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Controlling Temptations May Be As Easy As Pie With This One Trick
Controlling our temptations is one of the hardest parts of life. Many temptations surround us wherever we go because we attract them. Resisting temptation may be as simple as delaying it. Promising yourself a temptation at a nebulous later date can actually decrease the amount of your ultimate consumption of that temptation.

Your True Element Can Only Be Realized When You Understand That You Are Everybody Else
When you look in someone's eyes and look deep enough, what do you see? Eventually, you will see your own reflection. How can you ever dislike that person now that he or she is you? Because the breath that you exhale is what that person inhales; the breath that person exhales, you inhale. You are sharing the air and the earth; you are sharing the space with people but to share everything properly, you need to be in your true element. And your true element can be realized when you understand that you don't exist alone.

Music Training Has A Direct Biological Impact On How You Age
Music, the universal language of mood, emotion and desire, connects with us through a wide variety of neural systems. Age-related delays in neural timing are not inevitable and can be avoided or offset with musical training, according to a new study from Northwestern University. The study is the first to provide biological evidence that lifelong musical experience has an impact on the aging process.

Does One-Third of The Human Race Have To Die To Have a Sustainable Earth?
According to a satirical piece from The Onion news source, the answer is yes. However, satire aside, depopulation agendas are a serious matter that many top government officials and scientists believe in for fear of depletion of earth's resources. Unfortunately, those that endorse these concepts no very little about sustainability, homeostatic regulation and earth cycles. The fact is, man-made depopulation of the earth is a ridiculous concept since Mother Nature knows exactly what to do with the planet and its inhabitants to maintain balance.

Your Perception About Your Illness Is What Makes The Difference In The Outcome
There are many different factors that come together to influence the course of our illness. We typically assume that additional medical conditions, stress, and social support all have an impact on our health and well-being, especially when we are ill. But a new report suggests that what you think about your illness may matter more than any other factor in determining your health outcomes.

The Most Accurate and Reliable Measurement of Your Vitamin D Status
Vitamin D is one of the most powerful healing chemicals in your body with the ability to prevent hundreds of diseases. One of the most important determinants of your vitamin D status is how you supplement and assess your optimum levels. Researchers have unveiled the development of a revolutionary reference methodology that promises to assure more accurate and reliable measurements of vitamin D status.

Grape Seed Extract Targets and Kills Cancer Cells and Leaves Healthy Cells Unharmed
A study published this week in the journal Carcinogenesis shows that grape seed extract (GSE) kills squamous cell carcinoma cells, while leaving healthy cells unharmed.

Cannabinoids Are So Powerful That The U.S. Government Patented Them
In 2003, the U.S. Government as represented by the Department of Health and Human Services filed for, and was awarded a patent on cannabinoids. The reason? Because research into cannabinoids allowed pharmaceutical companies to acquire practical knowledge on one of the most powerful antioxidants and neuroprotectants known to the natural world.

Changing the Educational Paradigms
Conventional educational systems worldwide can no longer address the needs of our current generation's children. Most educational systems are designed towards and require that everyone regurgitate the same information. Instead of actually empowering students, it's easier for school boards and teachers to throw tests at students and then determine who regurgitated the information best. What today's students need are focused programs to build social, emotional and character skills to improve overall quality of education.

While annual sales of statin drugs have reached 29-billion dollars a year, globally, new concerns are being raised by a broad range of health and consumer advocacy organizations around the world regarding the growing body of clinical research indicating they may be causing far greater harm than good.

Despite the success of statin drugs for lowering cholesterol, over 300 health problems have been linked to this chemical class of drugs in peer-reviewed clinical research found on the National Library of Medicine., a biomedical research site, is offering a 63-page PDF for free and unlimited download, as part of a broad-based awareness campaign dedicated to informing consumers and health care practitioners alike of the danger represented by the indiscriminate and excessive use of this chemical class of drugs.

Natural Society, which has established a global following due to its hard-hitting investigative pieces into the role corporations play in adversely affecting environmental and human health, is spear-heading the dissemination of this message, and openly invites other organizations to join the cause.

The medical-ethical principle of informed consent requires that patients be told the risks and benefits associated with their treatment. Until there is full awareness among the millions of statin users in this country and abroad that these drugs may be contributing to muscle damage, nerve damage, cancer, diabetes, and hundreds of other adverse health effects, we believe the burden of proving them safe should be on the companies producing these products, as well as the regulatory agencies approving them for use, instead of the population being given them.

To become involved, copy and repost this release. Additional and/or media inquires:,

Whistleblower Claims Prime Minister's Office Tried to Silence Enbridge Gateway Pipeline Critic

Affidavit claims Prime Minister's Office labelled environmental group an "Enemy of the Government of Canada" and an, "Enemy of the People of Canada".

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Jan. 24, 2012) - The Prime Minister's Office tried to cut funding of a registered intervenor in the Enbridge Pipeline Review, calling ForestEthics Canada an, "Enemy of the Government of Canada" and an, "Enemy of the People of Canada", according to allegations detailed in a sworn affidavit, dated January 23, 2012.
Sworn by Andrew Frank, former Senior Communications Manager with ForestEthics Canada, and an instructor in the Environmental Protection Technology program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, the affidavit cites three senior managers with Tides Canada and ForestEthics, as well as personal email correspondence.

"Today, I am taking the extraordinary step of risking my career, my reputation and my personal friendships, to act as a whistleblower and expose the undemocratic and potentially illegal pressure the Harper government has apparently applied to silence critics of the Enbridge Northern Gateway oil tanker/pipeline plan," says Frank.
The affidavit alleges the Prime Minister's Office has made an attempt to influence the charitable funding of ForestEthics Canada, a registered intervenor in the National Energy Board's federal review process for the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline.

According to the affidavit, the Prime Minister's Office has informed Tides Canada CEO, Ross McMillan, that it considers ForestEthics to be an "Enemy of the Government of Canada", and an "Enemy of the people of Canada", and that unless Tides Canada alters its charitable support of ForestEthics, there will be consequences.

"Canadian citizens will be shocked to learn that their own government is labelling critics of the Enbridge oil tanker/pipeline project, 'Enemies of the Government of Canada'," says Mr. Frank. "When a government starts labelling its own citizens 'enemies', it has lost its moral authority to govern."
Frank adds, "If the Prime Minister's Office is working behind the scenes to silence voices of opposition and legitimate criticism, how can Canadians have any confidence in this review process? Canadians should be deeply concerned about this information, and I invite those named in my affidavit to sign sworn affidavits attesting to whether or not this is the truth."
Mr. Frank has also written an open letter to the citizens of Canada free for reprint by media:

Google Knows More About Your Health and Desires Than Your Own Partner
The company that wants to surveil your every move on the internet and beyond, has just brought its technology to a new area: they want to link user data across its email, video, social-networking and other services. Critics are slamming the online behemoth charging that if allowed to proceed, Google will know more about your health, body, relationships and desires more than your own partner.

Law of Attraction: Thinking Is Not Enough To Turn Your Thoughts Into Reality
Thoughts can turn into reality faster than you realize. But it takes more than just thoughts to make your biggest dreams come true. If you don't truly feel your intention, it may never come to pass.

British Medical Journal Reveals That Academics Admit Data Falsification
Just days after the nutrition science world was rocked by allegations that a famed veteran resveratrol researcher fabricated data in 26 articles over seven years, a British Medical Journal survey reveals the practice is disturbingly widespread.

