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News Archive Our Top 12 Stories From 2012
It's been an incredible year of investigative journalism with fascinating explorations in many new areas of physical, emotional and spiritual health. We are so grateful to all our authors, contributors and naturally our audience. You are all our motivation in continuing to promote health freedom and awareness through truthful reporting. It is a constantly evolving journey and we thank you for your readership. Our world is changing rapidly and we only see an abundance of love and light ahead of us. We have a feeling that next year's top stories will look very different from 2012. On that note we would like to share our top 12 stories that went viral this past year thanks to you.

The Importance of Drinking Rather Than Smoking Cannabis
Cannabinoids can prevent cancer, reduce heart attacks by 66% and insulin dependent diabetes by 58%. Cannabis clinician Dr. William Courtney recommends drinking 4 - 8 ounces of raw flower and leaf juice from any Hemp plant, 5 mg of Cannabidiol (CBD) per kg of body weight, a salad of Hemp seed sprouts and 50 mg of THC taken in 5 daily doses.

16 Reasons To Have Daily Sex
Stressed, burdened with life's difficult problems and fear that your health is declining? Then sex is the answer to happiness, longevity and a healthy body. You don't agree? Well, here is a list of the health benefits of sex, so do it daily to experience complete pleasure. These are 16 reasons to have sex today!

Let's Ban Everything Pointy To Reduce Deaths
The nanny mentality of those who create scientific studies and government policy have increased their insanity. Researchers are now calling for a ban on long pointed kitchen knives to reduce deaths from stabbing.

All Food Ingredients Linked To Cancer, But Researchers Say Don't Worry Evidence is Weak
There is evidence linking almost every food or ingredient to cancer, but according to researchers, there's no need to worry because the evidence for pretty much all of it is very weak they say.

Fascinating Documentary - Crossing Over: A New Beginning
Earlier this month, Brave Archer Films released 2012 Crossing Over, A New Beginning a feature documentary exploring a positive spiritual perspective on the events which will follow Dec 21, 2012. The film investigates the galactic alignment, consciousness awakening, cycles of evolution, our binary star system with Sirius, the fear agenda in the media, who's behind it, love vs fear and much more.

25 Foods: In The New Year, Eat More To Weigh Less
The tendency to eat one or two large meals per day of all the wrong foods is what eventually leads us to tip the scales. You need to consume more meals, and of the right foods to weigh less. If you make one weight loss resolution in 2013 (in addition to exercise), make it to include and frequently consume the following 25 foods above all else.

18 Things You Can Do Right Now To Become a Loving, Positive Person
We live in denial of our inherent negativity for the most part, and often wonder why the world around is so mean and reckless. Unlike dogs we may not be born eternal optimists, but positivity is something that can be imbibed even if a tad forcibly; such as by trying to tweak our sense of humor, the way we react to a given situation, by being more pleasant and believing others too have a mind, and by smiling each time somebody says 'thank you'. While positivity is a state of mind, the answer lies in our perspective. Here are 18 things you can do right now to becoming a more loving and positive person.

We Want To Live In A World That Is...
Free from the limitations that currently exist on Earth. A world of endless possibilities filled with nations of cooperative families and communities who have one goal--to function as a unit. One that can only survive through the purest, positive intent to benefit humanity. This is our world and we are all building it together.

On The Eve of The New World, Place Your Focus On The Things You Love, Rather Than The Things You Don't
If there was ever a time to practice kindness, compassion, caring, giving, sharing, love and harmlessness, it is right now. In keeping with becoming that which we wish to see in this world, we must become Love. Focus not upon what you think is wrong in the world, but rather how Love and Harmony will bring balance back to the world. We must be willing to venture beyond the safe and limited parameters we have long lived our lives, moving into the unlimited realms of possibility.

70 Percent of All Calories Are Consumed From Four Unhealthy Foods
If we exclude sugar, approximately 70% of all calories in the western diet come from a combination of wheat, dairy, soy and corn. The problem is, they're toxic to our bodies and don't do anything to advance our health.

Researchers Show How Infant Formula Causes Cellular Death In Five Minutes
Many mothers experience disappointment when breastfeeding challenges arise and there's a good reason for it--they possess liquid gold and they know it. When there are obstacles which prevent their newborn from receiving optimal ratios of fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and immune boosters in their breast milk, who can blame a new mom for being upset their baby will receive second best in an infant formula. These formulas are not only second best but are becoming outright toxic to infants. According to a new study by University of California, San Diego bioengineers, free fatty acids created during the digestion of infant formula cause cellular death and severe intestinal conditions.

