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Robin Williams: What Nobody Will Talk About!

The mainstream media has an incredible reputation for failing to ask relevant questions when it comes to the deaths of celebrities. Robin Williams was no exception. Why must we as a society ignore the medications that facilitate the deaths of countless celebrities? Probably because we don't like to talk about it.

Then there are scientific studies, like this one, funded by pharmaceutical companies that try to convince us that people on antidepressants are less willing to hurt or punish people. We have simply been deceived by the antidepressant hoax.

These are the same drugs that lower bone density, cause weight gain, harm male fertility and make people more likely to go on shooting rampages, commit suicides, and attempted suicides.

There's more. They also cause panic attacks, low heart rate and lightheadedness, induced mania, psychotic symptoms, electrolyte disturbances and seizures, and even anorgasmia (inability to achieve orgasms).

Drug companies can easily arrange appropriate clinical trials by paying a researcher to produce the desired results that will assist the intended application of the drug. The incentive for researchers to fabricate data is enormous. As much as $1000 per subject is paid by American companies which enables some researchers to earn up to $1 million a year from drug research. And they know all too well that if they don't produce the desired data, the loss of future work is inevitable. Unfortunately, because of secrecy, most fraud in clinical trials is unlikely to be detected.

Even if data from clinical trials is not falsified, it is often of little worth, because they are not performed appropriately, especially psychotropic medications. Trials involve relatively small numbers of people and the subjects taking part usually do not represent those who will use the drug after its approval; so many harmful effects of a new drug appear only when it has been marketed.

How did modern psychiatric medicine come to the point where it's all just a grand marketing scam designed to generate obscene profits by exploiting the minds and bodies of generation of human beings? How did Big Pharma manage to so completely hijack medical science, taking over the medical journals, FDA regulators, science researchers and medical schools? And why hasn't this been stopped? Why have these chemical crimes against children continued to be tolerated -- even encouraged! -- by the Food and Drug Administration and a Big Pharm-funded U.S. Congress?

Yes, I will talk about it and keep talking about it until we all wake up from this nightmare of psychotropic medications that is chemically lobotimizing our species.

Marco Torres is a research specialist, writer and consumer advocate for healthy lifestyles. He holds degrees in Public Health and Environmental Science and is a professional speaker on topics such as disease prevention, environmental toxins and health policy.

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