Urgent Inquiry Needed: Manufacture of Nano- Materials Is Ravaging Our Environment and Health
Engineers have warned us for decades but regulators didn't listen. Now urgent research is needed into the risks associated with the growing field of nanotechnology manufacture which is proving to be so deadly to our environment and health that any benefits may be easily outweighed by the risks to the environment and all life.

What Is The Price Of Your Values, Morals and Soul?
What decides whether you will sell out your personal values to the highest bidder? It can be reasonably suggested that there would be no corruption in the world if people refused to sacrifice their value systems for monetary compensation. So why does it happen?

How To Expose Food Adulteration In Less Than 5 Minutes
Official systems set for food safety and prevention are constantly outdone by a hidden and booming food adulteration business. The onus of safeguarding one's family against contaminated food, unfortunately falls on citizens themselves. Here are some quick do-it-yourself tricks to expose some common adulteration techniques used by the food industry.

Rudolf Steiner on vaccination & 1918 deadly flu epidemic caused by vaccination

If I ever so an angel incarnate...this is her! Eileen

The 7 Biggest Reasons To Never Eat Genetically Modified Foods
You may not want to eat genetically modified (GM) foods, but chances are, you are eating them anyway. There are urgent reasons why we need to ban them altogether.

Canadians Are Coming To Accept That It's Time To Legalize Marijuana
The Netherlands became the world's first country to make cannabis available to treat cancer, HIV and multiple sclerosis patients. Now a new poll suggests Canada is also reaching the tipping point as a 66 percent majority favours legalizing marijuana.

What South America Has Always Known: Mate Tea Kills Cancer
It's a traditional South American infused drink that is the daily beverage of choice for millions of people at social settings, such as family gatherings or with friends. According to a University of Illinois study, it's also a cancer killer. Scientists showed that human colon cancer cells die when they are exposed to the approximate number of bioactive compounds present in one cup of this brew.

Rudolf Steiner on vaccination & 1918 deadly flu epidemic caused by vaccination

Current Solar Activity Is Only The Beginning of a New Wave of Energy Hitting Earth
As predicted last year, the beginning of 2012 has seen additional waves of solar activity which are continuing to activate human energy fields. In the last three days alone, two very intense M-class solar flares have been earth directed causing geomagnetic storms strong enough to cause disruptions with electronic devices and our nervous system. But there is much more to why we are receiving solar protons at this time.

Do Women Feel Pain More Intensely Than Men?
Researchers have long debated that men and women use separate mechanisms in the brain to achieve pain relief. The reality of who can really stand more pain has been one of the more interesting battles of the sexes, spanning generations. According to Stanford University School of Medicine investigators, women report more intense pain than men in virtually every disease category.

Nurturing Mothers Raise Children Who Turn Into Physically Healthier Adults
Nurturing mothers have garnered accolades for rescuing skinned knees on the playground and coaxing their children to sleep with lullabies. Now they're gaining merit for their offspring's physical health in middle age.

Replace Traditonal Flours With Amaranth, Millet and Buckwheat To Control Blood Glucose
Conventional cereals are filled with soy and wheat which have been largely modified from their ancient and original forms. Consequently, the digestibility for many cereals is poor and health consequences are detrimental. Using amaranth, millet or buckwheat flour to replace traditional flours can lower the glycemic response in breakfast cereals spelling new opportunities for manufacturers, according to a study.

Can You Have a Thought Without Being The Thinker?
Anxieties, hurts and negative patterns of thought arise from clinging to a fixed self or identity, which, by its very nature, is fluid and impermanent. Strong attachment to a sense of ego and identity has to be diminished, even overcome completely, because there is no cohesive self and this attachment itself leads to psychological problems.

Natural and Powerful Curry Derivative Protects Against Multiple Cancers
While plant-based formulations have been used to treat cancer for centuries, current treatments usually involve poisonous mustard gas, chemotherapy, radiation, and targeted conventional therapies which negatively affect a patient's long-term health. While traditional plant-derived medicines are safe, what are the active principles in them and how do they mediate their effects against cancer is perhaps best illustrated by curcumin, a derivative of turmeric used for centuries to treat a wide variety of inflammatory conditions.

For Thousands of Years, Cultures Have Revered The Health Benefits of Mushrooms: So What Happened?
We've become a species that has chosen to forget so much about health. We can whine and complain all we want about how governments and corporations have helped us cater to that mentality, but ultimately we have only ourselves to blame. Mushrooms have long been celebrated as a source of powerful nutrients, having the antioxidant and amino acid profile of some of the healthiest foods, yet we largely ignore this amazing food in the produce aisle. When it comes to health, the almighty mushroom is indeed something to worship.

Do Marriage And Just Living Together Provide The Same Health Benefits?
We've heard married people are happier, but that might not be a reason to rush to the altar, according to a new study.

The Threat of Indoor Air Quality Comes From What You Buy
We spend 90 percent of their time indoors, but have you ever thought about the purity of the air that you are breathing as you sit inside your home, office or even a restaurant?

If you enjoy a little dark humor, help Jeff Rense and Jim Marrs celebrate over 17 years of radio broadcasting and join the Jeff and Jim quip and repartee laugh along club. You will not regret investing 40 minutes listening to the news and analysis of these 'tell-it-like-it-is' geo-political pundits as they cover the latest developments regarding NDAA, world financial collapse, 911 and the new soon to be approved FDA pills to restore our chemical imbalanced brain nero-cognitive disorders (after all, what is a million here and there tax write-off to a 35 billion dollar industry to bribe and silence the surviving families of murder/suicide SSRI victims?)

The 'perps' have a Bon Appétit attitude as they laugh at how they prey on us. Let's get the last laugh as Jeff and Jim 'dig up their bones'.


Alarm Clocks Soon To Wirelessly Monitor And Control Brain Waves
Another health hazard may soon be in your local department store. Alarm clocks which monitor and even control brain activity are currently being perfected by biomedical engineers. The worst part is that they'll be marketed to unsuspecting consumers as the latest and greatest technology that will allow your alarm clock to wake you up based on your most arousable stage of sleep.

Tight on Space? Growing an Indoor Garden May Be Much Easier Than You Think
These days, with a growing interest in organic produce worldwide, the demand is greater than ever for high quality home grown produce. But raising a garden does not have to be difficult. Space-intensive growing systems are a great concept, but they're so expensive! Who can afford to buy strawberry towers or special planters? Easiest Garden offers a way to do this for pennies by yourself with recycled barrels.

Stopping Female Feticide Requires Action
Canada should prohibit disclosure of the sex of a fetus until after 30 weeks of pregnancy to combat female feticide which is practiced by some ethnic groups in Canada and the United States, states an editorial in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal).

Fluoride Linked To Leading Cause of Death: What's In Your Water?
Depending on the country, cardiovascular disease is typically either the number one or two cause of death. A new study published in Nuclear Medicine Communications Journal has concluded that increased uptake of fluoride in arteries may be associated with an increased cardiovascular risk. Fluoride also happens to be in the drinking water of 170 million Americans.

Natural Ways to Prevent and Reverse Autoimmune Illness
Think of your digestive tract as your first physical line of defense against autoimmune illness, or any degenerative illness for that matter.

