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Most Nations in the World Have No GMO-Free Platform To Protect Their Citizens
Unless you live in the dozen or so nations in the world who have declared GMO (genetically modified organism) bans, then you're likely eating GMO. Eating organic is your best chance of avoiding GM foods, but it's almost impossible to avoid them entirely, especially if you're living in a country that doesn't restrict their cultivation, import or export. The United States, Canada, China, UK, Australia, Mexico, and most of South America, Asia and Africa have no formal GMO-free platforms and their use is typically unrestricted and widespread.

How Geoengineering And The Aerosol Spraying Of Our Skies Is Destroying Our Health
For decades, governments and scientists worldwide have been denying the existence of discreet operations which (for various reasons) use military aircrafts to spray our skies with chemical toxins. Such operations have often been dismissed as conspiracy theories, or in many cases a misinterpretation of condenstation trails (contrails). Goverments are now finally admitting that geoengineering is a reality and have stated that despite any detrimental affects to our health, will continue these operations indefinitely.

A Mediterranean Style Diet Is Linked To Improved Quality of Life
Consumption of a Mediterranean style diet is linked to improved mental and physical heath and a better quality of life, according to the findings of new research.

Forced Medical Treatment and Denying Parental Rights - Sarah's Last Wish
Forced medical treatment is not a rare occurrence confined to grimy hospitals in totalitarian regimes. Medical ethicists report that it is a common event that happens thousands of times each day in developed countries with sophisticated health care systems. Sarah's Last Wish is a true story of a brave young girl claiming her right to live and die with dignity. Her last wish is already changing the system..

Why We Need To Boost This Vital Mineral For Optimum Health
Every organ in the body -- especially the heart, muscles, and kidneys -- needs the mineral magnesium. Magnesium reduces blood pressure naturally, curbs diabetes, lower the risk of heart disease, and is essential for the functioning of more than 300 different enzymes in the body, particularly those that produce, transport, store, and utilize energy.

Fighting Fibromyalgia Naturally
Fibromyalgia causes symptoms that include aching muscles, tender skin, fatigue, flu-like symptoms and mental fogginess that leaves sufferers unable to function normally in everyday life. Fortunately, for those who don't want to resort to experimenting with medication to find a solution, there are a few natural remedies and lifestyle changes that may offer relief to fibromyalgia sufferers.

Chilling Statistics: What Are We Doing To Ourselves And Our Children?
In four words, "we are killing ourselves." Each successive generation is sicker and more diseased than its predecessor. Autism, learning disabilities, ADHD, asthma, diabetes and many other diseases continue to skyrocket. No government agency has ever done, or will ever do anything about it except continue to compile statistics. You are our only hope, so here are the facts.

One Sniff Of This Essential Oil Will Improve Your Brain Power and Memory
Listen up Sudoku lovers. There may be another way to improve your memory and cognition and it has nothing to do with any puzzle. According to a new British study, all you have to do is take a sniff of a specific essential oil. The best news is that it's not hard to find.

Babies Left Crying Stay Unhappy Hours Afterwards--Elevated Stress Hormones
A study found that levels of the stress hormone cortisol remain high in ‘crying babies’ even in the days after they have apparently learnt to settle themselves.

7 Foods That Keep You Young
Looking young seems to be a foremost priority of the over 30 crowd these days. Not just women, even men are wary of aging and hollywood only encourages this preoccupation. Instead of resorting to botox, plastic surgery or using the number of anti-aging chemical creams that have flooded the markets, one can go the natural route and opt for fruits and vegetables to help fight all age-related problems. Here are a few superfoods that can help control aging and make you look younger, but more importantly, vibrant and healthy.

The Truth of Mind And Matter
All physical matter, everything we have around us is the result of a frequency. If the frequency is amplified, the structure of the matter will change. This self-contained system is a hologram. Change any one aspect of the hologram, and you change the entire system.

One of The Most Potent Spices That Is Innate To Your Immune System
Researchers at Oregon State University have just identified a new reason why some curry dishes, made with spices humans have used for thousands of years, might be good for you.

If You Insist On Eating Junk Food, At Least Drink Tea
Researchers at Kobe University, Japan found that regular consumption of tea suppresses damaging changes in the blood linked to fatty foods that can lead to type 2 diabetes.

How Experiencing Strong Emotions Synchronizes The Brains Across Individuals
Research team at Aalto University and Turku PET Centre has revealed how experiencing strong emotions synchronizes brain activity across individuals.

Babies Delivered By Caesarean Section Face Double The Risk of Obesity Compared To Those Delivered Naturally
Women having caesarean births have always had double the risk of illness or even death compared to a vaginal births, but a recent study shows that caesarean born babies are also at double the risk of becoming obese children as those delivered naturally, researchers have claimed.