Stopping Cancer Cell Growth May Be As Simple As Squeezing Breasts
While many men may have a field day with that title, it is literal. Compression of breasts restores normal growth in malignant mammary cells, researchers have found.The findings show for the first time that mechanical forces alone can revert and stop the out-of-control growth of cancer cells.

You and I -- among a nation of sheep, under media conditioning
-- must realize that the ruling elite actually do signal their evil intentions to us, as their dumb cattle, whom they believe are their chattel. As David Icke points out, Freemasons from Paris gave us the Statue of Liberty, not to declare us free, but to declare themselves to be our rulers. They believe it is their duty, as rulers, to validate their power over us by declaring it so, albeit within the secrecy of their shadowy system of rulership.
In order that you may become aware of their forthcoming planned atrocities, we might examine just one of the ruling elite's veiled vows of violence from recent history. Then, in the light of such historical evidence, we must reconsider the movie clip below, revealing the subliminal display of the words "Sandy Hook"
and "Aurora" in the Batman movie, a movie which appears to be the trigger signal for the first of these two 2012 massacres, planned by the secret, yet boldly authoritarian ruling elite.
There was a man who aimed to bring them to justice. They they knew that he sought vengeance, and they signaled their awareness with this highly publicized quotation: "He knows how to hate."
Senator Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated by the C.I.A. on June 8th 1968. Two weeks before the murder, the power elite and their C.I.A. dagger, who had assassinated Bobby's brother, President John F. Kennedy, flashed a subliminal signal to the world, brazenly declaring their intention, not to perpetrate a murder, but to authoritatively perform a public execution, exactly like their public execution of President Kennedy.
You see, these murderous power elite prefer to cast themselves, not as perpetrators, striking in cowering fear, but as demigods, proudly striking with authoritative capital vengeance against a violator of their satanic code of conduct.
The first TIME Magazine cover, below, symbolically declares their intention to execute Senator Robert Kennedy, should he rise to the threatening level of presidential candidate.
Why the dotted matrix blanketing this calculated cartoon image?
Bullet holes? Why the blast of light ringing the victim's head, like the muzzle flash from an assassin's gun? Why the bright yellow spike piercing the victim's head like the path of a penetrating bullet? Why the entire cover picture framed in blood red? Why the (elitist color) royal purple finger-like lobes, suggestively pointing in condemnation?
By winning the crucial California primary election, Senator Kennedy had just cinched the Democratic Party nomination for president of the United States, a platform high enough for him to pursue his brother's murderers? So, at the moment of celebration, in the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, the ruling elite carried out their previously signaled execution by neatly firing a .25 caliber bullet into the mastoid bone, behind the ear, from a distance of only three inches. This is a fact which was highly publicized by all of the mass media on June 8th and 9th 1968, but which was thereafter buried in favor of the highly publicized lie that a Palestinian, anti-Israel maniac shot Senator Kennedy from thirteen
feet in front of him. John

~~ May 24, 1968 TIME Magazine - Cover "THEY pronounce his boyish name with fear and derision or else with adoration and awe. To many enemies, he is more his father's son than his brother's brother. Indeed, it was old Joe himself who observed, "He hates just like I do." By this reckoning, Robert Kennedy is the spoiled dynast, reclaiming the White House . . . ",16641,19680524,00.html

~~ Jun 14, 1968 TIME Magazine - Cover "After five minutes, a brain deprived of blood-transported oxygen suffers irreversible and often fatal damage. Thus the doctors who tried desperately last week to save the life of Robert F. Kennedy were faced with overwhelmingly negative odds from the moment the Senator was wheeled, unconscious, from an ambulance into the city's Central Receiving Hospital. He . . . ",16641,19680614,00.html

Thanks very much to Richard Saint Laurent for sending this YouTube link.
In the Batman movie, DARK KNIGHT RISING (just ponder the suggestions
[perhaps hypnotic suggestions] imbedded in that title), both the names
"Aurora" and "Sandy Hook" are displayed subliminally. Now . . you will
be able to read the words "Sandy Hook" when you get to 4 minutes and 2
seconds at the end of the video. PAUSE it right there at 4:02. Then,
zoom in (pull down the VIEW menu at the top of your web browser).
Zoom in about six times. Then scroll horizontally and vertically until you
find the two words. JD

Thanks very much to Richard for sending this YouTube link.
In the Batman movie, DARK KNIGHT RISING (just ponder the suggestions
[perhaps hypnotic suggestions] imbedded in that title), both the names
"Aurora" and "Sandy Hook" are displayed subliminally. Now . . you will
be able to read the words "Sandy Hook" when you get to 4 minutes and 2
seconds at the end of the video. PAUSE it right there at 4:02. Then,
zoom in (pull down the VIEW menu at the top of your web browser).
Zoom in about six times. Then scroll horizontally and vertically until you
find the two words. JD

Scientists Rebrand Genetically Modified Rice As 'Nutritionally Enhanced' To Test On Children
Biotech companies continue to make profits at the expense of health by using genetic engineering to alter the breeding objectives in several countries. In 2009, China approved its first strain of genetically modified rice for commercial production. Tufts University researchers in Boston swapped the term "genetically modified" (GM) for "nutritionally enhanced" so they could proceed with a study testing GM rice on six to eight-year olds.