Polio Vaccinations Are Now The Number One Cause of Polio Paralysis
Polio has been painted as some natural scourge of humanity. Yet, epidemics and outbreaks of polio in Europe go back to only less than 100 years. Outbreaks of polio after 1950 were demonstrably caused by intensified diphtheria and whooping cough vaccination, tonsillectomies, other injections (painkillers) and a variety of traumas. There is now evidence that polio paralysis has also been a very common yet discreetly hidden side effect associated with polio vaccines.

Look Up: The New Age of Inoculation Is Aerial Vaccines and Nano Delivery Systems
As the masses enjoy a steady awakening regarding the dangers and fraud that are vaccinations, the use of aerial vaccines and nano delivery systems are now being utilized and fully implemented by governments with little regard or consequence to human health.

The Way We Perceive Life
To make a living in this material, competitive world an individual tries to perceive life and relate to it through his ego personality that is fed by vanity. Here he might be satisfying the ego in a positive or negative way depending on the situation. He feels the need to be appreciated by others, in order to feel triumphant or superior. This is how the ego gets inflated. Once attached to his ego personality, he strives to cling to it.

Chlorophyll Can Prevent Cancer
A recent study at Oregon State University found that the chlorophyll in green vegetables offers protection against cancer when tested against the modest carcinogen exposure levels most likely to be found in the environment.

A chilling but very accurate analysis. I forecast this in 2001 as the false flag operation "9-11" unfolded, but received overwhelming ridicule and rebuke. Most American and Canadian citizens still do not realize that "the unthinkable" is transpiring with alarming rapidity and precision, targeted planning.

Canadians must become aware of the reality that Canada’s Trojan Horse in Ottawa has just signed agreements that integrate Canadian defenses, military and police with the American defenses - and that through the new American Defense paradigm, the American military and police now have jurisdictional authority to operate in Canada territory, and against Canadian citizens. So those who think that they are somehow "immune" from the implications of Martial Law unfolding with American laws, Executive Orders, Homeland Security and FEMA declarations had better give their heads a shake and stop sleepwalking.
Hitler's Germany has emerged from within our own midst. It sends shivers down one's spine to realize how easily and quickly one can be designated as a "non-person" and consequently "without human rights". Since history has already given us an operational model of transforming a “democracy” into a lawless Police State, it is incomprehensible that American and Canadian citizens have incrementally permitted the passing of laws of disenfranchisement over years, all of which should have raised immediate red flags and sounded deafening alarm bells.

This analysis is a sobering, and therefore, a MUST read, because it hits the nail right on the head.
It is now a literal fight for survival – fighting for “one’s right to life” across the board. It is becoming very evident that under the laws that are presently being passed in rapid succession, life can be extinguished – with impunity – at any stage of a person’s life.

It was only a matter of progression. It is all “in the definition”.
First we legitimized the notion that the child residing in the womb – ironically, for its protection – is a “non-person”, and hence, through that “definition”, disposable.
Now our lawmakers has graduated to being able to define “anyone” as a “non-person”, and hence arbitrarily “disposable”.
These law applies to everyone – made subject to the arbitrary, discretionary, dictatorial powers usurped by absolute totalitarian “inhuman” criminals.
It is urgent that we recognize “criminality” when it stares us in the face - and meet it with Discernment and “Response-ability”.
It appears that some “biological entities” are truly “non-human” - and we have permitted them to “govern”. While I have always been against “capital punishment”, maybe even that has to be rethought when dealing with this degree of “banality of evil”.
Nay, lest we fall into our own trap!


Click here: Lieberman's Bill to Kick Off Internment Camps -- Puppet Masters --

Modern Wheat Really Isn't Wheat At All
Gluten intolerance is no longer a fringe medical concept. Researchers are fully aware there is a very big problem with modern wheat cultivation. Wheat is far from being a health food. It makes you fat, causes gas and makes your intestinal tract your enemy, or rather vice-versa. High-yielding and now genetically modified varieties of wheat are making this one cereal grain you'll probably want to axe from your food list.

Study Shows 32 Million Americans Now Have Antibodies That Target Their Own Tissues
More than 32 million people in the United States and millions more around the world now have autoantibodies, which are made by the immune system and target the body's tissues, defining a condition known as autoimmunity, a study shows. The cause is no surprise.

How You Imagine Others Says A Lot About You!
If you come up with an imaginary co-worker, what would he or she be like? Do you imagine someone who is positive, confident, and resourceful? Who rises to the occasion in times of trouble? If so, then chances are that you also display those traits in your own life, a new study finds.

Cdsapi’s Added Comment: We must be grateful that there are some extremely dedicated and courageous people who are very alarmed at what they have witnessed after spending many years working “inside the policing and military systems” and who know the inner workings, the agenda, the training and the ultimate goal of “complete control and total subservience. These people are the ‘true leaders’ with the dedication of service to humanity. We need them to be our “Statesmen and women” – instead of the “corruptible politicians” who dance upon the stage.
From the tone of this article, one becomes acutely aware of THEIR sense of immediate urgency as they see the agenda unfolding with increasing rapidity and vengeance. As a society, we have ignored the incremental, but devastating assaults on our liberty and freedoms over a very long period of time, excused to accommodate expediency and short-term personal benefit, convenience and profiteering, all camouflaged in the name “progress” and “for your good, safety and ‘security” through devious propagandized lies. So carefully the snares have been laid.
We are indeed at a crossroads. We either take heed and realize that it is WE, individually and collectively, who have to stand up to the tyranny that threatens to engulf every aspect of our lives; it is WE who have to protect and retain control over our public institutions; that it is WE who have to defend our civilization – OR watch as it intentionally and ruthlessly dismembered and reduced to rubble, devastation and population annihilation - as the “Police State” mentality of leaders in our government and military has already done to many parts of the planet – and aggressively maneuvers to conquer ALL.
It is alarming to watch citizens blindly giving their support to political candidates whose speech and actions display criminal agendas. It is the response-ability of citizens to refuse to endorse, vote for, or give support to any politician who lacks character and principles – politicians that are clearly bought-and-paid-for, serving the global financial CRIME syndicate. When we endorse CRIMINALS for public office, we are guaranteed to reap CRIMINALITY in their actions. (the last decade is a monument to this truth.)
It is WE who have turned a blind eye to corruption and have incrementally embraced and/or excused corruption at every level, over decades – for temporary or illusionary benefits; it is WE who have allowed ourselves to be indoctrinated with programmed propaganda and “officialized” lies; who have failed to pass on to our children insights of depth, leaving them incapable of the DISCERNMENT that is prerequisite to making wise decisions, individually and collectively – the foundation of a solid civilization. It is WE who have ignored, and even promoted, the abandoning the non-optional principles that are collectively identified as the WISDOM OF THE AGES.
These brave and deeply concerned and dedicated individuals are doing their utmost to organize the protection of our liberties and freedoms, even against odds.
One thing is very obvious: It is NOW or NEVER!
It needs all of us to get “on board”.
We are on the Titanic - this not the time to continue “dancing”
It is the time to focus on the SURVIVAL of a “principled civilization” that each of us is determined to protect and reestablish!
It is the job of those who “know” to sound the alarm bells loud enough for EVERYONE to be alerted, so that no one will be able to say “I did not know”.
We must be the MEDIA since the mainstream media is a huge part of the problem, refusing to allow the TRUTH about the “tyranny agenda” to be revealed. (In fact, the mainstream media is cheerleading the agenda.)
Many, many times I have been asked about armed resistance to national tyranny, leaving no doubt that those who want this to occur are ready, prepared and anxious to do so. Still others are very angry, but unwilling to commit to anything other than their own arguments and a belly full of Budweiser loudmouth. Agenda warriors wave the flag for their pet peeve but are unwilling to use their real names for anything other than a “Facebook” entry. I have been insulted by patio patriots who like rare steak, but don’t like the sight of blood. “Do something,” they shout, “but leave me alone. I don’t want to lose my internet service.”
Keep filing your taxes, vote for the lesser of two evils, complain about the price of gas, go to your do-nothing church, watch the city council vote in one more Agenda 21 UN grab, send a donation to Human Rights watch and “Twitter” your life away. Then, write to me and brag about how you are doing everything you can to throw off the police state that has surrounded you. Devotion to stupidity, denial of truth, and deliverer of destruction has given you every right to be at the center of our devastation. Thank you for your clear dedication to encouraging all levels of government to strip you of every right passed on by inheritance from those who knew what those rights meant and paid the price for maintaining them. It all stopped with your REFUSAL to stand with the heroes of history and their on-going sacrifice to see to it that we lived in freedom and prosperity.

