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Benefits of Colon Cleansing With Aloe
Aloe vera and its cleansing functions are much touted all over the world. People with digestive complications have experienced great benefits from this plant. Cleanses are used to break down and clean out waste from the colon and detoxify the blood stream.

New Research Once Again Disproving Doctor's Advice - The Risks of Aspirin Outweigh The Benefits
Mainstream medicine has been claiming for decades that aspirin lowers our risk of heart attack, stroke and even reduces the risk of cancer. All of these assumptions, which were never conclusively proven in any study have been subjected to the scrutiny and criticism of hundreds of health experts. Now, the most comprehensive review ever undertaken by Warwick Medical School for the NHS National Institute for Health Research has concluded that people should avoid aspirin all together.

25 Healthy Habits To Lose Weight This Holiday Season
With the holidays behind us, I know the thought of losing weight and remaining healthy can be intimidating. It’s much easier to forget about the notion of New Year’s resolutions until..well...the new year. There are calorie-laden holiday drinks like egg nog to imbibe. There are holiday favorites like pumpkin pie, apple crumble and chocolate chip cookies around every corner. With all this temptation, why not just throw your resolutions aside and eat like there’s no tomorrow?

Vaccination Voodoo, What You Don't Know About Vaccines
I recently had the privilege of reviewing the newly released book, Vaccination Voodoo: What You Don't Know About Vaccines, authored by Catherine J Frompovich. She assembles a breadth of research and compiles the "must know" information regarding the false science about vaccination and the rise in correlated diseases. Regardless of your position on mass vaccination programs, this book will surely make you question their safety and effectiveness.

Halotherapy - 5 Reasons Salt Is a Powerful Ally In The Winter
Mineral salts give your body the variety of mineral ions needed to balance its functions, remain healthy and heal. With the onset of winter and sudden drop in temperature, many of us fall prey to sore throats, upper respiratory tract infections and skin-related problems. Salt therapy can actually help alleviate all of these symptoms and more.

Know Your Berries
Our typical impression of berries revolves around strawberries, raspberries and blackberries , however from a botanical perspective, these are not berries at all. In fact, according to world botanical and the scientific definition of a berry, a banana is more of a berry than any of those above.

Groundbreaking Study Shows How Gut Bacteria Can Ameliorate Autism-Like Symptoms
Beneficial bacteria is the gut are known to attack pathogens, manufacture B and K vitamins and even act as anti-cancer agents. New research appearing in the journal Cell strengthens the recent scientific understanding that the microbes that live in your gut may affect what goes on in your brain. It is also the first to show that a specific probiotic may be capable of reversing autism-like behaviors.

Soy Causes Insulin Resistance And a Reduction In Hormones Involved In Regulating Blood Sugar and Fat Levels
More bad news for soy lovers as the legume continues to be linked to negative health effects. A recent study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism supports previous evidence that soy isoflavones detrimentally affect gene expression of a hormone influencing insulin-resistence and body fat levels.

Broiler Chickens Found At Grocery Retailers Grow Three Times Faster Than Normal Chickens, Plagued With Lameness and Disease
Billions of chickens around the world suffer in the intensive farming systems every year. Broilers chickens have been selectively bred and genetically modified so that they are reared quickly and cheaply to have enough meat to fulfill demand. Most these chickens suffer from painful lameness and disease related to their growth rates.

10 Reasons To Skip The Wine and Stick To Grape Juice
Although wine has been credited for a wide range of health benefits, little is said about primary constituent. The consumption of wine is not necessary to benefit from all the wonder nutrients in grapes. Grapes are rich in health-protecting antioxidants, including resveratrol and flavonoids. These antioxidants are found mainly in the skin, stem, leaf and seeds of grapes, rather than in their pulp and they exhibit very powerful anti-aging, immune boosting and health promoting properties.

GlaxoSmithKline Forced To Stop Paying Doctors To Promote Drugs After Major Bribery Investigation
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) said this week it will respond to pressure to stop paying doctors to promote its products through speaking engagements and end linking compensation for its sales representatives to the number of prescriptions doctors write. The move comes amid a major bribery investigation in China.

Researchers Find The Perfect Way To Trace The Path of Treated Sewage - Follow The Artificial Sweeteners
Scientists have found elevated concentrations of four sweeteners - cyclamate, saccharin, sucralose, and acesulfame -- in water samples collected along the length of the Grand River in Ontario, Canada. Used in diet drinks and processed foods, the sweeteners got into the Grand by way of the 30 sewage treatment plants that empty into the river and its tributaries. The research supports a growing concensus by scientists that drinking water is being spiked with an array of toxic compounds that pass through even the most advanced treatment systems.

Editorial Panel of MDs Says Multivitamins Don't Help Well-Nourished Adults, But What Does It Take To Be Well-Nourished?
A close-minded, one-sided and overblown editorial on multivitamins authored by medical doctors (MDs) says the case is now closed and multivitamins don’t help well-nourished adults. But in an era of foods which are GMO, laden with pesticides, herbicides and highly processed with chemicals and preservatives, what does it take to be well-nourished?