In The Face of Tragedy What We Focus On Defines Our Priorities, Expands Our Consciousness
When we hear mainstream news reporting on violent tragedies at home or overseas, why is the only focus on the act itself and its perpetrator(s)? Especially for those incidents where many pass on-- why do we not place more importance in remembering those who gave their lives so we could learn, rather than creating drama and promoting the emotional burden of the event? The Earth is moving beyond dimensional realities that have restricted our awareness to polarity and victim-perpetrator relationships. Where we place our focus moving forward is paramount and will define our priorities while expanding our state of consciousness.

Walking Outdoors Away From Technology and Gadgets Can Boost Brain Power 50 Percent
Clearing your mind may be as easy as leaving your laptop at home, switching off the smartphone and taking a walk outdoors. It may even help boost brain power by as much as 50 percent, a study has revealed.

Understanding Exactly How Propaganda Affects Every Facet of Our World
A documentary developed in Korea and fully translated into English is now receiving international attention based on its well-researched concepts on neurolinguistic programming, emulating psychosis, television, advertising, the illusion of terrorism and several other remarkable concepts which brilliantly illustrate how propaganda affects every facet of our lives and our world at the expense of our health, safety and security.

Ok, according to this study if 51-80 year olds that can't do this they are headed to an early grave. Are the authors of these study crazy or what?

8 Critical Nutrients Lacking In More Than 70 Percent of Diets
While we all pay attention to incorporating vitamins and minerals into our diets, are you getting enough critical nutrients? There are some nutrients that you need to pay special attention to -- ones you probably aren't getting enough of, yet they're essential to primary cell functions. Here are seven critical nutrients which are depleted in more than 70 percent of diets.

Very Bizarre Study: People Who Can't Stand From A Seated Position On The Floor Without Any Support, Have Early Death Risk
An incredibly bizarre study claims that both men and women, aged 51 to 80, who are unable to rise unaided from the floor without the use of their hands, knees or any other support, are at increased risk of early death.

The Shift Is Up To Us
To address the media hype around Dec 21, 2012, it will be important for us to hold a positive energy and convey an optimistic message. We really don’t need to repeat the fear that Y2K created. To that end, we would like to emphasize that there is a shift occurring, but how that shift plays out is up to us. The emotions and intent we send out into the universe will either maintain or transform our frequency, and thus our vibration. Which earth would like to be a part of?

The Wave of Energy You've All Been Waiting For Has Begun: 12-12-12 to 12-21-12
Energy and consciousness can neither be destroyed nor created. All that is and all that you are exists for eternity. If it exists, there is no such thing as it not existing. Since there are only transfers of energy, what you perceive as death is simply a portal to another existence. However, dramatic shifts in the consciousness of a species is possible and what is emerging for the next ten days will serve as the launching platform to change the energy of humanity and the planet at a profound level.

Flu Season Exposed As a Fabrication and Plot By Governments, Deliberately Causing Illness To Promote Vaccinations
A compilation of research is exposing the entire flu season as one big scam perpetrated by national and international governments. The highest levels of conspirators orchestrate mass media campaigns while deliberately causing illness through national aerial spraying and inoculation schedules. Ironically, the goal is to promote intense influenza vaccination programs causing a perpetual cycle of illness timed every year when populations have the lowest vitamin D levels and consequently decreased resistance to infection.

Having Children May Extend Your Life
The best theory we have for the evolution of aging says that bearing children should shorten your life span. The best theory is wrong.

Epidemiologist Confirms Serious Outbreak of Chicken Pox, 97 Percent Who Were Vaccinated
A county in the western part of Indiana is the site of the nation's largest current chickenpox outbreak, according to news reports. An epidemiologist has confirmed that out of the cases analyzed, 97 percent of the children were vaccinated.

Onions Soak Up Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury and Tin In Contaminated Foods
Waste products from the food industry, specifically waste from onions and garlic could be used to clean hazardous heavy metals, including arsenic, cadmium, iron, lead, mercury and tin in contaminated materials, according to a research paper published in the International Journal of Environment and Pollution.

