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The Power of RAW Cannabis is Turning Heads
Raw cannabis is considered by many experts as a dietary essential. As a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, some classify it as one of the most important plants on earth. The biggest benefits from the plant may come not by smoking it, but rather by consuming it in its raw and natural form. So what's the difference?

The Skin Gun Is Revolutionizing The Rebuilding of Skin Cells
The natural skin healing process is a grouping of the mechanisms that allows the skin to repair itself after a tear, burn or other injury. The problem is, the process takes very long to completely heal burns and severely damaged skin. A revolutionary technology called the skin gun sprays stem cells onto burned skin and is the latest breakthrough treatment in helping burn victims, scientists say.

Key Hormone Helps Brain Control How Much We Eat and How Much Energy We Have
Yale University researchers have discovered a key cellular mechanism that may help the brain control how much we eat, what we weigh, and how much energy we have.

Scientists Worldwide Join Forces To Show How Fructose Is Damaging Our Health
A group of scientists from across the world have come together in a just-published study that provides new insights into how fructose causes disease.

Can Sungazers Obtain Limitless Human Potential?
The Sun holds enormous power for human physiology and few can deny this fact. However, many sungazers believe most of the energy within the sun is still waiting to be discovered. Sungazing is a practice that is gathering momentum and uses the sun as the main object to be stared at in order to receive nourishment or energy, physically and spiritually.

New Research Shows The Sunshine Vitamin Can Significantly Reduce Body Fat
Vitamin D has a significant effect on hundreds of genes with the potential of preventing just as many diseases. New research shows that daily supplements of vitamin D3 may improve HDL cholesterol, and lead to significant reductions in body fat mass.



Evacuate Tokyo and All US Forces From Japan
Tokyo Radiation Level 25 Times the Fukushima Mandatory Evacuation Zone

… by Bob Nichols

(San Francisco) Widely known Physicist Dr Paolo Scampa, the publisher of the EU AIPRI Blog and an eminent chemical physicist, announced today his latest calculations of deadly radioactivity in Tokyo itself. Both the nuclear regulatory and media responses have been missing in action.
However, the outrageous statement of a Japanese politician pretty well sums up the level of understanding of the parasitic political class “Smile, and the radiation won’t hurt you.”
The Tokyo suburbs are about 100 miles or 160 km South of the six destroyed, deteriorating and badly leaking nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi Station for Nuclear Reactors.
Dr Scampa stated:
“An absorbed dose of 2,94 microSievert/hour at 1 meter of soil means an average deposit of 9,065E5 Bq/m2 of Cs137 -0,661 MeV-. This amount for 1 meter is in fact situated between a maximum deposit of 5,439E6 Bq/m2 for low energy gamma rays from radioactive elements such as U238 (0,0495 MeV) and a minimum deposit of 2,176E5 Bq/m2 of very energetic gamma rays from radioactive elements such as Co60 (2,55 MeV). This dose corresponds to 25 times the maximum permissible “artificial” hour dose (0,114 microSievert/h-1) and 5 times the maximum permissible total – natural and artificial – hour dose (0,571 microSievert/h-1). [1]” Dr. Scampa. [End Quote]
This is a tragedy of huge proportions. There are 30 Plus Million People in Greater Tokyo. It is brought home personally to each person who sees the work of Fukushima Diary by Mochizuki.
There are thousands of US troops stationed with their families in Japan. American politicians must remove all US Troops and dependents from Japan immediately. This must happen forthwith. We will remember.
Mochizuki is sticking by his reporting post at Fukushima Diary on the InterNet as long as he is capable. Everyone at Veterans Today and around the world honors your work, Morchizuki, clear sailing to you on this, your last mission. Keep transmitting as long as you are able.

This testimony, reported on amply by Jon Rappoport years ago, proves that while
the government has had more than a decade to absorb this information, it continues
along the path of prescribing more and more drugs to younger and younger children.
It is now not uncommon to find a diagnosis of Manic Depression in three-year-old toddlers, which is utterly ridiculous.
Now, commercials appear on television cooing that "mental illness is normal" so that the use of more and more drugs is legitimized.
A hundred years ago the best prescription for depression was exercise. Now, it's one pill, or several pills... but always... a pill.

Dr. Peter Breggin, MD On The Impact Of Psychoactive Drugs On Children
Testimony Of Peter R. Breggin, M.D.
Director, International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology
Before the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations
Committee on Education and the Workforce

Number One Producer of Pasteurized Cow Milk In The World Is Also The Lowest Consumer
The United States is the world's largest producer of pasteurized cow milk, but oddly enough it is also one of the world's smallest consumers. The dairy industry thus has a vested interest in eliminating all raw milk suppliers from the market place to enforce and increase per capita consumption of pasteurized milk which is lagging behind most of the world.

The Five Most Underrated Supplements That Make A Huge Difference In Your Health
Everyone knows about multivitamins, calcium and fish oil, but how many people know about some of the most underrated supplements out there that make a world of difference for your immune system, energy levels, aches and pains? Here are 5 health boosting supplements to add to your daily arsenal.

The Most Overlooked Cause of Headaches
There are many different things that can cause headaches: Abrupt changes in your diet or an everyday schedule like getting too much or too little sleep, stress, long working hours, or skipping a meal, a hangover from drinking, from watching TV in a dark room or from using the computer for a long time without taking breaks. But there is one very common cause which most people overlook.

Ritalin Prescription Takes Life Of 14 Year Old

"If I had heard that people are dying from Ritalin, I would have never given Matt the first pill." - Lawrence Smith whose son died from Ritalin.
My name is Lawrence Smith. I am here to let you know about the death of our fourteen-Year-old Son Matthew. He died on March 21, 2000. The cause was determined to be from the long- term (age 7-14) use of Methylphenidate a medication commonly known as Ritalin.
The Certificate of Death under, due to, (or because of) reads: "Death caused from Long Term Use of Methylphenidate, (Ritalin)."
According to Dr. Ljuba Dragovic, The chief pathologist at the Oakland County Medical Examiners office in Michigan said upon autopsy, Matthew's heart showed clear signs of small vessel damage, the type caused by stimulant drugs like amphetamines.
The medical examiners told me that a full-grown man's heart weighs about 350 grams and that Matthew's heart weight was about 402 grams.
Matthew did not have a preexisting heart disease or defect that we knew of. We, his parents never ignored his medical needs. The medical examiner said this type of heart damage is not easy to detect with the standard test performed, necessary for prescription refills.
While visiting the doctor with the schools diagnosis and the recommendation for Ritalin, he seemed very frustrated and asked us to let the school know, I am not a pharmacy. This leads me to believe that we were not the first parents sent to this doctor, with the schools diagnosis and recommendation for Ritalin.
No one ever informed us of other crucial tests (echocardiogram) that we could have had done. The standard test performed consists of blood work, listening to the heart, questions about school behaviors, sleeping and eating habits.
It all started for Matthew in the first grade the school social worker in Berkley, Michigan kept calling us in for meetings. One particular morning before an IEP meeting, the school social worker, Monica Fuchs, my wife and I were waiting on the others to arrive.
Monica made us feel very threatened when she said that if we wouldn't consider getting Matt on Ritalin for their diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, that social services (child protective services) could charge us for neglecting his educational and emotional needs. My wife and I were scared of the possibility of losing our children, if we did not comply.
I believe that some school employees like having children medicated because, it makes frustrated students that are having a difficult time learning and understanding easier to manage, regardless of the physical and psychological risks this practice poses to children.
Not all families can afford hundreds of dollars for a drug free, private evaluation, so they will not be cornered into medicating their child.
I am hoping that Republicans and Democrats will join, to fight this horrific war against the future of America, our children.
Medical diagnosis should remain outside the realm of education and stay there. Pressure to seek specific medical treatment is not the job of the school system.
We did not want Matthew on any medications, even though the school social worker or the doctor never informed us about the dangers of Ritalin. We made it very clear to school officials.
Informed Consent", which states in part A person's agreement to allow something to happen (such as surgery) that is based on a full disclosure of the facts needed to make the decision intelligently; i.e. knowledge of risks involved, alternatives etc" and "the probable risks against the probable benefits"
The violation of parent's rights is when they are not told of the unscientific nature of so-called disorders such as ADHD or the risks of the treatments involving (drugs) and they certainly are not told of alternatives to their child's behavior such as undiagnosed allergies or food sensitivities, which could manifest with the symptoms of what psychiatry calls ADHD.
If we weren't pressure by the school system, Matt would still be here with us today. I cannot go back and change things for us at this point. However, I hope to God my story and information will reach the hearts and minds, of many families, so they can make an educated decision with more than a little selective information, if any, paid for by the drug companies.
This information could save parents, or even you from all the suffering and heartbreak the whole ADD/HD issue has caused our family and many others.
Please do not be intimidated by family, school staff, doctors, or anyone into medicating your child for ADHD or ADD. These mental illnesses are scientifically unfounded with no scientific validity what so ever. The dopamine theory is nothing more than wishful thinking on the part of the psychiatric industry.
I truly believe this must have been Matthew's purpose, to save the lives of many other children.
How old will people live after taking these types of drugs as a child? Every time I hear about a child or young adult that has died from heart failure, I always wonder if they were ever on a stimulant medication used for ADHD or ADD.
If I had heard that people are dying from Ritalin, I would have never given Matt the first pill.
Did you know that children that are diagnosed as having ADHD or ADD and take medication, the school labels them as learning disabled, and the schools receives additional state and federal funding per-child, per-semester.
I wonder if that is one of the reasons why school administrations is so adamant about medication, and the other would be to keep children under control, in their drug free school zone.
One of the very hard things for me to deal with is the fact that Matthew never wanted his medication.
How many more 11-year-old Stephanie Hall's and 14-year-old Matthew Smith's will have to die before someone puts a stop to the biggest health care fraud ever? How many times will schools and drug companies get away with this?
Children, do not need to be made into robots with medication. I feel that good parenting, structure, diets, and teaching methods can make all the difference in the world. Different children develop in different ways; you cannot put children all into one box.
Did you know that the ADHD diagnosis checklist of behaviors is almost the same as the list of behaviors for gifted children.
Did you know that doctor's use to give amphetamines out for diet medication? They stopped because of the dangerous and sometimes fatal heart related side effects.
From the research that I have done on amphetamines, when they are used, all the veins and arteries constrict and get very small which makes it hard for the heart to pump blood throughout the body. The extra force it takes to circulate blood causes damage to the heart.
Now drug companies have a new market, with new names for the drugs and have went from adult weight medication to children's ADHD
The DEA has classified Ritalin as a schedule two drug, comparable to Cocaine. Ritalin is one of the top ten abused prescription drugs on the streets today.
There are many other drugs that are given to children for ADHD with different names; Ritalin, Concreta, Adderall, the list goes on and on, most if not all are stimulant drugs with Amphetamine-Speed.
We are coming to a point in our history were children have been taking these drugs for some time. Now the information is starting to come out. This is a very sad why for us to find out the long-term side effects, by using our children as guinea pigs.
If you have had a similar experience, with schools pressuring you into medicating your child, Please let me know or place your comments on the message board.

