's How To Make Your Own Healthy Varieties and Avoid Toxic Ingredients
May 7, 2014 | Nutrition | N.Longo
No child wants to be excluded from the delicious frozen treats their friends receive, but neither do adults. There are many ways to avoid all the toxic preservatives, emulsifiers and artificial sweeteners that go into conventional ice cream. You would be surprised how easy it is to make your own.

The Man Who Defied Odds, Turned Down Chemotherapy and Drugs and Outlived All His Doctors
May 7, 2014 | NaturalLiving | D.Mihalovic
You could say that Stamatis Moraitis forgot to die. The Greek war veteran was diagnosed by 9 different American doctors with lung cancer in 1976. He was given 6 months to live and was encouraged to pursue aggressive cancer treatment. He declined and instead moved back to his native land of Ikaria. Then something incredible happened.

The Highest Nutrient Dense Calcium Foods
May 6, 2014 | Nutrition | M.Torres
You don't need milk or yogurt to benefit from highly bioavailable sources of calcium. In fact, contrary to popular belief, most dairy products do not possess any type of calcium that is easily absorbed in the body. Here are some of the best foods you can eat with both high nutrient density and high bioavailable calcium.

Pepsi and Coca-Cola Used As Pesticide In India Because They're Cheap and Get The Job Done
May 6, 2014 | Toxins | J.Summerly
Besides being an effective poison to the human metabolism, it seems Pepsi and Coca-Cola have another popular function in other parts of the world. One of India’s leading voluntary agencies, the Center for Science and Environment (CSE) said that soft drinks manufactured in India, including those carrying the Pepsi and Coca-Cola brand names, contain unacceptably high levels of pesticide residues and consequently many farmers have used the beverages to combat pests because of low costs compared to conventional pesticide brands.

6 Body Parts Doctors Think Are Useless: How Little Do They Know
May 5, 2014 | HumanBody | D.Mihalovic
The ineptitude of the medical profession is hallmarked by their sheer ignorance of the human body. This stems from a combination of institutional training which then leaps over to their field, medical offices and even conferences and continuing education to reinforce this training, just in case they happen to gain some wisdom from their practice. The human body is perfect, period. Any advice coming from any person who attempts to convince you that a part of your body is unnecessary, useless or needs to be removed, has no place in any health profession, let alone the medical field. Here are 6 examples of body parts which doctors think are useless, but really are not.

13 Charts Explain The Biggest Problems With The Modern Diet
May 5, 2014 | Nutrition | A.McCarthy
The reason people all over the world are fatter and sicker than ever before is diet and our reliance on medications when our foods work against us. Across the globe, wherever you see the modern processed food industry pop up, so too follow chronic diseases like obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer just like clock work. Here are 13 graphs that show everything that is wrong with the modern diet.

This Is What Happens To Your Cells When You Experience Happiness
May 4, 2014 | Happiness | M.Pochelli
Too much research has been devoted to the science of stress, depression and the connection to disease and not enough to the biology of joy. If a greater emphasis was placed on why we don't go to doctors when we are feeling optimistic, happy, and joyful, there would be less value and importance placed on the emotional states that coincidentally generate more money for those manufacturing medication. There are many ways to experience pleasure in our brains and happiness might be the one emotion that prevents and reverses the cascade of cellular events that lead to disease.

21 Health Tricks To Teach Your Body
May 2, 2014 | HumanBody | A.McCarthy
Whether it's curing a throat tickle, resolving your headache in minutes or experiencing supersonic hearing, these 21 tricks are proven methods of fooling your body to achieve a desired result, whether that's relieving pain or just having fun.

9 Essential Mood, Memory, and Cognitive Enhancers That Boost Brain Energy Metabolism
May 2, 2014 | MentalHealth | D.Mihalovic
Mood-stabilizing drugs are purely antimanic agents, which are mainly for treating mania. However, natural mood stabilizers help the body metabolize brain chemicals which enhance mood, something drugs can never do due to specific metabolic pathways necessary to metabolize the chemical constituents. These ingredients not only improve mood, memory and cognition, but they do it without long-term side effects associated with medication. Here are 9 essential ingredients to look for in any supplement designed to boost your brain.

The Higher Your Vitamin D Levels, The Better Your Chance To Both Prevent and Survive Cancer
May 1, 2014 | Sunlight | M.Chan
The active form of vitamin D essentially shuts down cancer cells by several mechanisms which inhibit proteins involved in metastases. Now Chinese researchers have found breast and colorectalcancer patients with higher levels of vitamin D at the time of diagnosis may have better chances of survival and remain in remission longer those who are deficient, according to a scientific review.

Frosty Peppermint Chocolate Smoothie
May 1, 2014 | Nutrition | K.Foster
A thick and creamy double decker peppermint and chocolate smoothie creation by Raw Food Chef, Rebecca Almazan is out of this world. Dates, frozen bananas and you also get the benefit of additional fiber from psyllium husk which helps give the chocolate layer an amazing pudding-like texture without having to rely on nuts or additional fats. If you love peppermint and chocolate you're going to love this healthy recipe!

When It Comes To Vaccine Promotion and Safety, Always Follow The Money To Discover The Source
May 1, 2014 | Vaccines | D.Mihalovic
The "National Launch" of Invisible Threat - a film promoting the world's most aggressive vaccine program - will be screened in the nation's capital today. The screening will be hosted by Every Child By Two (ECBT), which has received millions of dollars from five of the largest pharmaceutical companies. Even high school teachers have joined forces with a vaccine industry front group to promote the film.


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