Vaccines and Injections Soon To Be Delivered Via Small Needleless High-Pressure Jets
Once the public grew more skeptical of vaccines after the pandemic flu hoax, mainstream medicine was forced to adopt new methods of tackling the antagonists of their beloved immunization campaigns (a misnomer in itself). One idea was to make vaccines more friendly to the public. Something that has always struck fear (and rightfully so) in the hearts of children is the vaccine needle. So the heads of conventional medicine approached MIT researchers to develop a needleless delivery system that would at least squelch the "needle phobia" to make drug injections seamless, painless and free from any stigma attached to the jab. It seems that we'll soon have change those graphic depictions of hypodermic needles to a device that is very different as technology continues to progress while modern medicine continues to regress.

Researchers Expose More Evidence That Calcium Supplements Increase Heart Attack Risk
For years, the medical industry has been promoting the use of calcium supplements to prevent osteoporosis, reinforcing age-old myths that calcium supplementation builds strong bones and teeth. Newly published research is reinforcing previous studies warning that calcium supplements should be ‘taken with caution’ after findings suggested consumption of the supplements could double the risk of heart attack incidence.

Married Men Secretly Binge on Unhealthy Food
Women try to keep their husbands on a healthy food track, but many men will cheat on their diets when away from home, new research suggests. This can be avoided if wives take the time to discuss menu changes with their husbands. This seems obvious, but most times it doesn't happen, the researchers said.

Floors That Make You And Your Children Sick
A new study from Sweden shows that chemicals from PVC flooring materials is absorbed by our bodies. The study shows that children can ingest these softening agents with food but also by breathing and through the skin.

Omega-3 DHA Improves Literacy In ADHD Children
According to new research from Australia, increased levels of the omega-3 DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is associated with improved literacy in children with ADHD and learning disabilities.

Why Buy Makeup When You Can Make Your Own Using Fruits and Roots?
Countless hormone disruptors, heavy metals, preservatives, colors and other artificial chemicals are in most conventional makeup products. Why use them and deteriorate your health when you can use fruits such as blackberries and roots such as beets?

Record Numbers of Pregnant Women Are Refusing The Flu Shot
An overwhelming majority of pregnant women who visit the doctor's office are now refusing the flu vaccine over fears it will harm their fetus. The medical community is on damage control pushing out flawed studies in an attempt to sway opinion in a losing battle for control over fetus health. More than 90% of all expecting mothers will now say no to the flu vaccine due to fear of miscarriage and delivery of toxic byproducts to their unborn child.

Prostate-Cancer Screenings Unnecessary - Lead To Dangerous Treatments
The uproar that began last year when the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force stated that doctors should no longer offer regular prostate-cancer tests to healthy men continued this week when the task force released their final report. Overall, they stuck to their guns, stating that a blood test commonly used to screen for prostate cancer, the PSA test, causes more harm than good -- it leads men to receive unnecessary, and sometimes even dangerous, treatments.

Curing All Illnesses in 3 Minutes In Medicineless Hospitals
Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body. In a medicineless hospital in Bejing, China, closed due to political reasons, they successfully treated over 180 types of illnesses including bladder cancer. The Center avoided medicines and special diets in favor of exercise, love, and life energy.

Shrimp At Grocery Retailers Contains Antibiotics and Carcinogens Affecting DNA
Texas Tech University researchers have found evidence of antibiotics -- one a suspected human carcinogen -- after testing farm-raised shrimp samples of international origin in imported seafood going directly to grocery store shelves.

Toxic Superweeds Being Caused By GMO
An important claim made by the supporters of genetically modified plants is that they will decrease need for chemical pesticides and herbicides. The reverse is true and pesticide use has only increased. These chemicals also have tremendously negative impacts on ecosystems and humans.

The police in this country, and the authorities who command them, are getting completely out of hand, as they are elsewhere. They have lost the concept of "serving and protecting" and now attack like salivating dogs, without concern for those they are abusing with their power.
Canadians should be ashamed to allow people like these over-the-top cops to use such tactics against those with legitimate protests. This is not who our police are supposed to be. When the innocent are physically injured at the hands of police, it should be a rarity and a much-regretted occurrence... but it is not. We see the police circling the wagons, and know that the whitewash is about to begin.

It will be highly instructive to watch what flows from the charges against G20 officers and commanders: not nearly enough of them were slated to be charged, and not nearly enough of the recorded abuses resulted in charges.

Enough. Don't these abusive officers have families and children? Would they support their own children being handled this way because they chose to state their beliefs? What would their wives or significant others say about them shooting rubber bullets at protesters and taking out their eyes? Putting them in comas? Breaking their bones? For speaking out????