Green Coffee Beans: Another Adulterated Ingredient For The Weight Loss Market
How many weight loss fads must we endure before we wake up and smell the coffee? Green coffee bean extract has been touted for its weight-loss benefits, however when something suddenly becomes so ubiquitous throughout the media, it's benefits are bound to be exaggerated and its purity tarnished by imitations and adulterated ingredients. When prices begin mysteriously dropping, it's a sure sign the players are out for your money at the expense of your health.


by Jon Rappoport
December 9, 2012

The cat is jumping out of the bag.

Food Democracy Now is weighing in on Prop 37 vote fraud, having discovered that the California Secretary of State, in charge of all elections in CA, has stopped posting updates on the ongoing vote count.

From November 6 all the way to up to December 4, these updates were posted daily on the Secretary of State's website. Then...blackout. No more updates.

Maybe it has something to do with this: On December 4, YES ON 37 votes climbed over the six-million mark: 6,004,628. Food Democracy Now reported it. Suddenly, the YES ON 37 votes reversed!

That's right. They went back to the previously reported number: 5,986,652.

This is apparently a new wrinkle in vote counting. You can not only add votes, you can go backwards. You can lose 18,000 votes with the flick of a wrist or the blink of a digital operation.

Here's a screen shot:

Now you see 18,000 Yes votes, now you don't.

Here's the latest Food Democracy Now article on vote fraud:

Note that mention is made of a team of independent statisticians, who have found "statistical anomalies" in the largest voting precincts of nine CA counties, including LA, San Francisco, San Diego, Alameda, and Orange.

So far, I haven't found out who this team is. We'll see what they come up with. They're still working.

To anyone who has followed this debacle of an election, it's clear that Prop 37 suffered a stunning setback in the early vote reports, on election night. No on 37 jumped out to a huge lead, shortly after the polls closed. Then, Yes on 37 began making up ground.

So it's likely fraud occurred in that early period.

Also worth noting: I previously wrote about the Secretary of State's "top-to-bottom" review (2007) of all electronic voting systems then in use in CA. This review discovered fatal flaws in all four systems...and then three of those systems were re-approved for use, after being disqualified.

In the review, it was mentioned that Alameda County (one of the counties the team of statisticians is now studying for fraud) had purchased voting machines that turned out to be counterfeits. They had been advertised as legitimate, but they weren't.

I'm told the Yes on 37 campaign is alert to Food Democracy Now's charges of fraud, and they are considering a petition for a recount. We'll see.

Of course, no recount will expose electronic fraud unless very talented experts can examine the full range of electronic systems now in use in CA.

Jon Rappoport
The author of an explosive collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

High Levels of Carotenoids Reduce Breast Cancer Risk
Women with higher circulating levels carotenoids are at a significantly lower risk of breast cancer, according to new research.

Feel Disgusted By Certain Tastes and Smells? How It Helps You Detect Impure Foods
It's an emotion we experience when we encounter things that are dirty, impure, or otherwise contaminated. Experiencing the intense, visceral sense of revulsion that comes with disgust presumably helps us to avoid contaminants that can make us sick or even kill us. But new research suggests that disgust not only helps us to avoid impurities, it may also make us better able to see them. Our senses may be more keen than we think?

Bill Gates Awards Researchers For Development of Electrically Spun Cloth Whose Fibers Deliver Contraceptive and HIV Drugs
Bill Gates is at it again, throwing money at any researcher with a claim to fame and everything to gain by using scientific advances to prevent as many babies as possible from being born. Soft kill drugs in the pretext of protection is the common theme for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Cheap, effective contraceptive and HIV pharmaceuticals are now the objectives soon to target the third world.

25 Percent of Births Are Now Delivered Via Caesarean Section: Why You Should Think Twice
"Schedule her for C-Sec," said the OB/GYN. An increasing number of women, including many first-time mothers, are requesting a C-section, even when it's not medically necessary. Older mothers are partly behind the number of C-sections rising, however the problem is more related to convenience rather than age. The latest maternity figures show that 25 percent of mothers had the surgery--an alarming trend which has many drawbacks for both mother and child.

Stand Up If You Want To Read This
One of the worst things you can do for your health is sit. We sit when we drive, work, eat, use the computer, watch TV and read which total a large numbers hours in our day. In fact, before you read any further, you should probably stand up. It turns out that the more time you stay planted in chair, the more chances you have an increased risk of diabetes, cancer, heart disease and premature death.

Healthiest Foods Out of Reach For The Majority of The Population
To say the cost of healthy living is out of reach for most people is an understatement. Low to middle-class subsets of the population have difficulty affording their own rent and mortgage payments let alone clean organic and unprocessed foods. Nutritionally sound chemical-free diets have achieved many distinctions to combat and prevent the most threatening diseases, but the question is can people afford them?