What We Can Learn From Dietary Anthropology
Dr. Weston A. Price was a prominent dentist known primarily for his theories on the relationship between nutrition, dental health, and physical health. Although controversial, we can learn many things from his work and research including never to ignore what your ancestors ate.

Contrary To What We See in Headlines, English Is Strongly Biased Towards Positivity
Most news is bad news and the worst news gets the big story on the front page. Negative news sells. In our society, more people will choose to read about a criminal trial of a celebrity rather than the biography of a truly great human being.

Broccoli and Blueberries Improve Digestive and Bowel Health
Adding blueberries or broccoli to the diet may shift the balance of bacteria colonizing the gut, and improve inflammation associated with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), suggests new data from a mouse study.

We Are Becoming Self-Illuminated
We are all capable of becoming something more through consciousness. Think of the most reputable figure, whether it be in the secular or non-secular are more than capable of his or her accomplishments. Throughout human history, individuals and groups with awakening consciousnesses have been striving to break the code of the unconscious, to gain access to the locked programs of their unconscious minds and revise them, in other words -- to take conscious control of their psychospiritual evolution.

Large Scale Study Shows Marijuana Does Not Harm Your Lungs Like Tobacco
A large-scale national study suggests that even moderate use of marijuana is less harmful to users' lungs than exposure to tobacco, even though the two substances contain at least some of the same components.

Why Are Older People Happier?
Older people tend to be happier. But why? Some psychologists believe that cognitive processes are responsible -- in particular, focusing on and remembering positive events and leaving behind negative ones; those processes, they think, help older people regulate their emotions, letting them view life in a sunnier light. "There is a lot of good theory about this age difference in happiness," says psychologist Derek M. Isaacowitz of Northeastern University, "but much of the research does not provide direct evidence" of the links between such phenomena and actual happiness.

What does Anthropomorphic mean?

Anthropomorphic Collective Nouns

The English language has some wonderfully anthropomorphic collective nouns for the various groups of animals. For example
we're all familiar with a

Herd of cows,

a Flock of chickens,

a School of fish

and a Gaggle of geese.

However, less widely known is:

a Pride of lions,

a Murder of crows

(as well as their cousins the rooks and ravens),

an Exaltation of doves
and, presumably because they look so wise:

a Parliament of owls.

Now consider a group of Baboons.
They are the loudest, most dangerous, most obnoxious, most viciously aggressive and least intelligent of all primates. And what is the proper collective noun for a group of baboons?

Believe it or not … a Congress!


India: Baby dies after vaccine-authorities accuse parents of “smothering”
‘Four days after a two-month old died after having administered with the first dose of pentavalent vaccine at Vithura in Kerala, a high-level team consisting of experts from the Union ministry of health and the World Health Organisation (WHO) has ruled out the possibility of her dying due to the vaccine. The experts investigating into the case in fact have pointed to “smothering” as the reason behind her death.

Exposed: 85 Percent of Major Brands of Chewing Gum Still Contain Aspartame and Sucralose
If you are still purchasing chewing gum from conventional manufacturers, STOP TODAY! Don't buy another pack or even chew another piece until you read this report. The following is a comprehensive list of major brands to avoid due to their toxic formulations containing the two very deadly sweeteners aspartame and sucralose.

The Feeling of Being in Total Control While Making a Decision is an Illusion
From the moment we begin the day right until we retire, we are constantly faced with the formidable task of making choices. The choice we make is sometimes influenced by instant gratification; at other times by a sense of responsibility but quite often it's nothing more than mere adherence to a routine.

New Research Reveals Mechanism Between Mother's Diet and Diabetes
Mothers who consume a poor diet through pregnancy risk leaving their children less able to store fats correctly in later life, leading to a higher risk of diabetes, according to new research in rats.

Chemo Therapy or Poison? Shouldn't Cancer Treatment Kill Cancer Without Killing You?
Why do so many people still rely on a cancer treatment which spreads poison throughout their body killing everything in its path? Do people regularly use shotguns to kill flies? The use of chemotherapy is no different. It destroys virtually all cells and systems before getting to the actual cancer. This means your central nervous system, organ systems and your immune system (to name just a few) are all compromised even years after the treatment has subsided. Forget about cancer killing you because chemotherapy will do a much better job in the long term.

Excuse Me, Did You Know That Donut Causes Brain Damage?
That may be the next topic of conversation at your local coffee shop. Not only does junk food such as donuts, cookies and other trans fatty foods rot your teeth and add inches to your curves, but now researchers have discovered that it also hurts your brain.

Music Therapy For Reducing Pain and Anxiety
Music isn't only for entertainment. It is an art form whose medium is sound and silence and whose power is endless. A new study reported in The Journal of Pain concludes that listening to music can be effective for reducing pain and high-anxiety.

Cdsapi’s Added Comment: I appeal to you to Please pass this on to every parent you know.
We MUST stop sacrificing our children to the Vaccine gods and Big Pharma economics.
Yes - Vaccines have caused and continue to cause an epidemic of illness and developmental destruction;
– Yes, vaccines are one of the root causes for the exponential explosion in the autism epidemic;
- No, Vaccines are NOT safe, no matter how many times and how vociferously the Public Health, medical and industry "self-appointed experts" declare them to be safe - when all the evidence points in the other direction.

This is a 14 minute video – by Dr. Nancy Banks - a doctor who has thoroughly researched the research on the vaccine issue - and she is trying to alert us all to the dismal truth before any more children are sacrificed.
The Truth will never be admitted by officialdom because many years of mandated vaccines have caused so much mayhem and destroyed so many lives that the “liability implications” demand “silence” at any cost. Officialdom resorts to “Science by Declaration”, since it has no evidential justification.
The aftermath of the mandated vaccine schedule is far more serious than any disease that they claim to be preventing. Aside from the fact that there are very effective therapeutics to treat any of these diseases – therapeutics that “officialdom” has decided to keep off the medical table, again to protect the profitability of Big Pharma’s drugs.
The cost of this insane “health policy” is not just dollars spent ineffectively.
The cost happens to be the health and development of "our children".

Another great video on the developmental disruption caused by vaccines.
Vaccine's Safety: A Crime Against Humanity

Krill Oil is Almost 50 Times More Potent Than Fish Oil
Recent studies suggest krill oil may boost heart function as well as reduce inflammation and arthritis pain. Moreover, the oil from one of the most successful species on earth as almost 50 times more potent than fish oil.