Scientists Finally Admit There Is a Second, Secret DNA Code Which Controls Genes
The fascinating and recent discovery of a new, second DNA code last week further lends credence to what metaphysical scientists have been saying for millennia -- the body speaks two different languages.

Widespread Contaminants in Drinking Water Across U.S.
Protecting public health shouldn’t be this hard. When it comes to chemical safety, Congress should shift the burden of proof from regulators to manufacturers. A recent survey conducted by researchers at the U.S. Geographic Survey (USGS) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found traces of 18 unregulated chemicals in drinking water from more than one third of U.S. water utilities. Of the 21 total chemicals found, researchers discovered among them 11 perfluorinated chemicals, an herbicide, two solvents, caffeine, an antibacterial chemical, a metal and an antidepressant.

Congressional Briefing on Vaccines Details The Shocking Statistics Behind Vaccine Injury and The Impact of Medicated Children
Members of the vaccine injury community recently held a briefing on capitol hill for congressional staffers to present many of the problems in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in preparation for hearings in the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Professor Mary Holland, Head of Graduate Legal Studies at NYU, and Rolf Hazelhurst, Assistant District Attorney General for the state of Tennesee and Father in one of the test cases In the Omnibus Autism Proceeding. This briefing is very well presented with many statistical facts and accuracies relating to vaccines and disease.

Utah Public Health Bans Gardasil Vaccine
Citing low demand, high costs - and questioning the benefits, Utah's Public Department of Health does not stock or recommend Gardasil HPV vaccine. The decision to exclude the vaccine from its public health clinics was made by the agency’s director, contrary to the area's Board of Health.

Why Guavas Should Be Considered A Superfood
Guavas have the highest concentration of antioxidants that protect against cell damage which ages skin and can cause cancer. This inexpensive and humble food should be regarded as one of the top 'superfoods' nature has blessed us with.

Top Dementia Expert Speaks Out on Alzheimer's - We've Wasted Billions on Drugs When All We Needed Was Prevention
In the last few decades, almost $40 billion has been spent worldwide on trying to develop a breakthrough drug treatment for Alzheimer’s, yet we still don’t have anything that can slow down, let alone stop, the disease. The pharmaceutical industry has left patients and their families in the hopeless position of waiting on drug treatment for a disease desperately needing investments in prevention.

FDA Concedes Antibiotic Use In Farm Animals Must Be Phased Out
Antibiotics are added to animal feed or drinking water of cattle, hogs, poultry and other food-producing animals to make them gain weight faster or use less food to gain weight. The United Nations and World Health Organization have both stated that humans are building up dangerous levels of resistance to modern antibiotics that could leave them vulnerable to killer diseases in the future. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is implementing, albeit a modest voluntary plan, but still one in the right direction, to phase out the use of certain antibiotics for enhanced food production.

Refrigerated Fruit Loses Over 80 Percent of Its Antioxidants
Freeze-drying strawberries keeps all their Vitamin C and polyphenols and 92% of their antioxidants, saving more nutrients than by chilling which can lose over 80% of antioxidant concentrations.

36 Foods That Help Detox and Cleanse Your Entire Body
Practiced for thousands of years by cultures around the world --detoxification is about resting, cleansing and nourishing the body from the inside out. By removing and eliminating toxins, then feeding your body with healthy nutrients, detoxifying can help protect you from disease and renew your ability to maintain optimum health. These foods will assist in boosting your metabolism, optimizing digestion, while allowing you to lose weight and fortify your immune system.

The Copper Connection: Does Copper Intake Cause or Contribute to Alzheimer’s?
Dr. Rashid Deane's new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences revisits a variation on the theory that metals in drinking water potentially contribute to Alzheimer’s disease.

12 Uses For Cloves - A Wonder Spice With The Highest Antioxidant Value
On the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scale used by the National Institute on Aging in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to assess the antioxidant value of foods, clove has the highest ORAC score. Besides it's ability to prevent cancer, clove has incredible purification and protection properties within.

Fraser Health - One of the Largest Canadian Health Authorities Violates The Canadian Constitution Enforcing Vaccine Policy On Its Employees
The Chief Medical Health Officer of Fraser Health, one of the largest health authorities in Canada is violating the Canadian Constitution by requiring all its employees to comply with a directive to vaccinate. The decision is a dangerous precedent and a civil liability contrary to the common law right to bodily integrity and personal autonomy negating the most basic tenet of human rights.

Hawaii Signs Bill Banning GMOs, Encouraging Community-Based Farming and Food Self-Sufficiency
Representing the people and members of the Hawaii County Council, Mayor William P. Kenoi has signed a bill relating to genetically engineered crops and plants, effectively booting global agribusiness and instead encouraging support community-based farming and ranching.