If you read carefully you will see exactly how intrusive trade deals are in
HOW WE RUN OUR OWN COUNTRY.... which is why all our freedoms are
at risk, for PROFIT... and not even OUR profit.

Now, think about your health freedom, who's got the money, who's got the power, and who
is directing this parade, and tell me how any government of Canada, ANY law of Canada,
can FIX THAT. Seriously, I'd like to know. So far, the only way out is OUT. And if we do that, other countries abandon us and hit us with sanctions we cannot afford.

It's called a TRAP, people.... and Harper et al have walked us all right into it.

Gee, thanks, Steve.

Not much... no, not even in the mighty USA. GONE. FOR PROFIT.

----- Original Message -----
From: David Creighton
To: Global Democracy Ottawa
Sent: Sunday, February 26, 2012 6:43 AM
Subject: Ooops - use this version Procurement in UK showing how EU regulations prohibit member states from showing domestic preference

"And even though winning the £1bn carriage contract is vital for the future of Derby's historic works [now run by Bombadier]- there is little room for sentiment in the procurement process.

EU regulations prohibit member states from showing domestic bias in selecting the winners of government-funded contracts. Contenders in the the bidding for Crossrail coaches include along with Bombadier - Spain's CAF, Japan's Hitachi and Siemens, all of whom would have recourse to legal action if they suspected a rigged contest.

And it looks as though Siemans will win the contract meaning that good jobs, pride in the community will disappear along with the 172- year-old worksheds - symbolic of the area's proud rail heritage.

Under CETA Canada will be facing similar restrictions, in a major number of sectors. But even before CETA is signed later this hear, the EU has taken Ontario to task, under WTO General Procureent Agreement rules, for their procurement preferences in the Ontario Green Energy Policy: "The European Union has joined Japan and Texas-based Mesa Power Group in contesting the Ontario Green Energy Act and its connected Feed-In Tariff Program.....The EU launched its complaint Aug. 11 saying the contracts offered are "in clear breach of the WTO rules that prohibit linking subsidies to the use of domestic products....Ontario's policy was designed to attract new green energy businesses to the province. In exchange for higher electricity rates, contractors had to agree to use at least 60 per cent made-in-Ontario equipment to generate the power." EU joins fight against Ontario green energy policy

According to Scott Sinclair commenting in his report for the CCPA Report "Negotiating from Weakness Canada-EU trade treaty threatens Canadian purchasing policies and public services": "Over the last few decades, corporate lobbyists and conservative governments have used trade agreements to attack the use of procurement as a policy tool for economic development. Even for publicly funded purchases, multinational corporations want the right to source goods and services anywhere, without having to negotiate." From Weakness EU Canada.pdf

Sinclair goes on to describe Canada's relationship to the WTO General Procurement Agreement [GPS] something Canada delayed signing at the time of the WTO agreement but finally committed to in a temporary agreement in 2009 in order to access Obama's stimulus funding under his Recovery Act which directed stimulus spending to US suppliers.

This temporary arrangment terminated in 2011. Since then Harper has signed Canada on to a "Pledge Against Protection" with other wealthier member states of the WTO. Maude Barlow, Chair of the Council of Canadians, stated: "The so-called pledge against protectionism, which includes a standstill and rollback on pro-active economic policies, only further undermines the efforts of poor and developing countries to make the global trade system work for them."

fyi-janet [to whom thanks]


Why Bombardier's bid for Crossrail means so much to Litchurch Lane Winning the £1bn carriage contract is vital for the future of Derby's historic works - but there is little room for sentiment in the procurement process

The Observer, Sun 26 Feb 2012 00.06 GMT by Dan Milmo

The Bombardier train factory in Derby is an unlikely symbol of Britain's manufacturing revival. The blackened brickwork of its 172- year-old worksheds is a symbol of the area's proud rail heritage, while the Canadian flag outside its entrance signifies that, like other major UK manufacturers, it is under foreign ownership.

On the other side of the tracks by the city's main station, there is a depressing glimpse of the future. Bright signs for hotels, software companies and car dealerships cut through the drizzle, filling the space where steam engines were once made at the defunct locomotive works.

The government is finalising tender documents for a £1bn contract to build carriages for the Crossrail project. Winning that contract will be critical to keeping Britain's last remaining train factory open and the competition is expected to begin imminently. If Bombardier loses the race - as it did last year, when a £1.4bn government contract for trains on the London Thameslink route saw preferred bidder status awarded to Siemens of Germany " the Derby site is unlikely to survive beyond the middle of the decade.

Before a visit by Prince Charles to the site on Friday, Bombardier employees talked of the site's legacy. Pride and history is felt as keenly as the short-term need for jobs here. Kevin Owen, 41, a team leader at the plant and a prominent online campaigner for its survival, is among the 1,600 surviving employees who despaired at the loss of the Thameslink deal. He has seen 1,200 colleagues leave in the wake of that decision and, through his Made in Britain blog, is urging ministers to give Derby the order to build 60 trains for the £16bn Crossrail link.

"When we got the Olympics there was all this talk of legacy," says Owen, walking towards the site where he began his professional life as an apprentice in 1987. "I believe that leaving this site and this company stronger than I found it would be leaving a legacy for the next generation.

"And that's what the government should do. They should not come in to power and shut an industry, they should fight tooth and nail for this."

The works in Litchurch Lane are still busy. The historic buildings house modern assembly lines. A newly constructed London Underground train, its white, red and blue colour scheme standing out in the murk, sits between two worksheds. Outside the gates, an old carriage is transported to a scrapyard, illustrating the replacement cycle on Britain's crowded commuter lines that feeds Bombardier's business.

That circle, however, is on the verge of breaking. The London Underground order finishes in 2015, a deal for carriages on the Southern route will run out in 2013 and a mooted contract to build 35 carriages for the CrossCountry franchise has yet to be signed. This month, the Canadian group's transport boss, André Navarri, said that such a hand-to-mouth existence was not good enough. Crossrail is vital. "The small orders cannot make a UK presence competitive," he said.