A Higher Conscious Conversation
Interestingly enough, a video segment released from the film "My Dinner With Andre" in 1981, shows a conversation with an incredible amount of foresight and parallels to what we are experiencing in current day with mass consciousness. "There will be these pockets of light springing up in different part of the world."

Big Tobacco Misrepresented Dangers From Cigarettes, Same For Big Pharma With Vaccines
A new UCSF analysis of tobacco industry documents shows that Philip Morris USA manipulated data on the effects of additives in cigarettes, including menthol, obscuring actual toxicity levels and increasing the risk of heart, cancer and other diseases for smokers.

Welcome to the world where, as the FDA recently put it, people "do not have a fundamental right to choose their own food".... courtesy of Monsanto and your friendly local government.

A Monsanto-based menu can destroy the human race. It is far worse than you could ever imagine.

What this article does not say is that the Monsanto-government cabal can initiate nasty cross-industry sanctions via their trade agreements, where recalcitrant countries only have one vote, and where their domestic laws are toothless. These trade groups are already in existence, and there are too many to count. Any nation is subject to the dictates of the group, or they cannot belong any more... and none of the member nations will trade with them if they opt out.

By now most people should be able to put it together: if a nation signs a trade agreement, it becomes subject to the wishes of the group. Those wishes supercede domestic laws and make the people powerless to fight back in any legal sense. This is the end of sovereignty, the ability to self-rule. It is also the end of the value of the vote, because our voice means nothing when we only have one vote at the trade table.

And look who is pulling the strings here: A corporation. One whose avarice and lust for profit is unequalled in human history, whose crimes are legendary, and in whose wake lay the bodies of many thousands of Indian farmers devastated by their seed... a mere token of the deaths that will occur if this corporation is allowed to control our government and we do not claw back our sovereignty before it is entirely gone.

In fact, we have no idea just how much sovereignty Canada has left: Canada has signed more than 10 trade agreements and another dozen are on the table. And Monsanto's slimy fingers are all over our government, as Harper slavishly bends to their every whim.

And you also must realize: when our sovereignty went down the toilet, so did our Bill of Rights, because, due to our "international obligations", the trade group will decide what sort of rights may co-exist with their goals, not our government.

One graphic example: The WHO decides to mandate that every country must vaccinate every citizen against their latest idea of a pandemic. All signatories to the UN and WTO must comply. So where did our right to refuse go? Out the window with the sovereignty, with the stroke of a pen. And this is not just one vaccine: this company would adulterate the entire food supply of the world.

What is described below is a monstrous crime against humanity for which, in a more just world, many people would face the hangman. As it is, there stands only one thing between this behemoth and its goal of owning, and profiting from, all life: US.

Please read Inge's pointed comment below and forward broadly.

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From: cdsapi

Cdsapi’s Added Comments:
It is WAR on many fronts; and our governments (USA and Canada) are waging war against all non-compliant countries to protect and promote Monsanto at the expense of humanity and the environment.
Monsanto, on its own, can’t make it in the Commercial Marketplace - so it has to rely on government intervention, diplomatic blackmail, sanctions and targeted penalties to force the world’s populations to buy and consume a toxic food supply that is destined to destroy its health and the environment.

In a marketplace of Free Enterprise, the laws of Supply and Demand determine the market. The consumer has the right to buy or not to buy. If the DEMAND disappears, the product or service disappears.
With Monsanto’s GMOs, we have products and a technology that no consumer wants, and is doing its utmost to avoid – and the USA government, as Monsanto’s ‘strongman bully’, uses its diplomatic and military clout to DEMAND that people buy products that they DO NOT want – OR suffer sanctions and punishments, implemented via Trade Wars.
Welcome to the world of commercial terrorism and tyranny through corrupt governance!.
And the US government/corporate marriage leads the parade! And they claim to be bringing “democracy” and “economic opportunity” to other countries? Evil in action!

Exercise Can Increase or Decrease Your Chances of Catching a Cold: Intensity is Key
What if there was a way to ward off the misery of a cold? What if it had nothing to do with diet or supplements? Depending on different levels of exercise, your chances of getting the sniffles can significantly increase or decrease says Professor Mike Gleeson from Loughborough University.

We Are Meant To Love People, Not Things
A major life lesson that takes many people a whole lifetime to learn is that the passion felt for material things and material wealth will never equate to how special loving someone and being loved by someone can make you feel. Someone who tries to fill a void in their heart by accruing more and more material items will never be as satisfied as someone who is willing to try to fill a void in their heart with loving others and being loved genuinely by others. Things like wisdom and knowledge are entities in the same as love, non-material wealth.

Contrary To What Many Studies Suggest, Marijuana Use Does Not Lead to Mental Decline
Cannabis is one of the most powerful healing plants on the planet. Dozens of studies have made pseudoscientific attempts to indicate that young people who use cannabis tend to experience psychological, social problems and mental decline. However, there is no evidence that marijuana use is directly linked with such problems, according to the results of a study published in The Lancet.


New Zealand law mirrors US and Canada, fake food safety bills

I suggest a serious read of this information, because it is unfortunately really bang on.
Bill C-36 set up just such a ministerial dictatorship over "Consumer Product Safety"... and of course anything that is bought is consumed, so that's pretty much everything. Then the Harperian government started its assault on the Canadian Wheat Board... the farmer's marketing medium which is supposed to exist to get the best deals for Canadian farmers.... the same ones they want to give up their land to Big Agro.
Up here it is "same song, different verse".
Losing your right to grow, harvest and consume your own food

Waking up to what we Are, and What we can Be: Thoughts on this Week’s Latest Panic
By Kevin D. Annett