If you live next door to a cop, what does he or she have to say about this? Perhaps it's time we asked the rank and file to stand with the people they are to protect and serve, instead of the policies that turn our police into trained attack dogs.

Docs told to report anyone who uses chelation

It's one of the greatest medical miracles of the 20th century -- but if the mainstream has its way, it's going to be snatched right out of your doctor's hands.

Chelation therapy is the single best cure for everything from heart disease to dementia. It WORKS -- but the mainstream hates it because in addition to being highly effective, it's dirt cheap.

So naturally, they're pulling every dirty trick in the book to make sure YOU can't get it.

At a recent meeting of the American College of Medical Toxicology held on government property, doctors were told to spy on their fellow doctors and RAT THEM OUT when they use chelation.

It's like the bad old days of the Soviet Union... but right here in the USSA.

The crazy thing about this is I don't know what the spy-doctors are supposed to report -- because chelation therapy isn't some banned treatment done in secret underground clinics.

It's legal and even FDA-approved for the removal of toxic heavy metals. And in addition to helping to rid your body of proven disease-causing metals such as lead, chelation can break up the calcium deposits clogging your arteries.

Like I said, it's practically a miracle, especially since it's also perfectly safe.

Well, safe for YOU anyway.

For your doctor, not so much -- because he's clearly now the target of an unofficial witch hunt... and you can bet this is just the first salvo in a much bigger battle.

According to the Alliance for Natural Health, both the FDA and the Federation of State Medical Boards sent representatives to this meeting. That's a sure sign something's afoot here -- possibly a backdoor ban on chelation.

That's when a treatment is legal and even approved by the feds, but doctors are forbidden from using it anyway. In the state of Kentucky, for example, doctors who even discuss chelation with their patients could lose their license.

Could your state be next? Do you even have to ask?

How Chemical Exposure Today Will Influence Behavior Generations Later
Researchers at The University of Texas at Austin and Washington State University have seen an increased reaction to stress in animals whose ancestors were exposed to an environmental compound generations earlier. The findings, published in the latest Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, put a new twist on the notions of nature and nurture, with broad implications for how certain behavioral tendencies might be inherited.

Veterinarians Rarely Disclose Risk of Vaccinations To Pet Owners
A family pet is dying of cancer, and the owners say their veterinarians told them the tumor was likely caused by a vaccination, but never initially told them about the risks.

Using Exercise Instead of Drugs on ADHD Children Gaining Credibility
Exercise clears the mind. It gets the blood pumping and more oxygen is delivered to the brain. This is familiar territory, but Dartmouth's David Bucci thinks there is much more going on.

6 Reasons People Gain Weight In The Summer
When it comes to losing or maintaining your weight, we know it is not a cakewalk, but unknowingly there can be many reasons contributing to sabotaging your healthy intentions, even in the summer.

Do Parents Experience Greater Levels of Happiness Than Non-Parents?
Parents know too well the effect children have on the family unit. It's something than non-parents have difficulty relating to. Despite the diapers, tantrums, and spilled milk, parents consistently echo the same sentiment...the ultimate joy comes from parenting. Now, three Universities have released research showing that parents do experience greater levels of happiness and meaning from life than non-parents.

If You Want Immediate Pain Relief, All You Need Is a Distraction
Mental distractions make pain easier to take, and those pain-relieving effects aren't just in your head, according to a report published online in Current Biology, a Cell Press publication.

We Are Becoming Consciousness Itself
This core Self or inner center which is left behind when all the various identities fall away, is the true essence of Self which emanates through all the layers of personality and mind. Very simply, it is the awareness “I Exist!” It can almost be described as the high vibratory frequency of love energy, individualized as each unique being, yet truly only One. This deep connection is being realized by many on planet Earth right now.

When You Heat Natural Plant-Based Foods You Get Acrylamide and Cancer
Nature has a funny way of showing us not to disrupt the perfection of organic produce. Changing the chemical structure of many natural foods, such as exposing them to high heat can promote cancer. Acrylamide is a chemical that naturally forms in certain foods, particularly plant-based foods that are rich in carbohydrates and low in protein, during processing or cooking at high temperatures. We're not only referring to foods like french fries or potato chips, but hundreds of conventional foods that are "ready to eat" in the grocery aisle including cookies, breakfast cereals, popcorn, pizza and even ground coffee.

Why Do Most Men Avoid Vegetarian Options?
Why are men generally more reluctant to try vegetarian products? Too macho? According to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research, consumers are influenced by a strong association of meat with masculinity.

