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Eating Black Raspberries Significantly Lowers Cardiovascular Disease
Black raspberry (Rubus occidentalis) has long been used in traditional alternative medicine in Korea because of its potential to improve vascular function. An extract found in black raspberries can significantly lower arterial stiffness, a key measure of cardiovascular disease, according to data from a Korean study.

Those Little Laundry Detergent Packets Cause Serious Medical Outcomes Over Other Types of Detergent
One day we will all wonder why we ever made detergents so toxic--after all they are going on the clothes we put on our backs. A new study conducted by the Center for Injury Research and Policy of the Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital and the Central Ohio Poison Center found that exposure to laundry detergent packets is more dangerous to young children than exposure to other types of laundry and dishwasher detergent.

16 Pollutants Found In Fish Prevent Our Immune System From Working
The world's oceans are a global reservoir of persistent organic pollutants to which humans and other animals are exposed. A new study has found that fish tainted with common, long-lasting environmental contaminants weaken the human body’s ability to defend itself against toxins.

Laktokhan - What Separates An Excellent Probiotic From The Rest?
What makes a Laktokhan a best-selling probiotic different from other products on the market? Even the name indicates what sets the product apart from the rest. Lacto comes from the word Lactobacillus, meaning "strain," and khan meaning "great." When combined, Lactokhan means "great/good bacteria."

Breast Milk The 'Ultimate Personalized Medicine'
Breast milk is the gold standard in infant nutrition. Nothing can compare and nothing can replicate the nutrient density perfectly and naturally customized for an infant. New research underlines the beneficial effects of breastfeeding on short-term child health.

If You Want To Remember Something, Draw It, Says A New Study
A recent study showed that drawing helps to create a more cohesive memory trace that better integrates visual, motor and semantic information and a significant recall advantage for words that were drawn as compared to those that were written.

Ocean Pollutants In Fish Considerably Toxic To Our Children
Ocean pollutants are estimated to soon cause half of all newborn birth defects. They contaminate our food and tamper with the body’s ability to cope with toxins. Recent findings make it more urgent to know how the pollutants act, especially as they are often found in combination.

Probiotics Once Again Shown To Reduce Cancer Risk
Intestinal bacteria play a key role in causing and preventing many diseases. Some experts suggest specific bacteria can prevent all disease known. A new study has once again suggested they could also reduce cancer risk.

Watercress Acts To Detox Carcinogens In The Body
Watercress, an often-overlooked, leafy green food source that is a close cousin of mustard greens, cabbage, and arugula, is also a powerful anti-carcinogen. The 'super food' can help starve tumours of essential blood and oxygen significantly inhibiting the activation of carcinogens.

Ignore This Mineral And Your Natural Rhythms of Night and Day Will Be Affected
The amount of magnesium in the diet plays a central role in helping to adapt to the rhythms of night and day, researchers have discovered.

How Does High Blood Glucose and Diabetes Still Kill Millions Per Year And Getting Worse?
For World Health Day 2016, WHO released its first global report on diabetes. WHO Director-General Margaret Chan said that diabetes was chosen as this year's theme for many reasons, but mainly because the prevalence of diabetes is alarming, and worldwide statistics are rapidly getting worse.

Lower Selenium Levels Lead To Higher Cancer Risk
Levels of selenium, a mineral essential for good health, are so low in soil that it's affecting the food chain, diets and, ultimately, the risk of disease. Low selenium levels may lead to a higher risk of cancer, a study has concluded.

Children Have a 90 Percent Less Chance of Eczema If Parents Suck On Pacifiers Rather Than Wash or Boil Them
For decades, health officials have been telling parents to not share utensils with their babies or clean their pacifiers by putting them in their mouths, arguing that the practice spreads harmful germs between parent and child. But new research says children whose parents clean their pacifiers by sucking them might be less likely to develop allergic conditions because of how their parents' saliva changes their microbiomes.

Dermatologists and The Cancer Industry Tell You To Avoid It, Yet It Prevents Major Cancers Worldwide
The widespread use of sunscreens promoted by dermatologists and the Cancer Industry, may lead to a significant decrease in solar-induced previtamin D3 in the skin, now correlated with a higher risk of cancer according to researchers.

Canadian Provinces Expressing Concern From U.S. Demands To Divert Millions of Gallons of Fresh Water From Great Lakes
Historically, the Great Lakes region considered itself immune to water availability and supply problems. Over the last century, several plans to divert water from the fresh water system to North American cities has been met with great criticism. Water wars will likely replace oil wars in the future, and current requests to draw water from the Great Lakes system would be a precedent-setting move with obvious consequences if the plan was approved by Canadian and U.S. governments.

3 States Of Mind To Embrace The Coming Energy
There is a barrier of wisdom that is being shattered by those who are choosing light over darkness and love over hatred. Right now there exists a potential for this planet that has never been felt or witnessed at any time in history, and it is mostly due to those who are surfing the new wave of consciousness and showing others how to do the same. The most difficult thing for people to embrace will be the new energy of change. So how do we adapt to a new consciousness when nothing works the way it used to?

Study Finds Link Between Meditation and Wisdom
There are various states of consciousness, however meditation is one of the most important of them. It increases cardiovascular quality, lowers blood pressure, decreases anxiety and among quantum physicists is considered the fourth state of consciousness in which the entire brain is engaged. But it also does something very important -- it increases wisdom.

More Than 25 Percent Reduction in Cancer Risk With Two Cups of Coffee Per Day
Coffee has many reported benefits, but the anti-cancer properties are among the most widely studied when it comes to our daily java. Several studies have found ties to lower rates of breast and rectal cancers. Now, US researchers add to the evidence of an inverse relationship between coffee drinking and cancer of the large bowel.

Major Study Declares Arthritis Drugs Useless Regardless of Dose - Exercise Best To Battle Joint Pain
Those plagued with the most common form of arthritis are told to take Acetominophen and other anti-inflammatory medications to relieve their pain. But a major study published found it does little to ease agony caused by osteoarthritis - as many sufferers can no doubt attest. 

We Are Living Longer, But In Poor Health, Widespread Disability and More Mental Illness Than Ever Before
Global Disease burden has reached an all-time high. Mainstream medicine claims we're living longer, with more medical technology and better pharmaceutical intervention than ever before. But at what cost? Decades of US health data have revealed that we are spending most of our elder years in poor health and disability.


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