Industry analysts say that if the UK is to tilt its economy away from financial services and boost manufacturing's share of GDP beyond the 10% it accounts for already, then facilities like Litchurch Lane must survive.

The secretary of Bombardier's works committee, John Woods, 60, is proud of the campaign that launched last summer after the implications of the Thameslink decision became clear. A rally in Derby drew 10,000 people and a media furore over the latest blow to British manufacturing contributed to the Southern success, as well as heavy ministerial hints that a CrossCountry deal was looming.

"I like to think that [campaign] is what won the Southern order," says Woods, a member of the Unite trade union. His colleague Graeme Steeples, 51, says the focus now is "making sure we get Crossrail".

Neither employee is willing to concede that Thameslink is entirely lost, because Siemens has yet to sign the contract and Bombardier remains reserve bidder. But a reversal is highly unlikely. Indeed, scrutiny of the reams of documents that underpinned the Thameslink process underlines why Bombardier was always going to struggle.

Papers unearthed by Derby North MP Chris Williamson following a freedom of information request reveal a rigorous and competent procurement process launched by the then Labour government in 2007 and 2008. It was painstakingly put together in an exemplar of labyrinthine bureaucracy. Amid minutes for meeting after meeting and endless tweaks to contract specifications, phrases such as "sub- optimal", "public private partnership" and "value" abound.

There are no references to the "equal footing" that the government is now scrambling to guarantee for the Crossrail contract. It is an environment stripped of all notion of domestic bias by European Union procurement rules, and not a world in which pleas to preserve nearly two centuries of domestic manufacturing will thrive.

David Faircloth, 65, a former train buyer for British Rail who also worked in procurement for Bombardier, says the decision to change the procurement method by combining the financing of the trains with their manufacture was crucial in Siemens winning preferred bidder status. Many observers say that financing, and Siemens's superior balance sheet, was the crucial factor.

"It is clear that they did not consider the effect that bundling would have. It just was not on the horizon at all," says Faircloth, referring to the planning documents.

Williamson says that the Crossrail competition must take a different approach: "These papers expose an alien culture in the Department for Transport, where officials are so obsessed by bureaucracy that they've forgotten what is in the national interest."

However, EU regulations prohibit member states from showing domestic bias in selecting the winners of government-funded contracts. The other bidders for Crossrail are Spain's CAF, Japan's Hitachi and Siemens, all of whom would have recourse to legal action if they suspected a rigged contest.

Non-UK manufacturers also bridle at the notion of bias on the continent, pointing out that the recent Eurostar procurement, which went to Siemens, proved that French businesses are not duty-bound to pick home-built Alstom vehicles.

It is understood that the Crossrail tender document, which stipulates the type of vehicle the government is seeking and the structure of the deal, will be significantly different from the Thameslink effort.

But it will not have a "buy UK" clause, which still gives a strong chance to other contestants when the winner is announced in 2014.

A former Department for Transport employee says the current transport secretary will struggle to politicise the Crossrail process. "Many civil servants view British industry and jobs as political side issues that get in the way of procurement. Senior DfT civil servants and rail officials tend to keep ministers and the [business] department at arm's length during procurement decisions, stating that EU legislation demands no political interference."

The next generation of Bombardier workers is hoping that British industry has a stronger chance in the Crossrail contest than it did in Thameslink. Kieran Pallett, 20, who is more than two years into his apprenticeship, says during his lunch break that he hopes Prince Charles's royal visit on Friday will "give us a good image" and help secure his future. "I want to progress myself as far as I can here. They support you really well at Bombardier." But it is Bombardier, and UK industry, that needs support too and there is only so much the government can do.

Conventional Meat Products Are Being Sprayed With Viruses To Supposedly 'Protect Meat'
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is charged with the responsibility to inspect and regulate food in the United States, yet its methods of regulation continuously place the health of Americans at risk. In its quest to completely denature the nutritional value of foods, the brilliant minds of the FDA proposed that a virus cocktail spray (containing 6 viruses) be administered to meat products to prevent a very rare infection which occurs in infants and the elderly.

Making Your Own Fresh Aloe Vera Juice Into A Moisturizing Spray
Aloe vera is an incredibly nutrient-rich plant. Aloe Vera juice is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and has some amazing healing properties. Learn how to make aloe vera juice as a natural moisturizing spray.

Proposed Nanotechnology Will Convert Body Heat Into Electric Current
Whoever said the movie The Matrix was based on pure fiction obviously didn't have that discussion with researchers at Wake Forest University. A new technology called Power Felt, a thermoelectric device that converts body heat into an electrical current, soon could create enough juice to make another call on your cell phone simply by touching it.

Current Vitamin D Levels Found In Millions of People Are Allowing Chronic Inflammation
Researchers have discovered specific molecular signaling events by which vitamin D prevents inflammation. In their experiments, they showed that low levels of Vitamin D, comparable to levels found in millions of people, failed to inhibit the inflammatory cascade--a series of rapid biochemical events which propagates and matures the inflammatory response. However, levels considered adequate did inhibit inflammatory signaling. They reported their results in the March 1, 2011, issue of The Journal of Immunology.

The Spontaneous Healing Belief
What would it mean to discover that everything from the DNA of life, to the future of our world, is based upon a simple Reality Code--one that we can change and upgrade by choice? New revelations in physics and biology suggest that we're about to find out!

How To Make Your Own Non-Toxic Sunscreen
Can you find a non-toxic sunscreen at your conventional pharmacy, department store or grocery retailer? Probably not as most of the commercialized versions are filled with toxic additives and preservatives. Even children's sunscreens contain many dangerous chemicals. Here is an excellent recipe for a non-toxic sunscreen that contains natural ingredients and will keep your skin healthy and glowing while protecting your skin from the sun just enough so you won't burn.

We're Shifting Global Frequencies: Major Victories Await For Humanity In This Decade
We're moving at an incredible pace. Events are happening so quickly that many may not be aware of the phenomenal rate of awakening across the globe--and it's not just among general populations, it's spanning throughout the top levels of the power structure. The so-called controllers are well aware of their inevitable defeat and there are now major victories that await the entire human race. All things counterproductive to human health and freedom will be banned or out casted as entire nations collectively join and move forward to a new era in intelligence and consciousness.

Subject: Dr. Tinus Smits from Denmark: Homeopathic cure for Autism, ADHD TROUBLE WITH THE ESTABLISHMENT FOR HIS VIEWS

Broken Hearts Really Do Hurt
"Broken-hearted" isn't just a metaphor-social pain and physical pain have a lot in common, according to Naomi Eisenberger of the University of Califiornia-Los Angeles, the author of a new paper published in Current Directions in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. In the paper, she surveys recent research on the overlap between physical and social pain.

Forget The Mashed Potatoes: Try This Very Healthy Alternative
Though mashed potatoes can be a nourishing side or main dish, if you tend to have high blood sugar or insulin levels, it's probably best that you limit your consumption of potatoes to a serving or two per week. Try this very healthy alternative.

Grey Matter In Our Brains Is Increasing And You Won't Believe Why
Our tendencies to react and adapt to the standards placed on us by society are changing and at a physical level we are finding out why. For the first time, scientists are seeing consistent changes in the amount of grey matter in one specific brain region responsible for conforming to social pressures.

Teachers In Our Midst: Meet Your New Spiritual Teacher
See that person in the far cubicle, the loudmouth who's always dumping work on her colleagues? Meet your new spiritual teacher.

Top 5 Ways To Increase Your Energy Instantly
Every day, millions are complaining of lethargic bodies. Most of us chalk it up to having too much to do and not enough time to do it in, but this isn't entirely true. The real culprits are often our everyday habits: what we eat, how we sleep, and how we cope emotionally.

cdsapi’s Added Comment: The Harper Government also overlooks the fact that the Tar Sands development itself is turning the Boreal Forest of Northern Canada into a vast poisoned wasteland that will remain an ecological disaster as far into the future as one can see. And the same is destined to happen along the entire “transportation route”. Apparently, turning huge areas of Canada into an ecological disaster that threatens survival is an acceptable compromise, according to the Harper Government, in this Faustian deal with the “god of foreign Investment”. Fall to your knees and do homage at the altar of the “Midas Touch”.

Dee's added comment:
THIS is why no candidate should EVER be elected who even so much as hints
that he will "follow the leader" instead of the people who gave him the mandate to "serve".



What an awful statement coming from the government of Canada!

