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You Knew It Was Coming: U.S. Department of Defense Begins Safety Testing For Ebola Vaccine

As expected and predicted, just as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has told the public about the first U.S. diagnosed patient infected with the Ebola virus, the Defense Department is conveniently accelerating the manufacture of clinical trials for the vaccine. What a surprise.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel spoke at a gathering of top government and military officials and infectious disease experts from 44 countries to attend the Global Health Security Agenda, or GHSA, Summit hosted by President Barack Obama.

Hagel said that because DoD maintains a longstanding research program to defend troops against infectious diseases, including Ebola, it has been able to provide critical diagnostic tools to help with the outbreak in West Africa.

The department stated they are also accelerating the manufacture of potential treatments and starting clinical trials for a vaccine candidate.

This presents eerie similarities to the pandemic H1N1 flu timeline in 2009 when the flu pandemic hype began and vaccines were announced.

Ebola Vaccine Well On Its Way

"On Wednesday," Hagel added, "we received approval to begin safety testing for one [Ebola] vaccine candidate that will be conducted here at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research."

The most fascinating aspect of the Ebola vaccine manufacturing process is how quickly they have brought it to the trials phase. It is virtually impossible for vaccine manufacturers to produce and deliver these drugs in the timeline they have proposed. It typically takes several years from the point of initial vaccine development to human clinical trials, a process which the manufacturers claim is being done in weeks and months. The only way it would have been possible was through years of planning and procurement.

Canadian firm Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation is developing a vaccine for Ebola under a $140 million project funded by the US Department of Defence. They have been working on an Ebola treatment called TKM-Ebola for the past few years.

However, there is no possible way they can assess the safety and serious adverse events associated with these vaccines in such a short time period of time.

Diseases like Ebola often have difficulty attracting investment, as pharmaceutical companies rarely see a large payday in tackling a disease that has rare outbreaks and affects a low-income area of the world.

It is clear that the US government has been keeping tabs on Ebola for a while now. It holds the patents on a strain of the Ebola virus known as Bundibugyo (EboBun) that was found in Uganda. It is although not clear whether it is the same strain that has created the current epidemic. The patent, awarded in October 2012 to five scientists led by Jonathan S Towner, is now deposited with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It’s crucial to understand that these vaccines are experimental, will be essentially untested for long-term toxicity and that makes them extremely dangerous to the human immune system. They must be avoided, even if mandated.

The dominant media globally has been getting into high gear fear-mongering about Ebola to convince people voluntarily to submit to jeopardizing their health and well-being.

Many facets of the the alternative media are not helping either with many blogs and websites causing more panic than is necessary in an otherwise very uneducated population when it comes to Ebola.

Can The Government Force You To Vaccinate?

Actually they can. By declaring a national emergency, the U.S. government can potentially enforce laws designed for dealing with deadly pandemics such as bringing about mandatory vaccination programs. They include International Health Regulations under the WHO, National Emergencies Act, National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directives, and the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act.

As it stands, if a high level pandemic is declared, the WHO can override all government established rights and freedoms and the constitution itself. So the key is to educate as many people as possible, not about hiding in bunkers or survival methods by way of violence, but through the empowerment of natural health strategies and genuine methods of assisting our fellow human. Without that, everything else is a waste of time.


Dave Mihalovic is a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in vaccine research, cancer prevention and a natural approach to treatment.

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