Don't Be Afraid To Cry, It Does Wonders For Your Health
The shedding of tears due to emotions is unique to us yet we suppress this gift all the time. Every time our eyes are filled with tears and we try to pour your heart out, there is usually someone who makes us hold back. According to scientists lack of inhibition in displaying emotion is a sign of higher levels of self-esteem.

1 in 88 Children in the U.S. Now Have Autism...Or Is This The "New Math?"
The Center for Disease Control recently announced that 1 in 88 children in the United States now have Autism. Many were shocked at the escalation of Autism in the last few years, but some of us were shocked at the number. It seems inadequate to make this claim. The issue is that this number was based on children who were born in the year 2000 and were looked at in the year 2008. It was based on children who were eight years old in 2008 and it was handed to us as a “new” and latest finding in the spring of 2012. Therefore it was four years old by the time they released the information.

Letting Go of These 20 Things Will Redefine Your Outlook on Life and Change Your Truth
There are some things in life not worth keeping. Letting go of negative qualities which dominate your ego will only lead to a greater sense of self and happiness. We hold on to so many things that cause us a great deal of pain, stress and suffering -- and instead of letting them all go, we cling on to them. We attach ourselves to their energy on a daily basis. Isn't it time to reprogram ourselves and our lives? Isn't it time to change our truth?

First Study of Its Kind To Show How Sugar Makes You Stupid - Omega 3 Neutralizes
Attention, college students cramming between midterms and finals: Binging on soda and sweets for as little as six weeks may make you stupid.

Kombucha: Who Would Have Thought That Guzzling Bacteria and Yeast Would Catch On
Kombucha (pronounced kom-BOO-cha) is a living health drink made by fermenting tea and sugar with the kombucha culture. Made specifically with live bacteria and yeast, it's becoming all the rage among health seekers with claims of improving everything from digestion and immunity to lowering cholesterol and fighting cancer.

Move Over Formula: Breast Feeding Is The Best Feeding For Babies
Many new mothers struggle with breastfeeding their newborns, especially in the first few weeks. However, when comparing the quality of breast milk to formula, there really is no competition. Breastfeeding is the best feeding and formula has little to offer an infant in terms of nutrition, digestion and immunity.

Why Water With Meals Changes The Way We Eat
Water could change the way we eat. That's the conclusion of new research by T. Bettina Cornwell of the University of Oregon and Anna R. McAlister of Michigan State University. Their findings appear online this week ahead of regular publication by the journal Appetite.

According To Doctors, New Born Babies Have Only Felt Pain In The Last 30 Years
Sounds ridiculous doesn't it? Read the title again. How could babies not feel pain? Your first impression may interpret the statement as absurd or illogical. Well that is precisely how conventional medical misinformation was spread (and is spread) throughout scientific literature to promote fiction as fact. Doctors only started accepting the idea that babies experienced pain from vaccine injections and circumcision in the 1980's. Before that, medical wisdom had somehow managed to promote the myth of painless babies to allopathic practitioners worldwide. In fact, newborns underwent many routine surgeries without anesthetic before the 1980's because of this misrepresented belief.

Contrary To Medical Advice, High-Fat Diets Lower Blood Sugar, Improve Blood Lipids
People with Type 2 diabetes are usually advised to keep a low-fat diet. Now, a study at Linkoping University shows that food with a lot of fat and few carbohydrates could have a better effect on blood sugar levels and blood lipids.

Can You Gain Complete Control Over Your Dreams?
Consciousness means being awake and aware of our surroundings, whereas dreams happen only in sleep when we have no idea of what’s happening in the real world. What’s going on here? Is there any scientific basis to it?

U.S. is the Fattest Country In The World: The Top Food Offenders That Make Us Fat
Well, at least in terms of very developed nations with larger populations. The evidence is all around us and a even brief public outing will confirm it. We are one fat country. We love to eat and all the wrong foods. The problem is more related to what we eat rather than how much we eat. The culprits are not always so obvious either. Gone are the days when it was only fast food that would add to our waistline. Today it's everyday foods that are suspect.

Study Shows That Chewing Gum Impairs Short-Term Memory
Chewing gum harms short-term memory contrary to previous studies that suggested gum could improve recall, according to researchers.

A Universal Self-Actuating People's Catalyst-Plan To a New Earth
A global peace initiative report titled "enthusiasm" aims to be part of a growing collective of informed people who shares life enhancing information with population networks, with the common idea of improving the natural sustainability of life on Earth. As highly dependent stakeholders in the welfare of Earth’s natural resources and life-forms, if our interests are ever to be based on a solid foundation of life-enhancing knowledge and healthy self-managed intentions, we all could use a harmless catalyst-of-change which is simple, comprehensive and universal to all people. 