You overlook the fact that spills are not risks but mathematical certainties,
you overlook the fact that because of the terrain (Rockies and Coast Ranges) that only a helicopter will be able to get to the pipeline, no machinery;
you overlook the fact that even if Enbridge could get to a spill there’s nothing they can do (I suggest you look at the Enbridge and Kalamazoo case);
you overlook the fact that Enbridge’s track record (811 “accidents in the past 2 years!) is appalling;
you overlook the fact that the pipelines would cross 1000 rivers and streams with no regard for the large salmon runs which would be destroyed,

You overlook the feelings and legal claims of the First Nations with much of this territory unceded:
you overlook the fact that 131 Chiefs are dead set against these pipelines* and, if all that isn’t enough,
you fail to address the fact that the lines are useless unless they can be shipped by tanker down one of the most dangerous coasts in the world, this tanker traffic is utterly opposed by the First Nations involved.

You know and indeed have confessed, as both the minister and the prime minister have, that the environmental assessment process is simply a nuisance to be finished with as soon as possible.

Rafe Mair for the Common Sense Canadian (www/

*there are two parallel pipelines, one to take the treated sludge to the coast, the other to take the condensate used to ship this sludge, back to the Tar Sands.

Conservative Party of Canada
Date: February 17, 2012
For immediate release
Today, Member of Parliament for Calgary Centre-North, Michelle Rempel, released the following statement regarding NDP Leadership Candidate Nathan Cullen’s appearance at a hearing for the Enbridge Joint Review Panel:
“The NDP is out of touch with the needs of ordinary Canadians. In its relentless battle against energy development and trade, it has turned its back on the hundreds of thousands of Canadians employed in the energy and mining sectors.
“It has also ignored the millions more who benefit from important social programs like health care, education and pensions that are funded by royalties and taxes paid by Canada's resource companies.
“Our Government understands the critical importance of diversifying markets for our energy products and natural resources to create jobs and economic growth across Canada, including British Columbia. There is a projected $500 billion in investments in Canada’s natural resource sector in the next decade, with significant investment opportunities in BC.
“Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently concluded a mission to China where numerous agreements on air transportation, agriculture, energy, science and technology were signed. China is on the road to becoming the largest economy in the world and our Government, along with British Columbia, has invested billions to enable trade through the Asia-Pacific Gateway.
“Canada’s environmental regulatory system is one of the strongest in the world and by reducing its inefficiencies, we will unleash Canada’s economic potential. An inefficient and duplicative regulatory system does not create better environmental outcomes, it merely delays investment in Canadian sustainable resource projects that will create tens of thousands of high quality jobs.
“Canadian labour unions know that future prosperity for Canadian families lies with the responsible development of our natural resources and that's why they publicly support major energy infrastructure projects. They include the Canadian Building Trades, United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry of the U.S. & Canada, General International Union of Operating Engineers, Laborers’ International Union of North America, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, International and the Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.
“Meanwhile, the NDP continues to oppose all of these job-creating projects and related trade initiatives.
“Our Government is committed to maintaining Canada’s standing as the best place for investment and economic growth. That positions British Columbia’s economy, as well as the Canadian economy, to fully participate in the world's most dynamic growing markets.”
– 30 –
Conservative Press Office: 613-755-2035

Parti conservateur du Canada
Date: le 17 février 2012
Pour publication immédiate
Michelle Rempel, députée de Calgary-Centre-Nord, a fait aujourd’hui la déclaration suivante au sujet de l’apparition du candidat au leadership du NPD, Nathan Cullen, devant la Commission d'examen conjoint du projet Enbridge :
« Le NPD est coupé de la réalité et des besoins des Canadiens ordinaires. Dans son combat incessant contre le développement et le commerce de ressources énergétiques, il a complètement tourné le dos aux centaines de milliers de Canadiens qui travaillent dans les secteurs de l’énergie et des mines.
« Il ignore également les millions de personnes qui profitent d’importants programmes sociaux comme les soins de santé, l’éducation et les pensions, qui sont financés grâce aux redevances et aux impôts payés par les entreprises canadiennes du secteur des ressources.
« Notre gouvernement comprend l’importance cruciale qu’il y a à diversifier les marchés pour nos produits énergétiques et nos ressources naturelles pour créer des emplois et stimuler la croissance économique partout au Canada, y compris en Colombie-Britannique. On prévoit des investissements de 500 milliards de dollars dans le secteur des ressources naturelles du Canada au cours de la prochaine décennie, dont d’importantes possibilités d’investissement en Colombie-Britannique.
« Le Premier ministre Stephen Harper a mené à bien récemment une mission en Chine au cours de laquelle ont été signées de nombreuses ententes dans les domaines du transport aérien, de l’agriculture, de l’énergie ainsi que des sciences et de la technologie. La Chine est en passe de devenir l’économie la plus importante de la planète, et notre gouvernement, avec la Colombie-Britannique, a investi des milliards de dollars pour permettre le renforcement des échanges commerciaux dans le cadre de l’initiative de la Porte d’entrée de l’Asie-Pacifique.
« Le système de réglementation environnementale du Canada est l’un des plus solides du monde. En réduisant les lacunes de celui-ci, nous permettrons au Canada de réaliser son potentiel économique. Un système de réglementation inefficace et redondant ne produit pas de meilleurs résultats environnementaux. Il ne fait que retarder les investissements dans les projets de ressources durables du Canada qui créeront des dizaines de milliers d’emplois de grande qualité.
« Les syndicats canadiens savent que la prospérité future des familles canadiennes dépend du développement responsable de nos ressources naturelles et c’est pourquoi ils appuient publiquement les grands projets d’infrastructure énergétique. Citons entre autres les syndicats des métiers de la construction, l’Association unie des compagnons et apprentis de l'industrie de la plomberie et de la tuyauterie des États-Unis et du Canada, la General International Union of Operating Engineers, l’Union internationale des journaliers d'Amérique du Nord, la Fraternité internationale des Teamsters et la Fraternité internationale des ouvriers en électricité.
« Pendant ce temps, le NPD continue de s’opposer à tous ces projets créateurs d’emplois et aux initiatives commerciales connexes.
« Notre gouvernement est déterminé à maintenir la situation du Canada comme le meilleur endroit pour investir et assurer la croissance économique, et à faire en sorte que l’économie de la Colombie-Britannique et celle du Canada tout entier soient en bonne position pour participer pleinement à l’essor formidable des marchés mondiaux les plus dynamiques. »
– 30 –
Service de presse du Parti conservateur : 613 755-2035

Important info for all cat owners... including me....
My cats eat a combo and I have lost one to FUS... it's an awful way to go....
one little vet's tip is that if you have a cat with crystals in the urine, and it is partially blocked, feed it half a child's aspirin... it will usually release the blockage.
And a question: WHY, if the moisture content of the food is so important, would a veterinarian recommend a $33 per bag DRY FOOD for a cat with crystals in the urine, and WHY would this same veterinarian NOT KNOW
that moisture is a critical factor in the cat's diet?
Point: apparently, not all vets have the correct information... and since we don't generally know more than they do, it's another case of doing your due diligence
for the sake of your beloved cat, and giving it what it needs, not necessarily
what the vet says!