I’ve been advised by people apparently in the know that America officially became a police state this past week, with the passing of President Obama’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).
Meanwhile, across the waters, friends in Ireland have just denounced in righteous indignation the convening of “secret courts” of the Roman Catholic Church to investigate itself for raping children, and silence in-house stool pigeons in the process.
Well now, that’s all a big surprise.
I guess the outraged internet commentators who tremble and bemoan the repercussions of the NDAA have never heard about that great liberator Abraham Lincoln’s “emergency measure” laws during the U.S. civil war, whereby he shut down opposition newspapers, jailed dissenters without trial or habeas corpus, and ran the country like a one man fief.
And what’s so new about there being one law for us, and another for child-killing priests? Secret church courts? Yeah, I’ve been there.
I often think that the degree of our moral outrage at injustice is directly proportional to the degree of our own ignorance and naivety about the kind of culture we live in, and loyally maintain: one that has been built on and thrives upon the crushing oppression of all sorts of people by both church and state, here at home and abroad.
The only problem these days, it seems, is that such an iron hand is now starting to descend on the lives of certain privileged, bourgeois, dare I say “white” folks: a fact that’s supposed to get us all concerned. I mean, we can’t have our rights violated now, can we?
I’ve seen friends killed by cops, thrown from their homes, blacklisted into suicide and legally robbed of everything by official agents of law and order. Most of these people were dark skinned, or poor, or simply alone. And all during their torture, nobody complained about how their fate marked the commencing of totalitarianism in our midst.
Ah, but those were just isolated individuals, you might reply. These new police state laws affect everybody. Well listen up, dummy: how did you think those laws we now face were able to come about, except by what was happening first to all of my friends, while you all stood by and looked the other way? They were the trial runs, the test cases. And now it’s your turn.
If not poetic justice, you could call it historical inevitability.
I helped make this present sorry mess happen, too, of course. I was only shaken out of some of my own complicity when I experienced the big boot of church tyrants who tried and sentenced me to public execution in a secret ecclesiastical court that no law could touch. The Attorney General for British Columbia even said so, in a letter to me: “The internal disciplinary processes of the United Church are outside the jurisdiction of this department (read: the law)”. I told the world about that particular tyranny, and nobody cared, starting with the B.C. Civil Liberties Association and every lawyer in sight.
I don’t carry much of a grudge anymore about all that cruelty, regardless of how it destroyed my life, because it opened my eyes. It put me on a higher and necessary path and purpose. So I counsel all of today’s chicken littles who see the sky crashing down on their little world at the hands of that evil Mr. Obama to realize that Big Brother is actually giving all of you a rare gift, and an opportunity: to know how the rest of us live.
Be that as it may, another advantage of all this unusual honesty by the state in so openly declaring its monstrous nature is that it puts more and more of us in the same boat. Our ranks are swelling with some very pissed off people. Like any naked act of terror, the NDAA and other such assaults is creating a new generation of freedom fighters where once resided mere bubble headed techno serfs. So I thank Obama, really, for his efforts at sharpening the minds and the love of liberty in so many erstwhile complicit Americans.
As for his counterparts in the hierarchy of that even more ancient tyranny called Roman Catholicism, all those pathetic priestly turds are the best thing that’s happened for secular humanism and free thinking since the days of Martin Luther. I hear that some of the Irish are so outraged at these secret church courts that they’re planning on invading their sessions and trashing them, and putting the child-raping priests on trial in common law courts of their own making.
And being Irish, you can bet your brogans they’ll do it, too.
Man, I love tyranny. I love repressive laws. They’re the whip that awakens a slumbering humanity, and forces us to know what matters, and what we must do.
One of the guys that made the American Revolution and its Republic, and whose words would undoubtedly qualify him for arrest and secret trial by the present U.S. government, was good old Thomas Paine. Battling exactly the same tyranny that grips America today, and facing the same odds as we do, Tom Paine exhorted the stumbling and weary veterans at Valley Forge with these words, born of misery and oppression:
These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly …
And …
An army of principles can penetrate where an army of soldiers cannot. For such is the irresistible nature of truth, that all it asks, and all it wants is the liberty of appearing. I love the man who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death. So if there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.
Now is the time, friends. Take strength from the blows, walk not in fear, especially of one another, and stand as one now, in our great company of ancestors who were not those of timid disposition.
Are we not ready?

Are Guavas The Ultimate Super Food?
A new study has found that guavas are the 'ultimate superfood' with the highest concentration of antioxidants that protect against cell damage which ages skin and can cause cancer.

4D Consciousness Is Now Our Playground and the Realm of Ideas and Imagination
The fourth dimension is now our arena. When asked to give a simple definition of this dimension, Edgar Cayce answered with a single word: "idea." Quite independently, the psychiatrist Carl Jung provided exactly the same, single word definition. The fourth dimension is the realm of ideas, the world of the imagination where we can make anything happen. It's a big world, infinite; certainly big enough for one to get lost within it unless you know the secret of navigation.

Why Many of Us Can't Lose Weight: We Are Less Metabolically Efficient Today Than Ever
A metabolic shift has taken place in the last few decades and it has resulted in a surge of overweight and obese populations around the world. Overall calories, the types of foods we eat, decreased expenditure and an loss of self-integrity are the biggest contributors to plus-sized cultures. Due the nature of our metabolic inefficiency, more people than ever before have tremendous challenges in losing weight and keeping it off.

Support Kansans for Vaccine Rights’ Conscientious Exemption HB 2094
If you value freedom of choice in health care decisions for your children in Kansas go to and sign the petition to show your support for the conscientious exemption option in State-Mandated Vaccinations HB 2094. Those from out-of-state may also sign the petition. Although Kansas legislators will consider only those residents in Kansas, it sends a message to other states who will be watching......'Hommedieu/stephen104.htm
by Dr Stephen L'Hommedieu

YouBlog (mentions eugenics, Rockefeller foundation) Dr. Nancy Banks (including curing with GAP diet) Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride

Dear Eileen -- I have gone through your above links and punched the following comments, respectively.
You may circulate them.

Dr. Leo Rebello says:
January 2, 2012 at 9:00 am
Dr. Nancy Banks did not say anything new that I did not know of. But I admire her courage to call a spade a spade, when her colleagues are afraid of the medical establishment.
In India now, there are 4 million plus children suffering from Autism. And vaccines are clandestinely and through corrupt methods tested on ignorant and poor people with super star like Amitabh Bachchan (who has not given OPV to his newborn grand daughter called ‘Baby B’ as she is yet unnamed) and that school boy Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar vouching for OPV, because his older wife is a doctor (who has forgotten her medicine as she runs a restaurant business). Millions of followers of these two ignoramuses take their advice as Gospel Truth and give their children Pentavalent vaccines, OPVs, Hep-B and cervical vaccines without application of mind.
In our childhood I remember, I had only one BCG vaccine (I have the mark still on my hand) and how I dreaded vaccines and injections and the reason why I became a Holistic Health Guru. Today, there are something like 40 vaccines being pumped into children by two years of age. What madness. Bloody murdering maniacs.
Please read my following four articles in particular:-
1.. Revised Oath for Doctors — 2003.
2.. World Health Reforms Agenda — 2004.
3.. How to Treat Cancers Naturally — 2005
4.. There is no Vaccine against Ignorance — 2006.
5.. War on Your Health — 2009.
To hell with CDC, FDA, Codex – all bastard children of WHO/UN run by Jewish mafia. Replace the WHOre with World Traditional and Natural Medicine Organisation – world is healthy and sane because of TNM
trusted by 80% of the world population still.
For Alternative Paradigm, World without Wars, Holistic Health and Holistic Development, in solidarity, I remain, yours with very best wishes for 2012.
Dr. Leo Rebello, Bombay
Dr. Natasha Campbell of UK treats Austistic children with diet.
She has coined a new label called GAPS -- Gut and Psychology Syndrome
My response to her :
Dr. Leo Rebello says:
January 2, 2012 at 9:19 pm
Not only ASDs, but cancers, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, NMDs, tumours, obesity and for that matter all diseases are colon related. So, this GAPS is nothing new. Also in Traditional and Natural Medicine, we do not treat a disease or a symptom, we clean the whole system and cleaning starts with drainage system, namely, the Colon. Otherwise, the shit circulates in the blood stream and body, mind and spirit is disturbed.

Kiwi Fruits Reduce Sore Throats By Over 60 Percent and Head Congestion By 80 Percent
Eating a couple of gold kiwifruit every day may reduce the severity of symptoms of the common cold, says new data from New Zealand.

Let Us Never Forget The Deception That Is Man-Made Global Warming
Now that it is a verifiable fact that the earth is on the brink of entering another Ice Age, let us not forget the worldwide deception of global warming whose intention was always to impose carbon and environmental tax credits and a grand illusion designed to siphon more money into those who already hold most of the world's wealth.

Does Sexual Satisfaction Increase For Women As They Age?
A new study of sexually active older women has found that sexual satisfaction in women increases with age and those not engaging in sex are satisfied with their sex lives. A majority of study participants report frequent arousal and orgasm that continue into old age, despite low sexual desire. The study appears in the January issue of the American Journal of Medicine.