I saw a commercial on SyFy Channel tonight by a US law firm, recruiting signatories to a major class
action suit against Tylenol's makers, McNeil-PPC.... for liver damage, liver transplant as a result of liver damage, or death after taking Tylenol.
This suit will not be announced until it is filed, which it won't be until they have their list of victims.
More to come on this one...if you watch US television, keep an eye out. There are a lot of class actions being formed as we speak, for big-name drugs. Interesting that these lawfirms advertise extensively on television for people to join the lawsuits, but we never hear much about them as they get buried in the news.... gosh, I wonder why. Maybe it's time we all shared that sort of news....

From the Douglass Report today:
(And bear in mind these things are in vaccines, too, and can be stuck into ANYTHING...)

FDA's nano rules come a day late and a dollar short

Right now, you're playing guinea pig in the world's biggest biotech experiment as tiny untested particles are quietly dumped into your food, drink, cosmetics, and more -- and no one has any idea what they'll do to you in the long run.

Conspiracy theory? No way.

Microscopic nanoparticles have been added to virtually everything over the past few years, and the FDA has sat back and done nothing to ensure their safety. And only now, when you can't avoid them even if you try, are they finally getting around to MAYBE proposing POSSIBLE rules that COULD take effect... SOMEDAY.

That's the FDA for you.

I'm surprised they've taken even this tiny step -- makes me wonder what made them wake up and smell the micronized particles (and yes, they're in your colognes and perfumes too).

Maybe it was the fact that we know these particles can be ingested, absorbed through the skin, and even inhaled from the air -- and once inside the body, they can cross the blood-brain barrier.

Or maybe it was the UCLA study that found nanoparticles can cause DNA and chromosome damage. Or the study that found commonly used particles kill human gut cells.

Or maybe it was the research that found these particles can kill nerve cells and POKE HOLES in the brain.

On the other hand, that last one could explain the FDA's complete inaction on this -- because you'd have to have a pretty big hole in your head to allow the widespread use of these micronized particles without any real testing.

Don't expect that to change anytime soon, despite the latest proposal. For an up-close look at how slowly the FDA normally operates, just take a look at the agency's "urgent" action to regulate antibiotics in livestock, first proposed in 1977.

Only now -- 35 years later -- are they turning that proposal into reality, and only because a court ordered them to.

In other words, don't hold your breath waiting for the newest proposal to lead to actual action... but you might want to hold your breath anyway so you don't inhale any of those particles.

Grapefruits Can Treat Disease As Well As Pharmaceuticals Without The Side Effects
In the never ending saga of natural disease fighting foods beating pharmaceuticals, the grapefruit is another power packed citrus fruit to add to the the list. It actually never really gets the credit it deserves for preventing disease. But it can and without the side effects caused by pharmaceuticals. Grapefruits can prevent weight gain, treat diabetes, lower cholesterol, fight cancer, heal stomach ulcers, reduce gum disease and even keep stroke and metabolic syndrome at bay.

First Study To Show Early Musical Training Benefits Children Before They Walk or Talk
After completing the first study of its kind, researchers at McMaster University have discovered that very early musical training benefits children even before they can walk or talk.

Is Spirituality Opportunistic?
Wasting an opportunity is stupid; waiting for an opportunity is lazy; looking for an opportunity is smart; creating an opportunity is genius. Can one get any better? Yes, converting all circumstances into an opportunity is spiritual. The events and circumstances of life are often not under our control, but how we look at them always is. Spirituality gives us a way of looking at life that converts all circumstances into opportunities for spiritual growth.

How To Naturally Deter Insects With Herbs Instead of Chemicals
Pesticides, herbicides and fungicides dominate agricultural practices for killing just about anything that is unwanted or interfering with the healthy growth of plants and crops. However, lower scale operations should never resort this poisoning of nature. Some of the earliest written documents on gardening discuss the relationships between herbs and companion plants. When selecting your companion plants you will need to consider more than which pests are deterred. Think about what each plant adds or takes away from the soil and what effect the proximity of strong herbs may have on the flavor of your vegetables.

No Two Tongues Are Exactly Alike: What Does Yours Tells You About Your Health?
The tongue has been considered an important assessment organ for thousands of years. It is rich in vascular, or fluid, supplies; contains the taste receptor cells; and is nourished by both the nervous and circulatory systems. Many trained experts with nothing more than your tongue and a good eye, can diagnose many diseases. What does your tongue look like?

Savvy Public: Support For Action on Climate Change Dropping Every Year
The global warming hoax has fizzled as one of the hottest topics of debate in recent years. Government players involved in the hoax then went on damage control and changed the term to "climate change". Once the public caught wind of thousands of emails that exposed the industry of climate change alarmism and highlighted the hypocritical claims of corporate cronyism on behalf of proponents of the anthropological global warming theory (AGW), support for action on climate change went on a downward spiral and has continued ever since.