No kidding.... let's all hide under a desk and quiver...
Gotta love the one that references suffocating in bed.... ROFL!!

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From: craig
Date: 05/12/2012 12:35:12 PM
Subject: The Odds Against a Terrorist Attack | John Baker

Hi Dee,
I don't think "they" got it yet. - Shared using Google Toolbar

Odds of Dying in a Terrorist Attack
john baker, March 28th, 2009. 35 comments. Filed under politics, quotations.
The Eyewash Station has some interesting stats:
You are 13 times more likely to die in a railway accident than from a terrorist attack
You are 12,571 times more likely to die from cancer than from a terrorist attack
You are six times more likely to die from hot weather than from a terrorist attack
You are eight times more likely to die from accidental electrocution than from a terrorist attack
You are 11,000 times more likely to die in an airplane accident than from a terrorist plot involving an airplane
You are 87 times more likely to drown than die in a terrorist attack
You are 404 times more likely to die in a fall than from a terrorist attack
You are 17,600 times more likely to die from heart disease than from a terrorist attack
You are 1048 times more likely to die from a car accident than from a terrorist attack
You are 12 times more likely to die from accidental suffocation in bed than from a terrorist attack
You are nine times more likely to choke to death on your own vomit than die in a terrorist attack
You are eight times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist

Women Who Give Birth In Hospitals More Likely To Experience Life-Threatening Bleeding Than Those Giving Birth At Home
My father always use to tell me that if I ever had a serious illness, one of the fastest ways to die was to be admitted to a hospital. Healthcare technology has advanced considerably since then, however the statistical probability of mortality has only increased for hospital patients in many age categories and illnesses. Women giving birth are in their own category as conventional hospital settings and protocols provide an environment conducive to short and long-term illness for both mothers and newborns. Researchers are now finding that instances of life-threatening bleeding are on the rise for women giving birth in hospitals.

Just One Can of Soda a Day Raises Aggressive Cancer Risk By 40 Percent
Men who drink one 300ml can of soda per day are much more likely to require treatment for a serious form of cancer than those who never consumed the drink.

A Doctor's Empathy Will Decrease a Patient's Pain More Than Medication Itself
Doctors are often not the most empathetic people due the amount of recurring patterns of complaints they receive on a daily basis. A doctor-patient relationship built on trust and empathy doesn’t just put patients at ease – it actually changes the brain’s response to stress and increases pain tolerance, perhaps even more than the medication itself

Mathematics Disorder? Every Human Experience Now Progressively Being Labeled As Disease
The medicalization of the world is nothing new and it's escalation is nothing short of a steep increase in the last decade. We have conformed as a society to accept a new label for every deficiency in diet and exercise as well as every imbalance the human body must endure due to toxic overloads through our polluted environment and its interaction with our very existence. The FIND Survey examined what should be classified as a disease and why. The respondents included four relevant stakeholders: laypeople, doctors, nurses and legislators.

"far too many Canadians, including many Members of Parliament, don't really understand the stakes of the Canada-China investor deal. "
"The Harper Conservatives are changing the structure of the country without public debate and with a backwards view that ignores the lessons learned by other countries."
"it would break constitutionally enshrined Aboriginal rights and title by granting China's companies special extra-constitutional legal rights that could supercede the ability of First Nations to self-govern their territory."
"One of the biggest problems with the Canada-China FIPA is that it could lock us into this investor-state arbitration system for 31 years, and we have no way of predicting how this system will develop. How will the arbitrators interpret the interests of corporations and responsibilities of governments? How big will the damages be? How often will the threat of a lawsuit stop legislation before it's put in place?"

A careful read of this article will reveal to you the facts I've been harping on for a decade now: that once an international agreement is signed, we are bound to follow it, and it is signed on behalf of all Canadian businesses, as well as all Canadians, even though none of us knows all the details. It is a sovereignty-erasing deal, as are all the other trade agreements. You will note that the legal business emanating from all this is staggering... and that the lawsuits are prolific and represent billions. What it means is that there is little of Canada left for Canadians to self-govern, and that Harper's aim of blending us into a world governance system in which our votes count for nothing and our Parliament is little more than a rubber-stamp procedure, instead of a democracy, is well under way.

Those in groups fighting the Canadian government on issues such as health freedom would do well to recognize that in every instance, trade agreements obliterate our government's power to change anything. In fact, even our courts are powerless to alter government operations when they cross paths with a trade agreement, and this is exactly why Codex Alimentarius was originated in the first place. By hashing out all the standards and regulations in advance, and using Codex's enforcer, the WTO, trade groups will all promote the interests of pharmaceutical companies, big traders all, and our health freedoms, such as they are, will go the way of the dodo bird and the dinosaur.

