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May 30, 2014 by EDITOR
Revolutionary Aeroponic Vertical Growing System Grows An Organic Garden 30 Percent Faster and with 80 Percent Less Water

As we all know the link between healthy eating and disease is indisputable. Growing your own garden gives you the ability to grow your own organic vegetables at a cost that is affordable for almost everyone while eliminating ingestion of toxic chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. The Pyramid Garden may be just the answer.

Pyramid Garden is a 4ftx4ftx4ft high pyramid shaped aeroponic growing system that grows a multitude of vegetables, herbs, flowers and plants. No soil is required.

In addition to the usual benefits of soilless growing which include faster growth, no weeds or soil borne pests, decreased nutrient costs and a reduction of water usage up to 80%, Pyramid Garden, because of its unique patended design, doubles the surface growing area from 16 Sq ft to 32 Sq ft. It also allows maximum sunlight exposure over other vertical growing systems resulting in faster growth. Its large size (up to 136 plants) allows planting in stages so that crops don't ripen at one time and can be started with seeds, seedlings or small plants bought at the nursery.

PyramidGarden can be set up and moved easily and can be used just about anywhere there is a light source, which includes indoor growing for those in colder climates or anyone who wants to get a jump on the growing season.

- Grows vegetables, herbs and flowers up to 30% faster
- Reduces water use by 80%
- Uses NO soil, which means no mess, and no weeds!
- Can grow multiple produce at once
- Uses no pesticides or chemicals
- Easy to set-up, easy to move
- Can be set-up anywhere that has a good light source
- Excellent for cloning plants or starting from seeds
- A cost effective growing method that will save you lots of money!
- Organic, Organic, Organic!

We believe Pyramid Garden can change the future. Worldwide drought is upon us. Conserving water is essential. Pyramid Garden used in greenhouses will reduce their water consumption.

People at home will experience the same savings while at the same time develop much healthier eating habits. This is even more crucial for children.

Now consider impoverished and rural areas such as Appalachia and parts of Africa. By combining several Pyramid Gardens with a solar panel, small villages will be able to grow their own food with no grid electricity and very little water. That will result in reducing world hunger, increasing the health of the population, and reducing poverty by making healthy food available at a very low cost.

In approximately two weeks Pyramid Garden will start their Kickstarter campaign. For more information please go to

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