The Hon. Rob Nicholson,
Minister of Justice,
Government of CANADA

Mr. Minister:

Over a year ago you responded to an email from me in which I questioned you regarding the Consumer Product Safety Act, then called Bill C-36, and how it contravened the Rule of Law.
You responded that I "must consider that your rights are subject to interpretation"; this response was upsetting to me, because this is contrary to everything I was taught in Civics classes regarding who "creates" the laws (Parliament) and who "interprets" the laws, including the Bill of Rights and our Constitution Act (the Supreme Court of Canada).

No further explanation was forthcoming from you at that time, and now I have a number of questions for you, to which I would like a direct response: the members of my organization (see below) as well as my many contacts across Canada are most eager to hear your answers. I trust I will not have to inform them that you have either failed or declined to respond.

My questions are these:

1. When you said our rights are "subject to interpretation", by whom are our rights to be interpreted? My understanding was that the Supreme Court has already interpreted them and there is no expiry date on that interpretation, nor has there been, to my knowledge, an Act of Parliament requiring such (re-) interpretation, so who is it, exactly, who is interpreting our rights, if not the Supreme Court?

2. Regardless of your answer to (1) above, by what mandate is the original interpretation of our rights able to be "subject to interpretation", and on whose authority?

3. Does your statement regarding the "reinterpretation" of our rights have anything to do with "international obligations" such as active trade agreements and/or associations, the WTO, etc.?

4. If your answer to (3) above is in the affirmative, what mandate allows the Government of Canada to put citizens' rights on a trading table, without their express and informed consent? Of course, if an effort was made to obtain the informed consent of the Canadian people, and I missed this information, I would certainly appreciate knowing when, how, and where this information was made public, since it obviously has a meaningful impact on all Canadians.

5. With reference to (4) above, which particular rights of Canadians are being re-interpreted? And is this re-interpretation connected in any way with "harmonization" to "international standards" created by the aforementioned "international obligations"? If so, when are you planning to explain how such harmonization is likely to affect our Canadian standards and allow Canadians the opportunity to reject such alteration? Surely, Canadians have the right to know, do they not?

5. Upon noting the vast array of trade agreements which Mr. Harper is undertaking at present ( See the National Post, April 13th ), and understanding that such agreements are enforceable international contracts which supercede domestic law, when is your government planning on informing Canadians of exactly how much of our sovereignty has been given away and is contemplated to be given away under all these agreements?

6. Do you personally feel that Canadians have the right to know when the very nature of their democracy is being fundamentally changed by their elected "representatives" and that they should be given a chance to make their own choices in that critical regard? Or do you feel that it is a proper practice to make binding agreements affecting Canadians, without open and honest consultation with the electorate?

7. Why is your government so secretive regarding the terms and real social, environmental, and economic costs to Canadians in advance of signing these binding agreements, which are presented as a fait accompli, and to which we are irrevocably bound? Most particularly, why is your government so silent on the fact that each signing reduces Canadian sovereignty, and why are Canadians being kept in ignorance of the facts in this regard? Of particular concern to me is the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) with the European Union, which is reputed to affect all levels of government, and of which Canadians have only the most superficial knowledge (including Members of Parliament).

Mr. Harper's caucus is very quick to claim that such agreements will assure the prosperity of Canadians, yet the records of existing agreements show that such is not the case. If Canadians had been openly and honestly consulted, there would not even be a NAFTA, since 74% of us were opposed to it in the first place. Yet your government continues to assure that all agreements are "in our best interest".

I am reminded of what many consider to be the definition of insanity: doing the same dumb thing over and over and each time expecting a different, better result. We have many examples of what hurts us: why is our government repeating the same mistakes?

I would think that as servants of the people of Canada, not their rulers, the first duty of a democratic government should always be to give the people as much information as possible, in order to gain their true opinion and thereby represent their wishes in governance. Stephen Harper and his team have been thus far less than forthcoming on the critical questions listed above, and I now call upon you to clarify for Canadians where their government stands with reference to the foregoing.

I look forward to your reply at your earliest convenience.


Dee Nicholson
Executive Director,
National Health Federation of Canada

Researchers Want To Super Stimulate Our Immune Systems With A Universal Flu Vaccine
The population is getting wise to the ineffectiveness of flu shots and both public health agencies and the medical community itself know it. The numbers and complacency rates speak for themselves. So the pseudoscientists at Vaccine Inc are now offering a solution for what they feel is an uninformed and lazy public who are no longer interested in receiving the seasonal jab year after year. University of British Columbia researchers have found a new marketing technique. A universal flu vaccine to eliminate the need for seasonal flu vaccinations. One flu shot to protect all humans against all known flu strains for an undisclosed number of years.