By Dr. Becker
More evidence has emerged linking dry food diets and feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD).
A study was conducted at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Koret School of Veterinary Medicine to evaluate urethral obstruction (UO), which is an extremely common, life-threatening condition in cats.
The urethra is a small tube through which urine flows from your cat's bladder to the outside of the body.
Urethral obstructions are usually mineral crystals or stones, or plugs of inflammatory material that form in the kidneys (a process known as urolithiasis), pass down into the bladder, and get stuck in the urethra, blocking the passage of urine from the body.
The urethra in male cats is longer and narrower than in females, so obstructions are more often seen in males.
Once a blockage develops in the urethra, the kidneys continue to produce urine and the urine starts building up in the bladder.
This is not only painful for the cat, it can also quickly interfere with kidney function.
The job of the kidneys is to flush waste from the body, and when they aren't working properly, toxins accumulate in the bloodstream.
Feline urethral obstructions, if not treated promptly, can result in death in a matter of days.
Risk Factors for Urethral Obstruction in Cats
According to many, no research to date has nailed down precisely the risk factors involved in the formation of urethral plugs in kitties.
Some reports indicate certain breeds are predisposed to stone formation, including Persians, Himalayans, Russian Blues Siamese, Birman and the Egyptian Mau.
It is also thought a cat's environment carries risk factors for diseases of the lower urinary tract, specifically stressful living conditions, living indoors only, obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, and spaying/neutering.
For some reason, a dry food-only diet isn't emphasized in most studies as a significant risk factor for development of feline lower urinary tract disease, including urethral obstruction. I find this absolutely mystifying, given what we know about the crucial role dietary moisture content plays in feline physiology.
The Jerusalem Study
The Jerusalem study, published last year in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, took another look at risk factors for urethral obstruction, clinical signs, outcomes and recurrence rates in 82 cats with UO and 82 control cats.
The kitties diagnosed with urethral obstruction had some interesting things in common, including:
• They were significantly younger than the control cats; 82 percent were between 1 and 7 years old.
• They were significantly heavier.
• More were indoor-only cats than in the control group.
• And… most were fed dry food only (68 out of 82, or 83 percent)… 14 ate a combination of wet and dry food… and exactly none were fed a diet of wet food only.
In the control group of 82 cats without urethral obstruction, who also happened to be older and leaner than the sick cats, a little over half were fed dry food only, 42 percent ate both wet and dry food, and 3 out of 82 were fed only wet food.
An Earlier Enlightening Study
Another very interesting study1 was done several years ago to measure the effect of feeding a specific type of food (designed to increase the acidity of urine) to cats with feline idiopathic cystitis (FIC). (FIC is another of the diseases of the lower urinary tract.)
Some of the cats were fed a canned formulation of the food, and some were fed a dry formulation.
The result?
After 1 year on the canned food, only 11 percent of FIC cats had a recurrence of the condition.
Recurrence in the dry food group after a year was 39 percent.
This study was conducted by the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition. Since Waltham is a pet food company2, it's safe to assume the primary intent of the study was to find a product that could be sold specifically for cats with lower urinary tract disease.
In my opinion, what was important in this outcome wasn't the urinary acidifying feature of Waltham's formula -- it was how much better the canned food-fed cats fared than the poor kitties fed the dry formulation of the same food.
Why Isn't Dry Cat Food Being Clearly Identified as a Risk Factor for FLUTD?
The Waltham study was published in 1999. The Jerusalem study was published just last year – a dozen years later. Several other studies on the subject of feline lower urinary tract disease have been conducted in the meantime.
And yet many in the traditional veterinary community seem unwilling to acknowledge the clear evidence that dietary moisture is incredibly important to urinary tract health in cats.
We know how felines are designed and how they live in the wild. And we have multiple studies showing cats with lower urinary tract disease, in particular, benefit from high moisture content diets.
It is absolutely baffling to me why more veterinarians aren't strongly encouraging all their cat-owning clients to transition their pets away from dry diets in the direction of food with a high moisture content.
For example, at a veterinary internal medicine symposium in 2011, an associate professor at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine presented a paper titled, Risk factors in feline lower urinary tract disease3. She cited both the Waltham and Jerusalem studies (and 19 others).
Here is an excerpt from her conclusion/recommendation:
"For both cats with urolithiasis and those with FIC, a diet high in moisture may be best, assuming the owner is willing to feed it and the cat is willing to eat it. A high moisture diet is recommended for cats with stones to decrease the urine concentration of mineral precursors and is the cornerstone of therapy for urolithiasis in human … and veterinary medicine. Increasing the water content for cats with FIC may help improve clinical signs by encouraging frequent voidings."
This isn't my idea of a ringing endorsement for the benefits of feeding FIC cats high moisture content diets.
But she does, at least, follow up with this suggestion:
"Increasing water content in the diet can be achieved most easily by feeding a canned diet; the canned food should be placed in a separate container next to the cat's regular diet. If the canned food is not consumed, water can be added to the dry kibble to achieve higher moisture content, although 85% moisture is difficult to attain using this method."
And I was also encouraged by this comment on the Jerusalem study by Dr. Indu Mani, Editor of Clinician's Brief:
"This study is very useful to the practicing clinician. Cats with UO are common in the clinical setting. Any interventional behaviors or techniques to potentially decrease UO prevalence are welcome in the clinical setting. Emphasis on optimal body weight and canned food intake as treatment recommendations is important in the management of many chronic feline diseases."
—Indu Mani, DVM, DSc
Why Your Cat's Food Should Be Loaded with Moisture
Water is essential for all life forms.
Your cat doesn't have a strong thirst drive compared to other species. Kitties are designed to get almost all the water they need from the food they eat.
Healthy cats don't lap up water like other animals do. Many kitties are obsessed with moving water, of course, but they're more interested in watching it or playing in it than drinking it.
With very few exceptions, only cats with underlying disease will drink a lot of water. Often the disease involves their lower urinary tract, especially if they are suffering from chronic, moderate dehydration thanks to a primarily dry food diet.
Cats in the wild hunt prey, and prey consists of about 75 percent water. Canned cat food contains at least that much moisture. Dry food, on the other hand, contains only about one tenth of that amount.
If you're feeding your kitty mostly dry food, he's probably drinking more water than he would if his diet was high in moisture content. But as a general rule, cats on dry food diets consume only about half the water cats on moisture-rich diets consume.
Now think for a minute about your cat's lower urinary tract – specifically the bladder and kidneys, which need to be flushed constantly with adequate quantities of urine.
It's easy to imagine the growing stress on those vital organs when your kitty's body is operating on half the amount of water it requires to function normally – day in and day out, for months, years, or a lifetime.
A Word about Other Risk Factors for FLUTD/UO
In addition to the key finding from the Jerusalem study that the majority of cats who developed urethral obstruction were fed dry food only, obesity and indoor living were also significant factors.
Living indoors doesn't have to be unhealthy for cats, and in fact, your kitty is much safer living inside. But housecats do need environmental enrichment to be optimally healthy.
The following articles offer some great tips on how to make your environment feline-friendly:
• Your Cat's Life in Captivity -- How to Simulate Conditions of the Wild
• Stress Busters for Kitties
• Reasons for Sick-animal Behavior in Healthy Cats
Obesity in cats tends to go hand-in-hand with a sedentary lifestyle and a dry food diet, especially if your kitty enjoys an all-day all-he-can-eat buffet (also known as free-feeding).
If your cat is overweight, it's really important for his overall health and quality of life that you slim him down – but it must be done very, very gradually to avoid a life-threatening case of hepatic lipidosis. My Valuable Tips for Helping Your Heavy Cat video and article gives you all the information you need to diet your kitty safely.
• 1 Journal of the AVMA, 1999 Feb 1;214(3):361-5
• 2 Waltham
• 3 Risk factors in feline lower urinary tract disease, Jodi L. Westrop, DVM, PhD, DACVIM

Soursop Fruit 100 Fold Stronger At Killing Cancer Than Chemotherapy
The Soursop is a flowering, evergreen tree native to tropical regions of the world. It also contains a long, prickly green fruit which happens to kill cancer up to 10,000 time more effectively than stronger chemotherapy drugs without the nasty side effects.

Open-Sourced Technology Blueprints For Any New Civilization
Marcin Jakubowski,a young technologist thought about which
50 machines would be needed for life to exist such as tractors, bread ovens, circuit makers, and many others that anybody can build through open source blueprints.

How To Make Your Own Natural, Non-Toxic Laundry Detergent
There are many ways to make your own laundry detergent but not all formulas are non-toxic. For example borax, a popular do-it-yourself laundry detergent additive is quite toxic to humans. Check out this very simple and non-toxic recipe for a natural liquid laundry detergent.

Dr. Oz Claims "You Need Aluminum in Anti-Perspirants To Keep You Dry"
That's right America! Your favorite doctor endorses aluminum in your anti-perspirants to stay dry. Many experts have stated that aluminum is the new mercury and its ability to increase the death rate of brain neurons has been well established scientifically. However, according to Dr. Oz, staying dry seems to trump the damaging health effects of this toxic metal.

How To Make Your Own Fruit and Vegetable Wash
You never know what kind of pesticides or dirt may be lurking on the skin of your favorite fruits and vegetables. That's why it's always a good idea to thoroughly wash all your produce before eating it. Follow these easy steps to find out how to make an organic and inexpensive lemon wash.

Working More But Accomplishing Less?
Most workers say they feel rushed on the job, but they are getting less accomplished than a decade ago, according to newly released research.

Children Have The Highest Exposure To Titanium Dioxide Carcinogens Found in Food, Supplements and Cosmetics
Will there ever be a day when we can safely say that the consumer goods industry is not poisoning our children? New research published in ACS' journal, Environmental Science and Technology, has found that Children may be receiving the highest exposure to nanoparticles of titanium dioxide--a source of concern with regard to its potential health and environmental effects -- in a wide range of consumer goods.

Children's Cereal Are So Full of Sugar That They Should Be In The Cookie Aisle
Children's breakfast cereals are so full of sugar they would be better placed alongside chocolate cookies on grocery shelves, claim consumer watchdogs.

8 Ways To Show Love In Your Relationship
Life gets busy and often interferes with the one's we really love. From positivity, to listening and even cooking, here are 8 ways to show some love to those you care about most.