7 Low-Calorie Snacks For Your Health, Weight and Cravings
Hungry? Dieting? Or are you simply trying to find foods that are low in calories and keep you full? The following 7 low calorie snacks are heavy on the stomach but low in fat. The ones that fall low on the glycemic index are said to stave off hunger for longer periods of time. Most all, they'll help you keep the pound off.

Waiting, Watching and Living The Questions
One of the most beautiful aspects of human nature is our ability to wait for something. We are always waiting for something or other. Waiting, however, is not to be seen as a distasteful activity; you must know how to wait.

Osteoporosis Rates To Skyrocket Almost 30 Percent in Europe By 2025
The healthcare costs of rising European osteoporosis rates will reach 38.5bn Euros by 2025 from 30.7bn Euros in 2010, according to a study that reflected on the problem of an increasingly aged population.

When you think about your life, all your relationships, experiences, regrets and mistakes, know that you needed all of them to grow, expand and become the person you are today--for this is exactly where you need to be.

"No snowflake ever falls in the wrong place."
-- Zen


Bob Borer
Exactly where I need to be? So crime, abuse, disease, betrayal, mistakes, etc...are all good for me?? And I should just sit back and let them happen?
Yes, Bob. You cannot be a part of all those things you describe without being part of the vibration that attracted those experiences. You are attracting them for a reason and you may perceive them in a negative context right now, but you will know how they served you at a later point in your life, or in the after life. But they have served you, otherwise you wouldn't have attracted them. If you don't like where you are in your experience, then you are in full control to change your vibration and hence the consequential path of your life. You're not a victim in this game and you're fully participating in everything that happens to you. Learn to love yourself for who you are and know that you are loved for who you are.

Bob Borer
Thanks. I actually have a pretty good life. I was speaking more by way of proxy. I find it hard to believe the molested or murdered one yr old asked for it. A thousand more examples could be given. It's hardly intuitive to make the victim the culprit in every case.
Only ego and perception makes it hard to believe. To fully understand these concepts, you must grasp the reality of reincarnation and the recycling and integration of souls. It is especially difficult to accept when children experience what we perceive as negative events. But the universe doesn't operate in any other way. Children who are murdered or molested are indeed vibrating at a specific frequency to attract this experience, but most of these children are fulfilling contracts agreed on before conception. Those that abuse or murder them have also been party to these contracts. When the veil is lifted, both the abuser and the abused see how the experience has served them. We have all been murderers and murdered, abusers and abused, men and women, rich and poor, died young and lived old at some point in past lives. We've done it all. That is why we are at this juncture now ascending to levels that have never been experienced by humans. We are masters at this game and our role is about to change.

Thank you, Kevin, for this timely reminder...

A man very dear to me, a Christian scholar who has been declared a "cult" leader by the
FBI, has been saying for years that in order to get out of this state we must deny it fully and no longer participate.

It's very difficult.

Most of us survive through our interaction with the commercial world and its evilness. But
people stay in it for the lack of an alternative, which is why those alternatives will only reveal
themselves when the false world collapses... too late for the feast, as the Christians say...

Those of us who are awake, not dead, must become dead to our former selves, if we are to weather the storms approaching us, and let go of everything that is wrong with the world.

Our conveniences have made us weak in mind, but not in ability.

Our spirits, though subjugated with fear, will be inflamed by our new perspective of the reality
we now must navigate.

And our hearts, bruised, wounded and anesthetized, will beat hard and fast to restore our lives
in a new way...

It is a time for optimism, not fear: just as when we renovate a house, we must rip away that which is old and no longer serviceable, and build again, the work has purpose.

In this New Year, which many believe will be our last in this form, let us ensure that we live our lives in a way which brings us peace at the end of them, that we do no harm, that we pass without
guilt or shame for what we have been and done.
We will reap what we have sown, but we cannot reap what we have not sown. Resolve now
to plant only crops you wish to harvest and consume and sustain life with, and you will reap the safety of God.

Singing a Farewell Lament to Ourselves at the End of a World, and at the Birth of Another: Understanding 2012
by Kevin D. Annett

New Year’s Eve in Nanaimo, as the rain falls quietly on a year’s memories, and on an unhurried dawn.

The old adage is true, it seems: that as we age, the years come and go more quickly, but so do the lessons of our life. Tonight, they crowd me as I gaze out at the night, and at the faces of those who died and that which was revealed.

Billie Combes was killed in a Vancouver hospital on February 26, having spoken too readily of the royal Thing that abducted forever ten children from a Christian internment camp in Kamloops.

Billie was a stumbling man of fifty seven, long lived for a street Indian, and he cried so easily whenever he remembered his internment, and the little ones he could never save. The last time I ever saw him, he actually smiled, and told me that I was his friend.

The crowned Thing Billie named barred me from England on May 29 with the kind of cold efficiency that once made it ruler of our planet. It gazed at me through the thick, banal lenses of a Border Agency cop who didn’t even smile at the jokes I cracked.

The African woman and her baby who shared my immigration prison cell weren’t laughing that night, either. Both of them were quietly crying. The world ends like this, says the poet T.S. Eliot: not with a bang, but a whimper.

Equally muffled cries arose from the hardened soil that I turned on November 21, near to the death house called the Mush Hole Indian residential school, built by the crowned Thing in 1832. I held in my hands the bones of unknown children on that day as one world ended, and another began.

Those three moments – the truth, the silencing, and the lonely vindication – blaze at me as this year ends, and we all wonder what 2012 will bring: not so much to remind me of the way things are, as to mark the termination of that whole trapped arrangement.

The lesson that it is all over has been yelping at me for some years now, and not because of a Mayan calendar. Frankly, I’ve been too intent on gnawing at the bare bones of injustice to notice what the lesson has been saying. Perhaps it was Billie’s death that paused my efforts, and made me able to recognize what finally came to rest in my hands – and what it all means.

I’ve done a lot of funerals over the years, and I’ve enjoyed most of them because of their inescapable honesty. The official mourners often seem mildly ashamed at their secret joy, of breathing while another lies dead in front of them, but what matters is that not one of them can deny what has happened. They all know the truth, and have to deal with it, somehow. Such are birthing moments.

The corpse makes them realize life, and its fragile perfection. Something is enlargened in them by facing death, and that awareness denies fear a place to enter, for in their mourning, there is vanquished the illusory hope that permits lies to take root.

Endings are what we mortals live for, because they define us. They are our most sacred encounters, for they sum up everything.

My Gaelic ancestors have a word for this summing up: Caoineadh, “the beautiful song”, which was traditionally sung at a chieftain’s funeral by hereditary mourners known as “keeners”.

The public wailing of these women was in fact the telling of the chieftain’s life story: his victories and his defeats, his character, and the purpose of his being. As his life was recounted, the soul – which was said to hover over its corpse for three days – took comfort and strength from the lessons of this latest life, for its next journey to another incarnation.

The stereotypical Irish wake – a happy drunk fest, according to British Imperial detractors – was in truth the pinnacle of community joy, for in their shared lament, everyone played a part in the completion of the cosmic cycle of one life, in the re-birthing of a soul imbued with wisdom and grace.

Their mourning was in fact the first gasping breath of a new existence.