Mobile Phone Use In Children and Teens Translates To 5 Times Greater Increase In Brain Cancer
If today's young people don't reduce their use of wireless mobile devices, they may suffer an "epidemic" of the disease in later life. Research indicates children and teenagers are five times more likely to get brain cancer if they use mobile phones.

Two Researchers Disprove Government Geoengineering Initiatives Demonstrating They Do Not Reduce Climate Change
Many geoengineering techniques are focused on ways of reducing the sun’s rays by blocking them spraying chemical compounds into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight away from earth. At least this is the claim by government scientists justifying global operations of this kind to reduce climate change and global warming. However, two German researchers are debunking the claim using a simple energy balance analysis to explain how the Earth’s water cycle responds differently to heating by sunlight than it does to warming due to a stronger atmospheric greenhouse effect.

Researchers Finally Show How Mindfulness and Your Thoughts Can Induce Specific Molecular Changes To Your Genes
With evidence growing that training the mind or inducing specific modes of consciousness can have beneficial health effects, scientists have sought to understand how these practices physically affect the body. A new study by researchers in Wisconsin, Spain, and France reports the first evidence of specific molecular changes in the body following a period of intensive mindfulness practice.

Yet Another Reason To Avoid McDonald's - Your Chicken Order May Have An Unexpected Surprise
If you're still not convinced you should avoid McDonald's, here is yet another reason. Katherine Ortega took her 5-year-old son to a Newport McDonald's, where they bought a box of fried chicken wings (a special promotion). As she passed them around her dinner table, she realized that one of the wings wasn't a wing at all.

Thank Your Grandmother For Advancing Human Civilization
Grandmothers and grandchildren are natural allies. They have the most important thing in common. Namely, the one in between, the baby's parent and grandmother's child. Having grandmothers put on their aprons, pitch in, and fill in the spaces left by busy working parents is not just a nicety, but may actually have helped us to advance as a species. Let’s hear it for the critical contributions of the post-menopausal segment of our community!

Peer-Reviewed Study Shows Shocking Link Between Induced Abortion and Cancer
After decades of denial, the link is now clear. Anti-abortion activists are rightfully highlighting a new meta-analysis of studies published in the peer-reviewed journal Cancer Causes and Control. The study concluded that there is a significant association and increased risk of breast cancer in women as the number of induced abortions increases. Even a single abortion was found to raise the risk of breast cancer by a whopping 44 percent.

15-Year Old Invents Diagnostic Tool Somehow Overlooked By Cancer Industry - 26,000 Times Cheaper, 400 Times More Sensitive, Over 90 Percent Success Rate
15-year old Jack Andraka explains how he achieved an incredible feat in science somehow overlooked for decades by the cancer industry. A new method of diagnosing cancer could save millions of lives and billions of dollars if fully integrated. It may also help patients pursue less invasive forms of cancer diagnosis.

Study Exposes The Exact Effect of Energy Drinks On The Heart
Energy Drinks have been found to cause irreversible damage to tooth enamel and detrimentally affect the contraction of the heart. According to an ongoing study reported at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), the popular drinks consumed by millions not only increase contractility of the heart, but they may cause long-term health risks.

Consumption of Milk As a Teen Not Associated With Stronger Bones And May Actually Increase Fracture Risk
The belief that milk is what builds strong bones is ingrained in our society, but has no based on myths promoted by the dairy industry. Calcium is but ONE of the many minerals your body needs for building strong bones. The calcium in milk is not absorbed by the body and effectively causes osteoporosis rather than prevents it. A recent study published in JAMA Pediatrics, examined the association between teenage milk consumption and risk of hip fracture at older ages in a study of more than 96,000 men and women with a follow-up of more than 22 years and found that drinking more milk as a teenager was not linked to a lower risk of bone fractures as an older adult, and instead appears to increase that risk, according to new research.

When It Comes To Marrying Your Sweetheart, Don't Think, But Rather Follow Your Instincts
Although newlyweds may not be completely aware of it, they may know whether their march down the aisle will result in wedded bliss or an unhappy marriage, according to new study led by a Florida State University researcher.

Charges Filed: Panel of Experts Conclude Gardasil Injection Caused Multiple Sclerosis and Immune Mediated Disease In 15-Year Old
Mr. Jean-Christophe Coubris, defence lawyer for Marie-Oceane, a vaccine injured teen, has filed charges with the French public prosecutor in Bobigny, in the outskirts of Paris, against both Laboratoire Sanofi Pasteur MSD and the French authority Agence Nationale du Medicament (ANSM), the French National Medicines Agency, for breach of their manifest duty to ensure safety and for disregard of the precautionary and prevention principles.

Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, Depression and Bipolar Disorder All Linked To Metal Toxicants Such As Lead and Mercury
Metal toxicants entering the part of the brain that deals with stress and panic have been linked to disorders dealing with the central nervous system. Increasing evidence indicates that damage to the locus ceruleus (LC), is present in a wide range of neurodegenerative diseases including demyelinating and psychiatric disorders.


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