Why MOST doctors like me would rather DIE than endure the pain of treatment we inflict on others for terminal diseases: Insider smashes medicine's big taboo
From the Mail's GP, a deeply provocative confession...
By Martin Scurr

I notice none of the comments reflected upon the use of alternative/natural treatments, many of which have a much higher success rate than anything mentioned here. Hundreds of effective natural therapies have yielded miraculous cures in moribund patients around the world, yet continue to be ignored and suppressed by medicine as a whole. Why?
If continuation of good quality of life is to be sought, and alternative methods offer such hope, why is it that the doctors close the book when their cut, poison and burn methods fail? And why do they not remediate the side effects of their own nasty treatments, with the cleansing supplements which can help the patient go through treatments much more comfortably?
Answer: "A patient cured is a customer lost." There is no money in a cure. And the real question to be asked here is " WHY would doctors continue treatment in others that they would refuse for themselves?"
I would hope that anyone with that diagnosis be wise enough to RESEARCH!

A Marine Awakens...

While you're at it, watch the short clip from the movie "Good Will Hunting"
Talk about art imitating life....

Curcumin's Promise: It Will Prevent Cancer and Other Diseases
Curcumin, the natural pigment that gives the spice turmeric its yellow colour, has increasingly come under the scientific spotlight in recent years, with studies investigating its potential health benefits. As a result, curcumin has been linked to a range of health benefits, including protection against prostate cancer, Alzheimer's, protection against heart failure, diabetes, and arthritis.

Use a Cellphone? You May Be More Selfish Than Those Who Don't
Most people have become aware of the dangers of cellphones and the disease promoting effects of their radiation. New research now casts light on how they affect our social construct. Though cellphones are typically promoted as devices that connect people, they may make users less socially minded, finds a recent study from the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business.

Earth Is An Experiment, Duality Is A Game...And Love Is The Answer
In the third in a trilogy of books by Michael and Sarah Feeley,"Earth Is An Experiment, Duality Is A Game...And Love Is The Answer," examines what we are ultimately on planet Earth to experience and how it is now leading to a path of truth and discovery.

Magnesium Reduces Blood Pressure Naturally Without Side Effects
Pharmaceutical interventions in patients with high blood pressure leads to an inevitable deterioration of health in the long-term. In addition, the side effects associated with blood pressure medications may lead to hospitalization. Supplements of magnesium may offer natural and clinically significant reductions' in blood pressure, says a new meta-analysis from the UK.

Hospitals Have it Wrong: Premature Infants Should Be Kept Cool, Not Warm
Premature infants are often placed on cots and kept warm in incubators in hospital settings. New research shows that this common practice might in fact increase the chances for long-term neurological deficits instead of lowering those risks.

Substituting Water for Soft Drinks Drops 5 Pounds From Your Weight
Making a simple substitution of water for soft drinks or any drinks with calories can help people lose 5 pounds, a new University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill study shows.

Home Remedy For Sore Throats: Experiencing Colds Is Actually Beneficial To Your Health
Contrary to what mainstream media tends to teach, experiencing a cold or the flu periodically can actually be helpful to your health. By and large, the viruses that cause the common cold and flu infect mainly your weakest cells, which you want to get rid of and have replaced by healthy cells. With all of that said, you should know of a natural remedy for a sore throat that can often precede a cold or flu. Yes, that feeling of having crushed glass floating around in your throat can often be remedied without conventional over-the-counter analgesics.

Shyness and Internet Browsing May Soon Be Classified As Mental Illness
Recent research funded by the pharmaceutical industry and the accompanying flood of new drugs for a range of ills threaten to "medicalize" every human condition and behavior. Now, childhood shyness and internet browsing could be reclassified as mental disorders under controversial new guidelines, warn experts.

Unspoiling Children in 10 Steps
Is your children's playroom nearly bursting with toys? Does it seem your son hardly has one Lego set assembled before he's eyeing the catalogue for the next? Do your children start their Christmas lists in July. Do you dread taking your daughter to the mall because of the non-stop nagging for gifts? You may have materialistic children and you may be materialistic yourself which is part of the problem of why your children behave the way they do.

How To Make Your Own Natural Toothpaste and Hand-Sanitizer
With the vast number of toxic chemicals in conventional toothpastes and hand sanitizers, it is refreshing to hear common sense natural solutions coming from those with genuine interests in decreasing our toxic loads. Here are two excellent, very simple and cost effective methods of making your own fluoride-free toothpaste and organic hand sanitizer.

It's Time To Ditch Disinfectants
Along with many other physicians, I believe it is unhealthy to use disinfectants on a routine basis at home. The long-term danger is that the chemicals in disinfectants stimulate the development of resistant bacteria, a growing health threat worldwide.

Understanding and Recognizing Anger
It's important to realize several things about anger before you start tackling it. First, anger is a normal process that has allowed humans to evolve and adapt. It isn't a bad thing in itself, but problems occur if it isn't managed in the right way.

Health Canada Wants Canadians Sick, Diseased and Addicted to Pharmaceuticals
If you're a Canadian, Health Canada wants two things from you and your family. First, they don't want you healthy, and second, they want you addicted to pharmaceuticals. Any natural health supplementation you decide to adopt which advances your health and cuts into big pharma's profits is strictly prohibited. If anybody can prove that Health Canada has any other role, we welcome you to state your case. Otherwise, listen to the facts on how Health Canada's corrupt regulations are consistently preventing Canadians from obtaining natural health products.

Give it a Rest, Baby Knows Best
We tend to think of babies who don't cooperate according to our sleep schedules and our expectations (i.e. eating habits) as a "problem." And if you don't address these "problems," then some so-called experts predict all sorts of potential consequences will develop. The truth is, baby knows best. Parents just need to give their egos a break and let these little bundles of joy decide what is best for themselves, because they know better than most adults.

We're Consuming Approximately 70 Percent of All Calories From Four Unhealthy Foods
Approximately 70% of all calories in the western diet come from a combination of the following four foods: wheat, dairy, soy and corn - assuming, that is, we exclude calories from sugar. The problem is, they don't do anything to advance our health.

The Most Significant Reason So Many Toxic Chemicals Are Introduced Every Year
There are approximately 83,000 industrial and toxic chemicals presently in use and 700 new ones are introduced into commerce each year in the United States alone. Many of these chemicals induce cancer and other diseases in the human body, yet every year there are more disease-causing chemicals carelessly approved to further pollute our environment and each other. There is one group that is most responsible for these crimes to humanity and they outspend both General Electric Co, and Big Pharma in lobbying efforts to make sure their poisons are sold to the public.

If You Want To Be Happy, Don't Take Life So Seriously and Don't Put a Price On Your Time
An engaged humility, an acceptance of life's pains and promises and how you pass or spend your time are major keys to your happiness.

Hypocritical? Approval Process Underway For Prescription Pills Made From Raw Marijuana
We all knew this was coming. In a very hypocritical turn of events, after the U.S. federal government decreed that marijuana had no accepted medical value last year, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is on pace to approve the first prescription drugs based from raw marijuana by 2013.

Blogger Cleverly Exposes Before and After Transformations in Just 5 Hours
An eating champion and blogger demonstrates how fitness and diet ads are orchestrated to fool the gullible public with shocking before and after transformations. In a convincing Youtube video, he shows some deceptive tactics that big business and advertisers use to markedly change a physique from flab to fit in just 5 hours.

Integrating the I AM Presence
Humanity has recently experienced very powerful shifts of energy, vibration, and consciousness. This has allowed us to transcend our human egos. Now our I AM Presence is taking dominion of our physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies. As this integrating process unfolds day-by-day, our lives are being transformed.

New Study Finds Soft Drinks Cause Asthma and Lung Disorders
A new study published in the journal Respirology reveals that soft drink consumption is associated with lung and breathing disorders including asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).