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From: Care
Date: 03/12/2012 9:32:41 PM
To: Dee Nicholson
Subject: Amplify: Exposed: pro-FIPA "experts" apparent financial interests

Amplify: Exposed: pro-FIPA "experts" apparent financial interests

From: "Matthew Carroll -"

Subject: Amplify: Exposed: pro-FIPA "experts" apparent financial interests

The more we learn about the Canada-China investors deal, FIPA, the more concerning it becomes. Jamie and Emma just published some research we've been working on for the last few weeks. It reveals a multi-billion dollar web of law firms involved in investor-state arbitration - the mechanism by which China's companies could sue Canadian governments in secret tribunals under FIPA.

Many of those same lawyers are commenting publicly, telling us not to worry about FIPA. And, in the media's efforts to appear balanced, they're giving significant weight to these pro-FIPA voices.What isn't made clear to readers is these experts' apparent personal financial interests in FIPA passing, because of the millions of dollars in business FIPA could create for their firms.

We need to make sure Canadians know that these pro-FIPA "experts" are far from neutral -- please share this article right now:

Link to email & share:

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Please share this on all the social media channels you use.

Thank you so much.

With hope and respect,
Matthew on behalf of the Leadnow team

Investment Treaties Like FIPA Spin Huge Profits for Lawyers
Canada, for example, is being sued for $250 million and legal teams feast off such wrangling.
By Jamie Biggar and Emma Pullman, 30 Nov 2012,

Enter the $1000 dollar an hour investor-state arbitrator: legal and arbitration costs average over US$8 million per dispute.

• Full text of Canada-China FIPA and Explanatory Memorandum
• Chairman Harper and the Chinese Sell-Out
Who needs democracy? Secret treaty is a massive giveaway of Canadian resources and rights with no vote in Parliament.
• China Investment Treaty: Expert Sounds Alarms in Letter to Harper
Toronto-based authority urges PM to halt ratification, laying out numerous 'deep' concerns.
• Read more: Politics,
Canadians from across the political spectrum have come together to oppose the secretive and extreme Canada-China FIPA investor deal. The FIPA would allow foreign corporations to sue the Canadian government if they believe any level of government has done anything to limit their interests, and the lawsuits would be heard in investor-state arbitrations that function as secret tribunals outside the Canadian court system.
Within Canada, citizen opposition has fueled a media debate that has, in turn, been dominated by people who have an apparent financial stake in the outcome that has not been disclosed to the public.
And now, a new report shows that while other countries like Australia are rejecting investor-state arbitration, this radical form of democratic override is fast becoming a booming industry that is costing taxpayers billions, and challenging government decisions and common sense laws all around the world.
Broad opposition to FIPA

The opposition to the Canada-China FIPA is widespread and growing. Through and's campaigns alone, over 80,000 Canadians have sent messages opposing the FIPA deal to their MPs and party leaders. This community has written hundreds of letters to the editor and funded radio and print ads to challenge Conservative MPs on their home turf. Nearly 20,000 Canadians wrote statements opposing this FIPA to the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade when they asked for public comment on their environmental assessment of the investor deal. Thousands have also spoken out against the Canada-China FIPA through campaigns organized by groups like the Council of Canadians, ForestEthics, Avaaz and the David Suzuki Foundation, and spontaneous protests have been organized around the country. 

From First Nations to conservative pundits, opposition to this FIPA is diverse and strong. First Nations leaders from across the country, such as the BC Union of Indian Chiefs and Chiefs of Ontario, have condemned the binding investor deal because it would break constitutionally enshrined Aboriginal rights and title by granting China's companies special extra-constitutional legal rights that could supercede the ability of First Nations to self-govern their territory. Conservative commentators like Diane Frances have also slammed the Harper Conservatives, writing in the Financial Post that "Ottawa capitulated to China on everything" by negotiating an agreement that will give Canadian investors little protection in China, while granting China’s companies the ability to undermine democratic control in Canada. 