That’s how I see our situation as 2012 dawns.
Typically, our attention as a people has been on everything but ourselves: on the Mayan cycle, or other people’s prophecies, and not on our own. Yet everything in us speaks a simple truth, known to us away from the clatter of life and our own worry, and that is this: we cannot be born into the new world awaiting us, because we have not yet learned that we have already died.

Our modern western world is like a wandering spirit that knows not that is has passed on, and is trapped and terrified in an illusory limbo world. It is small wonder that the Nuu-chah-nulth people where I live first called us Europeans the “mu multh nees”: ghost people.

We have been such a people for some time – but in our deep fear and denial of death, of what we have become, we have been blind to ourselves.

It’s hardly an accident that as our Christian culture became more psychotic and blood soaked over the centuries, its fear of death multiplied, for we see the world not as it is, but as we are.

Much as modern America’s terrorist-obsessed mind has no escape but in more violence because it sees everyone as a reflection of its own terror, the western world spawned by a “catholic” church that tried to murder Christ and his way can no longer know the life that comes after death. And so we can only fear and deny the fact that we have already died.

I’m not mistaken that we as a people are not simply dying, but are already dead. And here’s the simple proof.

A people who are alive respond with outrage, and action, when the lives of their children are threatened. They rush to protect the future generation. They cannot live alongside that which murders or rapes them.

Similarly, a people who are alive defend their natural world and its sacred bounty and health, for their very existence depends on their doing so.

On the other hand, a people who have died do not respond to any of these threats, for they feel nothing. They cannot perform the most basic steps of self-preservation. They simply function, like parts of an unthinking machine, just as we are doing: but in our case, our actions as a culture all seem designed to actually ensure our own final destruction.

That is who and what we have become: denizens of Necropolis – the City of the Dead, which sucks the vitality out of all life on our planet. And the more we impact our world, the quicker the death we embody spreads, toxifying and radiating our world. And what we do to ourselves in the material world is an expression of a spiritual death that long preceded it.

How can we awaken our collective self – our higher mind – to our own death? By lamenting. We can sing to ourselves our own Caoineadh, the beautiful recounting of who we were and what we did in our life as a people – and how we came to die. And then our hovering soul will know it is time to release, and move on.

Tonight, I awakened to the fact that this is precisely what I’ve been doing since 1995: counseling my own people through their death agony by telling the tale of how something called European Christendom caused its own destruction, and those it conquered.

I called it an exorcism when I stood outside the Vatican on two occasions and compelled a dead spirit to depart from there. But then, as now, I was simply singing the same requiem ritual to that which is finally awakening to its own demise.

So what does all this mean for us now, on the first day of a momentous new year?

For nearly twenty years, I have described and documented the crimes of my people, and brought them to the world. And yet ultimately, all of these efforts have fallen on deaf hearts and ears: those of the dead.

There is no public reaction to all the evidence of murder and torture of children by church and state, because there can be no response that actually stops the crime from happening again. We have finally recognized what we are a part of: soulless institutions of the Lie, that have no heart or purpose save self-perpetuation. And so now, to quote one of my friends, it is time to “Leave the dead to bury the dead”.

It is time to let go of everything, and allow our collective self to dream its being into a new life, and begin all over again.

So I’m not worrying anymore about proving to the world that Mohawk children were murdered and buried on the grounds of the Brantford Anglican school. We know it happened. So does the Crown and Church of England, who caused the slaughter.

Instead, I am resolved to dismantle both of those institutions, and all those like them, so that they can do no more harm. Only thus can we awaken their inhabitants to their dead condition, and allow their souls move on.

To do so, we don’t need another Tribunal, or an Inquiry into the obvious. For even with such an inquiry and its final proof that those who rule this society are mass killers, who would impose on these guilty groups any sentence? How can we enforce our verdict on the Genocide, without wielding our own force to make justice real?

We are faced, ultimately, with a question of power, and who wields its. We need therefore a spiritual and a political revolution, from the bottom up, to reinvent society so that the City of Death is no more.

To replenish itself, the land lies fallow every few years. So too must we now let go of a murderous social disorder to allow ourselves to regenerate, and build a culture based on the Great Law of peace and equality.

Thus, at the same time as we stop paying taxes and voting away our autonomy, and sever our economic involvement with society, we reclaim that stolen by a few, beginning with the land and our families. From the ground up, we fashion a republic of spiritual and social Equals in harmony with the earth.

So I turn my back on Canada, and its churches, and its corporate oligarchy, as I call you to do too, and on the City of Death wherever you encounter it.

I pledge myself in this year of 2012 to help begin our new life as a people whose allegiance is the Natural Law, by reclaiming our minds, our land, and our people from the death they have dwelt in for too long.

Now is the time for poets and bards to sing our captive hearts into a new reality, and for our true warriors to overthrow Necropolis and establish justice in the land, and the Natural Order.

We have sought fruitlessly for humanity from institutions that have none. Their time is over, and they will fall at our hands.

Appreciate the vision, but this is not the brightest idea, especially if they think they can do this without the PTBs permission. This sounds like an attempt to control the opposition on internet censorship.

When it collapses, which it will, the people will decide what to replace it with, not larger world systems. It will begin from a micro perspective and initiatives not macro. They just don’t get this. Don’t they realize that if there are bad intentions involved, regardless how they gift wrap it, that the world will see through it? A good chunk of the veil has been lifted in this respect. We’re well past the point of deception and if they don’t see this, then they simply don’t comprehend how the world has evolved.

I listened to the 24 minute interview and I am not buying the guest's story. He asking others to just accept the sanitized version of the NWO and world currency because a large group of government officials say the present economic system is self-destructing and the world is ready to play fair.
He even implied the 'dark side' sees the writing on the wall and they are willing to go legit now because they realize their scams are being exposed. 'Ascend' or be left out, he says.
Just trust the 'players' who know how finance works, accept the global currency and there are ways the debt will be written off, he says. Bull hockey !!!
Pure propaganda malarky to trick the world into thinking a global banking and political system is not only a good idea, but necessary. How else do you think the criminal banking elites are going to sell their con to the world, but to trick us into believing their agenda is the only way to go?

Subject: 130 nations to broadcast a statement about a new global economic restructuring arising in 2012
Conscious Media Network has been approached by a representative of
global leaders and financiers from 130 nations to broadcast a statement
about a new global economic restructuring arising in 2012.

Two Female MDs Speak Out Against Vaccines And The Myth That Is Vaccine Safety
Whoever invented the term, or rather the misnomer "vaccine safety," must have only had one thing in mind--sell more vaccines. Logically, "vaccine safety" makes as much sense as a person crossing the street without looking both ways. In two separate and recent video discussions on Gary Null TV, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Dr. Nancy Banks both speak out against vaccines with brilliant clarity and eloquence.

Now Is The Time To Pay Attention To Who You Are and Where You Are Going
We have finally crossed into 2012, a year so hyped with prophecy, we cannot help but feel a sense of great energy as we transit into what promises to be a year of continued transformations on all levels (personal, transpersonal, cultural, social, global, etc.). As we now accelerate towards 12-12-12, there are just over 11 months ahead leading to a tremendous opportunity for us all to understand the nature of who we really are and what we are capable of achieving on this planet.

Why Downing Glasses of Water Between Meals Is a Bad Idea
Glugging water during meals severely hampers your stomach's digestive powers and causes insulin levels to fluctuate significantly, warns Microboitic counsellor Shonali Sabherwal.


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