----- Original Message -----
From: F L
Date: Monday, February 6, 2012 11:24 am
Subject: whoa read this article just out

> Well lookey here! Lots of goodies here and talk about the
> international agreements now affecting local economies and
> decision making around "sustainability ".
> The article tries to make the protesters look like they are
> talking about an invisible boogie man! But later, admit what
> Agenda 21 is designed to do without giving any credit to the
> protestations.
> This is an incredible article. The truth is coming out. People
> panicking. Everyone speaking a different language. For clarity
> during this significant psy op taking place.... it is important
> to keep abreast to the game changing going on a daily basis by
> the puppet masters.
> This quote stuck out for me:
> "California...Where opponents are fighting laws passed in recent
> years to encourage
> development around public transportation hubs and dense areas in
> an
> effort to save money and preserve rural communities."
> What is not mentioned that the rural communities will not be
> enjoyed by the owners or the common man and woman. The rural
> communities will belong to the UN conservation areas enjoyed by
> the few in control and those with future security access to them.
> This article is so incredible. The Tower of Babylon..where
> everyone is speaking a different language.
> The elite have won. The UN has used the practice of
> COMPARTMENTALIZATION and promotion of the principles of Agenda
> 21 at the local level WITHOUT ever referring to Agenda 21 at the
> local level. This leaves the local councillors totally confused
> about what the opposition is talking about.
> Also, note the woman at the end of the article who plans on
> taking away public podiums and microphones to stop the dialogue
> at the Sustainability meetings?
> A pure example of the control freak minions moving the agenda along..
> F

This article is quite compelling and introduces the story of an African-American teen Aliah Gleason, who was screened at school without written parental consent, given multiple psychiatric labels due to the screening, taken from her parents, institutionalized for 5 months and medicated with multiple drugs. The parents fought endlessly to gain back their daughter from unnecessary diagnosis and medication.

Please take the time, one phone call, one email...ask your Congressmen to co-sponsor this bill...sponsored by Ron Paul. Ask your representative's legislative director to read the story above. FIND YOUR CONGRESSMAN:

Planned Parenthood: 90 Years of Malicious Advocacy In The Guise of Health and Safety
We are living in a delusional society where organizations that promote health damaging vaccines, cancer causing birth control, invasive mammograms and radiation screening are supported and actually praised by our governments and the population at large. Welcome to the world of Planned Parenthood, where the most dramatic irony comes from the fact that all of these services are offered in the guise of the "nation's leading sexual and reproductive health care" whose intention is always health and safety.

Forget About Gatorade: Coconut Water Matches Carb-Electrolyte Sports Beverages
The rehydrating powers of coconut water match those of a carbohydrate-electrolyte sports beverage, says a new study.

Cancer Drugs Continue To Cause Fatal Side Effects
Treatment with three relatively new "targeted" cancer drugs has been linked to elevated fatal side effects, according to a new analysis led by scientists at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. They added that the risk remains low, but should be taken into account by physicians and patients.

Pharmacology Journal Admits Supplements Reduce Colon Cancer Risk
It's may quite the revelation for a scientific journal based in pharmacology to admit that vitamin and mineral supplements reduce the risk of colon cancer and protect against carcinogens, but the Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology (CJPP) is an exception and that's exactly what a recently published study concluded.

What is Mindful Exercise?
Mindful exercise focuses your awareness on your body as you workout, whether it is walking, yoga, pilates, dance, it is the bringing of your mind and thoughts to the parts of your body and your breathing rather than thinking of something else.

Garlic Oil Provides The Best Triglyceride Lowering Effects
Daily intake of garlic may reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels, says a meta-analysis of 26 studies that provides some clarity to the inconsistent clinical trials data.

People With Low Self-Esteem May Be Best To Stay Off Facebook
In theory, the social networking website Facebook could be great for people with low self-esteem. Sharing is important for improving friendships. But in practice, people with low self-esteem seem to behave counter productively, bombarding their friends with negative tidbits about their lives and making themselves less likeable, according to a new study which will be published in Psychological Science.

10 Plant-Based Anti-Aging Foods
Who wants to look their age? Most people want to look years younger than they are and are always striving towards it going into strange diets, getting help of surgery and taking jabs of botox and dermal fillers. But all it takes is natural foods.

How To Boost Pain Relief Without Drugs
Placebos reduce pain by creating an expectation of relief. Distraction -- say, doing a puzzle -- relieves it by keeping the brain busy. But do they use the same brain processes? Neuroimaging suggests they do.

FDA Approves Depressant Drug For The Annoyingly Cheerful (Satire)
Although satirical, a video report by The Onion actually gives us a glimpse of the reality in which the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) operates, creating fictitious diseases and then supposedly developing the solutions in the form of pharmaceutical drugs.

Pregnant Women Who Consume Low-Mercury Fish Have Smarter, More Social Offsping
Can pregnant women improve their progeny’s intelligence by eating fish? The answer is yes, as long as that fish is not polluted with high levels of mercury. A study recently submitted to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed that infants born to mothers who consumed more fish during pregnancy score higher in verbal intelligence and fine motor skill tests, and present an increased prosocial behavior.

Women Have Less Accurate Memories of Unpleasant Experiences Compared To Men
A woman's memory of an experience is less likely to be accurate than a man's if it was unpleasant and emotionally provocative, according to research undertaken by University of Montreal researchers at Louis-H Lafontaine Hospital.

Just when you think you've heard it all, they come up with this!
Somebody must've got the idea from hot yoga or something, because this is NUTS!

Why is "Hot Chemo" an Acceptable Cancer Treatment—But IV Vitamin C is “Too Far Out There”?
Patients liken hot chemotherapy to "being filleted, disemboweled, and then bathed in hot poison." Best patient care, or merely the biggest moneymaker?

Smart meters for energy to be voluntary
Plans to force households to have energy smart meters installed have been shelved over health and privacy fears.

Mandatory Smart Meters Not Going Ahead in the UK

Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, February 1, 2012
Vitamin C Prevents Radiation Damage
Nutritional Medicine in Japan
(OMNS, Feb 1, 2012) Workers with severe radiation exposure at the Fukushima nuclear plant had major reduction in cancer risk when supplemented with vitamin C and other anti-oxidative nutrients. Sixteen men aged between 32 and 59 years worked 5 to 6 weeks in a radiation contaminated area, collecting contaminated water, measuring radiation levels, operating heavy machinery, and removing debris. Blood samples were obtained to measure whole blood counts and blood chemistry, plasma levels of free DNA, and 47 cancer related gene expressions.
Four workers who took intravenous vitamin C (25,000 mg) therapy before they went in, and continuously took anti-oxidative supplements during the working period, had no significant change in both free DNA and overall cancer risk.
Three workers that did not have preventive intravenous vitamin C had an increase in calculated cancer risk. After 2 months of intervention with intravenous vitamin C and oral anti-oxidative nutritional supplements, free DNA returned to normal level and cancer risk score was significantly decreased. (1)
This important clinical demonstration confirms research done nearly 20 years ago showing that pretreatment with vitamin C, by oral intake or injection, increased sperm head survival after the injection of radioactive Iodine-131 in mice. (2)
Oral intake of alpha-lipoic acid and vitamin E reduced urinary radioactivity and oxidative stress in irradiated children in Chernobyl. (3) Furthermore, there have been numerous scientific studies about the radio-protective effects of other vitamins, minerals, and antioxidative nutrients.
OMNS in Japanese
We are pleased to announce that OMNS is now published in Japanese. As of today, OMNS-JPN is online and free access. If you go to it via Google or other major search engines, they or your internet browser may offer a page-translate function that can give you an idea of what Japan's 125 million people may now read in their own language.
We welcome to our Editorial Board many distinguished Japanese colleagues. Atsuo Yanagisawa, MD, PhD is General Editor of OMNS-Japan. Dr. Yanagisawa is President of the Japanese College of Intravenous Therapy and is a member of the Orthomolecular Hall of Fame. Other members of the editorial board include Ken Kitahara; Toru Mizoguchi, MD; Ryozo Saito, MD; and Tomomi Himeno, MD. A welcome statement to Japanese readers from OMNS Editor-In-Chief Andrew W. Saul is at
Japan is a leader in employing nutritional medicine including high-dose nutrient therapy, intravenous vitamin C treatments, the Gerson Therapy, and other effective and safe modalities.
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Physician Prescribes Coconut Oil And Successfully Cures Alzheimer's Disease
What if there was an actual cure for diseases such as alzheimer's disease, parkinson's, ALS, epilepsy, dementia, schizophrenia, and even autism? What if that cure was not a drug and available at many health food and even grocery retailers? What if you could be incorporating something into your diet right now that is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, helps with weight-loss and is one of the richest sources of healthy sources of fat?

Scientists Say Sugar Should Be Controlled Like Alcohol and Tobacco to Protect Public Health
Sugar should be controlled like alcohol and tobacco to protect public health, according to a team of UCSF researchers, who maintain in a new report that sugar is fueling a global obesity pandemic, contributing to 35 million deaths annually worldwide from non-communicable diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

New Research Shows Flax Helps Suppress Hunger and Supports Weight Loss
University of Copenhagen researchers report that flax fiber suppresses appetite and helps support weight loss, according to the new study from Denmark that also compared the efficacy of flax fiber from a tablet or a beverage.