Many expected Prime Minister Harper to pass the Canada-China FIPA on Nov. 1, immediately after a mandatory 21-day waiting period. But the broad-based pressure seems to be having an effect and the treaty is now sitting idle, ready to be ratified at any moment, but with no clear indication of when or if that might happen.
Expert voices in the media

As the days have turned into weeks, a group of FIPA proponents have spread out across Canadian media to laud the benefits of this controversial investor deal and downplay the risks to our democracy and economy while Prime Minister Harper regroups. For Canadians trying to make sense of trade agreements and this FIPA, it is important to understand that there are surprisingly few Canadians with deep expertise on the subject of FIPA agreements and investor-state arbitration, a new and rapidly changing field. Prof. Gus Van Harten is a Canadian expert with international stature who has been sounding the loudest alarm from the beginning. He has never earned income by representing a corporation or working as an arbitrator in an investor state arbitration. In contrast, in media interviews professor Andrew Newcombe has largely dismissed concerns that the Canada-China FIPA will undermine Canada's democratic control. Prof. Newcombe shares something with many of the FIPA proponents who have been writing op-eds and conducting media interviews over the last few weeks: he has an apparent financial stake in the matter because he has earned income representing corporations in the growing investor-state arbitration industry, and could benefit from that industry's further growth if the Canada-China FIPA is signed. In fact, on his LinkedIn profile, Newcombe lists himself as available for "consulting offers" and "expertise requests" in relation to international arbitration. 

In professor Newcombe's case, he represented (and may still represent) Commerce Corporation in a lawsuit that used the CAFTA investor deal to challenge El Salvador's moratorium on industrial gold mining. Newcombe also provides a private for-profit newsletter service to these firms that charges a premium for commercial firms engaged in this work.

For an even more prominent example, consider Matthew Kronby and Milos Barutciski, a pair of lawyers who have been advocating the Canada-China FIPA with op-eds in The Globe and Mail and Financial Post. These lawyers are partners at Bennett Jones, a firm that proudly offers its investor-state arbitration services to corporate clients who want to sue governments. 

Prior to Bennett Jones, Kronby was the head of the federal government's Trade Law Bureau. He was the government of Canada's lead lawyer on the controversial CETA trade deal with Europe, and left mid-negotiation to take a job in the private sector. Barutciski used to be a lobbyist for Enbridge, the company hoping to build the Northern Gateway oil pipeline from Alberta's oil sands to Kitimat on the B.C. coast.
Canada sued for $250 million via NAFTA

Barutciski's recent actions, on the other hand, have completely undermined one of the most important arguments put forward by the industry insiders of the benefits of FIPA: that corporate lawsuits heard behind closed doors in the Canada-China FIPA's secret tribunals will not undermine Canada's ability to make common sense laws to protect our environment, create good jobs or stop dangerous projects. Barutciski, on behalf of Bennett Jones, is representing U.S. energy company Lone Pine Resources that has just declared that it will use the investor-state arbitration mechanism in NAFTA to sue the Canadian government for $250 million because Quebec put a moratorium to halt shale gas fracking, including Lone Pine's exploration permits, in order to study the health and safety impacts of the increasingly controversial practice. In doing so, Barutciski has powerfully demonstrated that foreign corporations can use these secretive mechanisms to threaten Canadian taxpayers with massive penalties for prudent democratic decisions, even if those decisions, like Quebec's moratorium on fracking, affected both foreign and Canadian corporations.

Investor-state arbitration lawyers have a right to share their views, and we have a right to know where they're coming from. Just like you'd expect a financial analyst to tell you if they owned the stocks that they were trying to sell you, the legal industry that specializes in this area should declare its interest when they comment publicly on an issue of such mammoth common concern.

The upshot is that while opposition to the Canada-China FIPA has spread rapidly, far too many Canadians, including many Members of Parliament, don't really understand the stakes of the Canada-China investor deal. For example, Conservative MPs have responded to the tens of thousands of emails they are receiving from their constituents with a nearly identical set of talking points, likely crafted in the Prime Minister's Office, that reflect the industry insiders' message. In addition, few politicians and pundits have recognized that this looming FIPA dramatically raises the stakes of the CNOOC-Nexen takeover. If the Harper Conservatives approve the $15 billion takeover, CNOOC will be treated as a Canadian company and be able to buy control over more Canadian resources without having to face another test to see if it is of "net benefit" to Canada. If this FIPA passes, CNOOC will then be able to sue Canadian governments in secret tribunals if those governments do anything to counter its growing interests.
Hurtling down an expensive legal road

A new global system is spinning out of control.

One of the biggest problems with the Canada-China FIPA is that it could lock us into this investor-state arbitration system for 31 years, and we have no way of predicting how this system will develop. How will the arbitrators interpret the interests of corporations and responsibilities of governments? How big will the damages be? How often will the threat of a lawsuit stop legislation before it's put in place? Today, investor arbitration is already becoming a big global business, with huge consequences for taxpayers and democratic control.