How A Greater Purpose In Life Protects Your Memory and Other Thinking Skills
Greater purpose in life may help stave off the harmful effects of plaques and tangles associated with Alzheimer's disease, according to a new study by researchers at Rush University Medical Center.

Our New Planetary Cause of Divine Love
Humanity's shift into unity consciousness is succeeding beyond the greatest expectations. People everywhere are beginning to see with new eyes and hear with new ears. As a result, the earth and all life evolving upon her are ascending up the spiral of evolution at warp speed. This is allowing humanity to receive and integrate the greatly amplified waves of solar light that are bathing the earth at this time.

Popular Diet and Regular Drinks Almost As Corrosive As Battery Acid On Your Teeth
Beverage consumption in most developed countries of the world is now a major contributor of tooth decay. Many sodas and diet soft drinks approach the pH level of battery acid in terms of corrosiveness and erosion of tooth enamel. Our susceptibility to tooth decay and cavities has much more to do with what we put in our bodies, rather than regular visits to our dentist or even how often we brush our teeth. If you want to prevent tooth decay, a 'great' idea is to stay away from acidic beverages which dissolve tooth enamel and offer no nutritional value to your body.

First-Ever Systematic Review Shows The Effectiveness of Different Types of Vitamin D
Vitamin D3 is is available through diet, supplements and exposure of the skin to sunlight, or ultraviolet B (UVB). It is the most effective form of vitamin D at increasing blood levels of the sunshine vitamin than the D2 form, says the first-ever systematic review and meta-analysis comparing the effectiveness of the vitamin D forms.

Breakthrough Model Shows Two Ways To Change Your Happiness Set Point
The sayings "variety is the spice of life" and "happiness isn't getting what you want, but wanting what you get" seem to have a psychological basis, according to a new study by an MU psychologist who identified two keys to becoming happier and staying that way.

Steepest Decline Yet In HPV Vaccine Completion Rate Mostly Thanks To Informed Parents
Thanks to the wealth of information available on the HPV vaccine fraud, the proportion of insured girls and young women completing the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine among those who initiated the series has dropped significantly -- as much as 63 percent -- since the vaccine was approved in 2006, according to new research from the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) in Galveston.

The Best Approach To Treating Any Health Condition
Our instant-gratification society teaches us to seek out quick solutions for our health challenges. Google any health condition and you're bound to come across products and procedures that fit into this mold. Have joint pain? Take glucosamine chondroiton. Have chronic acne? Take high doses of vitamin A. Want to lose weight and have rock-hard abs? Obey the golden rule to a flat stomach, and the rule will only cost you $39.95. It's fine to use natural products to optimally support specific areas of your body. But please be mindful of the following principle of healing.

Jogging Increases Life Expectancy
Findings on the health effects of jogging have varied in different studies over the years, with a long-running debate that began in the 1970s over whether it's good for you or not. A new, broad review finds a positive effect. As almost any healthy exercise should, regular jogging increases life expectancy 6.2 years for men and 5.6 years for women, according to data from the ongoing Copenhagen City Heart study.

More People Prefer The Internet For Diagnoses Over Their Own Doctors
As more people become distrustful of pharmaceuticals and conventional medicine, many are going online to self-diagnose rather than waiting for a doctor's appointment. More than 78% of men and women seeking health advice from the internet can properly diagnose their condition in less than 8 minutes.

Why Men Should Be Eating Berries Daily
Eating strawberries, blueberries, blackcurrants and blackberries can significantly reduce risk of developing Parkinson's disease in men, suggest researchers.

French Government Sentenced To Pay 3 Million Euros In Benefits For Vaccine Damage
It took 17 years, but the French state council has acknowledged that 95% disability in 5-month-old baby was caused by a vaccine, sentencing the government to pay over 3 million Euros in benefits.

How Nestle Gerber Poison Babies With Genetically Modified Ingredients
Parents who feed their newborn and young babies any of Nestle Gerber's product lines are risking their infant's health by exposure to an abundance of toxic genetically modified (GM) ingredients that the company claims are "safe."

Why Are Greater Number of Highly Educated Women Having Children Later In Life?
A national study suggests that a significantly greater number of highly educated women in their late 30s and 40s are deciding to have children -- a dramatic turnaround from recent history.

Beta-Carotene: Why Most of Your Vitamins Should Come From Food, Not Supplements
One mantra we often hear from the natural health industry is "take your supplements." While a high quality supplement may provide you with some vitamins and minerals that you may be deficient in, it will never replace a well balanced diet and the delivery system that nature intended. A perfect example is the dark side of beta carotene intake.