New Research Shows Diet Soft Drinks Cause Stroke, Heart Attacks and Vascular Death
Besides the fact that diet soda causes dehydration, weight gain, mineral depletion, diabetes and caffeine addiction, new research shows they're also responsible for an increased risk of vascular events such as stroke, heart attack, and vascular death.

Despite Deadly Side Effects From The HPV Vaccine, CDC Broadens Recommendations To Include Young Boys
Despite what is now a plethora of scientific evidence showing that Gardasil and HPV vaccinations are unproven, unjustified and lacking evidence-based medicine, the CDC has broadened their recommendations to include young boys. The move essentially cements the CDC's reputation as a dangerous organization that has absolutely no concern for human health.

Drinking Coffee Actually Alters Hormones in Women
The daily shot of java may affect more than just your energy levels. A new study of women found that drinking coffee and other caffeinated beverages can alter levels of estrogen, a regulating hormone in women

From Susan:

It’s only supposition if you think it is. I don’t, and that is the reality in which I live. Your reality may be different at this time so I really should not judge it.

All the control mechanisms you mention are just that “control.” Control over your mind and body. To make you fear everything. I know your world very well Phil because I used to be part of it. There is always something to be scared of and knowledge of all of these controlling elites only makes you more fearful and weaker every day. It just doesn’t matter who they are and it never will. If you focus on that energy and vibration where does that put you?

I am fully aware of the control mechanisms and how humanity has been suppressed and conditioned, but the difference is I know longer feel the NWO is the enemy. They are a part of us and we are a part of them. What they are pushing only becomes your reality if you make it so. A day will soon come whether in this lifetime or the next, when you will see the world for what it is and why it is. This world is only there for one purpose, so we can see how low we can go in this third dimensional reality before we ascend to bigger and brighter things. We are already on our way.

Intelligent people at the top are being educated quickly on what is coming and that they must adapt to stay in this world. They are choosing love. They are joining the white hats operations. Many special operations such as project blue beam and fake UFO alien invasions are quickly being crushed by top officials who now realize they have been lied to by the cabal. The globalist plan for full spectrum dominance has failed and it has failed miserably. If you cannot see this the dismantling yet, you will very soon. Governments are losing power worldwide and they know it. There are many surprises ahead, but soon there will be little doubt where the world is really headed. The cabal is breaking apart and their grip is loosening by the day.

You can choose to stay in your current mindset victim perpetrator mode, or you can choose to light and love which is where the entire planet is headed regardless, including you.

From Phil:
Subject: Re: Top Illuminati Dynasties That Run The Nwo with Author Fritz Springmeier (reality dialog update)

We have met the enemy and he is us

Correct me if I am wrong, Susan, but my interpretation of your supposition is that we can change our reality simply by changing our mind set (experience a spiritual awakening from within). Oh, if ignorance was bliss. Our mutual nemesis are masters of reverse psychological conditioning. Their program is to trick us into believing what is bad is good (things we eat, drink, and put in our bodies like vaccines and pills). They want us to believe they will protect us by giving them absolute power. Most people believe the reality they are pushing, so our real enemy is us because of ignorance, we keep falling for their contrived realities.

We can not stop learning about their multiple reality creation methodologies and to do that we need to know their motives, their agendas and their identities. They want us to believe war is necessary for peace, sacrificing liberty for security is freedom (from tyranny), lies are required to protect state secrets and ignorance is strength.

Take the Book of Genesis, for example:
3:1 Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden? 3:2 And the woman said unto the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden: 3:3 But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die. 3:4 And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: 3:5 For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.
What God is referring to in this passage is The Tree of Knowledge (of good and evil) but knowledge none the less. The implication being God wants Adam and Eve to remain in a state of blissful ignorance and 'knowledge will introduce them to the wrong reality'. Funny thing, but isn't that what the ruling elites want us to do - believe knowledge (about them) is the wrong reality?

Actually, other tree religion versions are historically extant and this premonition that knowledge of evil (and good) is not exclusive to Christianity. The same reverse psychology reality theme runs throught other 'tree religions' such as Judaism, Islam, Talmud, Kabbalah, Theosophy, Gnosticism, New Age, Book of Enoch as well as earlier forms of tree cult religions. Some researchers call it the Fall of Man doctrine where these religions admonished eating the fruit of forbidden knowledge because it will result in the loss of a state of innocence, or, as you wrote, 'illumination'.

This is what is at stake. Ignorance is not bliss.

The following is an excellent example of how ingenious our puppet masters can be at manipulating our reality:

Here in an interview beginning at 3 min 54 sec, that sites the letter by Albert Pike that was written in 1871. This document reveals the need for, and the outcome, of all three Zionist created World Wars; which is and was the basis for everything currently underway.

Albert Pike had insider knowledge of the globalist agenda that orchestrated three world wars in the late 1870's. These miscreants of humanity created the false reality that compelled the patriotic, but ignorant to pay for and die for false flag plans of three world wars precisely as planned. Their final reality conversion plan is to indoctrinate their slave survivors into serving the master of their religion - Lucifer.

These innocent victims of war had no forbidden knowledge to enhance their reality - they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time - and no spiritual awakening could have saved them from the consequences of ignorance.
Up until now, Susan, we have been fortunate to have lived in peace because we have been in the right place at the right time. However, the globalist plan for full spectrum dominance is in the final stages of completion. The stakes are too high for us to make the wrong decision about whether our mind set or focus creates our reality.

...'We had better find the answers quickly because we are fast coming to a fork of world historic proportions on the road of human destiny.
We either climb up the high road leading to human evolution which will necessarily entail the painful but necessary destruction of the Global Power Elite and all who support, consolidate, empower and fuel its growth, or... we slip down the low road into a dark abyss of death, destruction, mass hypnosis and the end of the human spirit; a vision pretty close to what men throughout the ages have described as Hell...

What road will you take? We can still make the right decision. There is not, however, much time left." '

From Susan:
My suggestion is that it doesn’t make a difference whether you know who they are or not, for they are not the real enemies of peace and freedom. They are mere puppets and pawns in a much bigger cat and mouse game that you or I or anybody else cannot fathom while structuring these concepts from our ill-equipped egos. Ignorance of the true players will remain regardless of ousting the identity of those who silence others, for you can never and will never know or prove who does the silencing. Quite honestly, it makes no difference who does the silencing, for the transformation of this paradigm relies on a spiritual awakening from within. A progressive intention to stop trying to hunt or destroy something we hate so much and focus (all our focus) on that which we love and all that is good in the world. Only then will malevolent entities no longer hold any power or even a glimpse of a thought in our minds. That is when we truly become the illuminated!

From Phil:

My litmus test as to which dog does not hunt or which dog is barking up the wrong tree is whether or not the controllers try to silence them (Jackson, Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Kennedy, McDonald, Wellstone, etc.) permanently or otherwise (Springmeier, McKinney, Paul):

Rep. Larry McDonald Sen. Paul Wellstone Rep. Cynthia McKinney

Whether or not the Illuminati dynasties are the ultimate controllers does not dismiss the need to search for and identify the enemies of peace and freedom. Are you suggesting we remain naive and ignorant of who the ruling elites (in human form) are just because they may be controlled by entities of another dimension? The best way to hunt members of the predatory class to avoid being their prey is to study their backgrounds and value systems. Springmeier documentations should be included in those determinations.

From Susan:
I like to laugh when people think (regardless of their years of research) they know the ultimate controllers behind-the-scenes. It’s kind of like trying to find out what make the smallest particle exist. There are some things that we can’t know in human form and the ultimate controllers are one of them. I’m quite certain there isn’t a human on earth that has this one figured out. Why? Because there is always a controller who controls the controller. It’s all relative, subjective and at the end of the day it’s all redundant information that serves of no use to anyone BUT the controllers.

From Phil:
Comment: If a political prisoner whistleblower continued speaking out against government corruption after he was released from incarceration for a crime he did not commit, would we listen to what he has to say? Or would we do what the master criminals that put him in jail want us to do, ignore his warnings?
Who really controls world events from behind-the-scenes? Years of extensive research and investigation have gone into this massively documented work. In this 624-page, large format book, Fritz Springmeier discloses mind-boggling facts and never before revealed truths about the top Illuminati dynasties. Discover the amazing role these bloodlines have played, and are now wielding, in human history with family names such as Astor, DuPont, Kennedy, Onassis, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, Van Duyn and Krupp.
You’ll also learn of the secretive Chinese Li family, which operates with impunity in the U.S. and around the world.
Along the way you’ll find out why President John F. Kennedy and actress Grace Kelly were killed, who created the United Nations, who controls the two major U.S. political parties, how the Rothschilds invented and control modern-day Israel, who secretly founded false religions such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses and much, much more.


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