According to a new report, "Profiting from injustice: How law firms, arbitrators and financiers are fuelling an investment arbitration boom" by the Corporate Europe Observatory and the Transnational Institute, investor arbitration has boomed in recent years, from 38 cases in 1996 to 450 known cases as of last year. And, these are only the known cases -- there are cases that are not public, but we do not know how many. 

A small group of elite firms with for-profit arbitrators and lawyers are getting rich from these deals. Today, legal and arbitration costs average over US$8 million per dispute -- and sometimes exceed US$30 million. Entire legal teams handle cases with elite law firms charging as much as US$1,000 per hour, per lawyer. Arbitrators also earn hefty salaries: as much as US$1 million per case. 

Taxpayers are paying much of the bill for these law firm profits and the awards they are securing for their corporate clients, and we are talking about big money here. A WTO arbitration panel just ordered Ecuador to pay U.S. oil company Occidental Petroleum $1.7 billion, and one of China's companies, the Ping An Insurance Group, has launched a lawsuit against Belgium for $2 billion. The growing damages are creating an incentive for investor-state arbitration firms to advise their corporate clients to sue governments for ever larger sums -- and the lawsuits are weakening or preventing laws that would put the public good ahead of narrow corporate interests. 

The report maps an inner network of highly influential firms that it alleges are disproportionately involved personally and financially in these cases and arbitration. The report claims many arbitrators play double or triple roles, alleging that these arbitrators act as counsel, as academics, as government advisors, as lobbyists and as media commentators. The report also alleges that some have strong personal and commercial ties to companies. All this gives these firms huge influence over the debate about the investor arbitration system, which they have a vested interest in sustaining.

Historically, the international investor-state arbitration system was justified and put in place by Western governments to protect corporations' investments from perceived bias and corruption within non-Western national courts. But the report argues that the so called "independent" arbitration system is becoming a self-serving multimillion-dollar industry dominated by a narrow exclusive elite of law firms. When you combine this with the track records of the tribunals and their generous interpretation of "corporate rights," it's time to ask serious questions about the industry's commitment to unbiased judgments and the interests of Canadians. 
Now is the time because this system is being extended to the developed world, led by Canada, right now by the Harper Conservatives.

Finally, and perhaps most troubling of all, the report also describes a new trend in the investment arbitration industry: third-party funding. Investment arbitration is becoming so lucrative that investment funds will actually speculate on cases, lending money to companies so they can sue governments -- and then they'll take a cut of 20 per cent to 50 per cent from the final award.
Nations rejecting investor-state arbitration

Countries are starting to rethink and reject investor-state arbitration, and return to settling disputes through national courts and diplomacy. Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela have terminated several investment treaties and withdrawn from the World Bank International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), the main handler for these arbitrations. Argentina refuses to pay arbitration awards. South Africa has just announced that it will neither sign new investment agreements nor renew those that are set to expire.

In April 2011, the Australian government announced it would no longer include investor state dispute settlement provisions in its trade agreements. Specifically, it said it will not negotiate treaty protections "that would confer greater legal rights on foreign businesses than those available to domestic businesses" or that "constrain the ability of Australian governments to make laws on social, environmental and economic matters in circumstances where those laws do not discriminate between domestic and foreign businesses." The Australian Productivity Commission completed a report on investor arbitration that found no compelling economic rationale for including investor-state arbitration mechanisms in its trade and investment agreements, and found few clear benefits along with several worrying risks associated with investor arbitration.

Barring constitutional challenges, if Prime Minister Harper signs the Canada-China FIPA investor agreement he will lock Canada into an investor-state arbitration system that seems to be growing increasingly self-serving -- a network of firms that would have a significant financial interest to court Beijing's business by delivering results for them. We are being told that this is a good idea by people who may have a financial interest in the outcome, and their views are being repeated by Conservative MPs who are simply repeating talking points sent to them by Ottawa. 

The Harper Conservatives are changing the structure of the country without public debate and with a backwards view that ignores the lessons learned by other countries. Just as they expanded mandatory minimum prisons sentences despite Texan Republicans telling them that their "fill-the-prisons" approach to justice had utterly failed in Texas, they are moving Canada towards even more secretive and extreme investor deals. Australia, India, South Africa are all moving to protect their right to make domestic policy by rejecting investor-state arbitration. But in Canada the goal is to lock in Prime Minister Harper's vision for the country as a mass exporter of raw resources. It's hard to get rid of prisons once they're built, and it's hard to get rid of pipelines once they've been rammed through with the threat of secretive billion dollar lawsuits. 

You can't lead a country by keeping it divided and in the dark, and in the cross-partisan opposition to the Canada-China FIPA and CNOOC-Nexen takeover we are seeing fertile soil for a broad rejection of their stealthy agenda.

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