A highly worthwhile read, to be sure... one that strikes a chord by connecting these issues into one
very readable article... bravo, Zen....

-------Original Message-------

Date: 02/05/2012 6:07:49 PM
Subject: False Flag Earth - The Planned Decimation of a Planet

I like this writer because he's trying to put together a vision of the Big Picture. And doing it quite successfully too.

I run across such information as is in this article and more during my scanning of the Internet. I'm sure you do too. I don't even try to portray a written description of the Big Picture because it's impossible to do and I don't have the time or energy to attempt it. All one can do is to give a brief glimpse of it or else to focus on a part of it, But even if one took the pains to try to write about all of the attrocities, manipulations and bullshit that we are subject to, what would the reader do after laboriously going through such material? Probably nothing.

What is important, I suppose, is what is our response going to be or is an adequate response even possible considering the mass ignorance of the citizenry and the divided society which the ruling elite have created and continue to create on a day-to-day basis.

As is laid out in this article, the insanity of the ruling elite is now plain to see regarding everything that they are doing. They are literally destroying the planet's environment and humanity along with it. How can we survive on a poisoned and irradiated planet where our food base is being destroyed and we are being attacked in a multitude of various ways? And collectively we seem unable to do anything about it, eg. the Fukushima crisis, the Gulf of Mexico crisis and the political and economic crises. This is a question that drives me to despair. It makes me think that the inevitability of an End Times scenario may be more of reallity that I previously wanted to believe.

And do the ruling elite also believe in an End Time scenario, even as they seem to be engineering it themselves? They certainly seem to be digging in for some sort of massive catastrophe.

One thing is for sure. We have to take back power from the insane ruling elite and begin to repair the damage they have inflicted. We have to put the world onto a sustainable footing. Otherwise, as the saying goes, "we will end up where we are going".

Red Yeast Rice, Artichoke Leaf Extract Reduces Cholesterol Better Than Cholesterol Drugs
Sixteen weeks of supplementation with a plant extract blend containing red yeast rice, policosanols and artichoke leaf extracts reduced LDL cholesterol levels by 21%, according to data from a human trial.

Black Pepper May Be All You Need To Block The Formation of New Fat Cells
Who on earth doesn't want to block the formation of new fat? Maybe Sumo wrestlers, eating champions or even some football players, but for the majority of us, we don't want more fat. If something natural can block the formation of new fat cells, even better. A new study published in ACS' Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, explains how black pepper can reduce fat levels in the bloodstream.

Why Do Good People Suffer?
"Why do good people suffer or why do bad things happen to good people?" This question seems to be very common these days. It seems as though good people get the brunt of all suffering, while evil-doers enjoy life. But if we observe closely, we see that everyone undergoes suffering in some form. Keeping this in mind, our question becomes meaningless. Just because a person is good does not mean there would be no suffering in his/her life.

Garlic Proven 100 Times More Effective Than Antibiotics, Working In A Fraction of The Time
A significant finding from Washington State University shows that garlic is 100 times more effective than two popular antibiotics at fighting disease causing bacteria commonly responsible for foodborne illness.

If Your Doctor Insists That Vaccines Are Safe, Then Have Them Sign This Form
The average person that consents to a vaccine injection, either for themselves or for their children, genuinely believes it is for the betterment of health. What they are not aware of is that even their doctor is likely unfamiliar with the toxic ingredients contained in vaccines which can immediately begin to degrade both short- and long-term health. If your doctor insists that vaccines are safe, then they should have absolutely no problem in signing this form so that you may archive it for your own records on the event of an adverse reaction.

Sports and Energy Drinks Cause Irreversible Damage To Tooth Enamel
A recent study published in the May/June 2012 issue of General Dentistry, the peer-reviewed clinical journal of the Academy of General Dentistry, found that an alarming increase in the consumption of sports and energy drinks, especially among adolescents, is causing irreversible damage to teeth--specifically, the high acidity levels in the drinks erode tooth enamel, the glossy outer layer of the tooth.

Even Low Levels of a Pesticide Used In Corn Crops, Almonds, Orange and Apple Trees Causes Irreversible Changes in the Brain
Even low levels of one of the most widely used pesticides in the world, chlorpyrifos, frequently applied to crops of cotton, corn, almonds, and fruit trees including oranges and apples, leads to long-term, potentially irreversible changes in the brain structure of the child, according to a new brain imaging study by researchers.

Questioning The Wisdom of Using Pacifiers
Most babies have a strong sucking reflex. Some babies even suck their thumbs or fingers before they're born. Beyond nutrition, sucking often has a soothing, calming effect. But what should they suckle with? Binkies, corks, soothers. Whatever you call pacifiers, conventional wisdom holds that giving them to newborns can interfere with breastfeeding.


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