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April 4, 2014 by EMYRALD SINCLAIRE
7 Ways To Stay Healthy While Traveling

As one who lives part of the year in a ‘third world’ country, staying healthy is on the top of my list. And especially when I’m traveling and encountering hundreds of other travelers while breathing recycled air and eating airplane ‘food.’ So, what is it that I do while traveling and then upon arriving at my destination to ensure optimal health?

I travel. A lot. And I’m not talking about easy and cozy travel to a nice little villa on the beach in San Martin. I’m talking about complicated, scared to miss a connection, wondering if my hotel will be picking me up at the airport, frightened my luggage will arrive in one piece without items stolen, kind of travel. A 14 hour travel day that involves three different flights with three different layovers. Only to be completed with a sweaty cab ride and a three stairs of flight climb with three 60 pound bags. And that’s only day 1!

Here are 7 ways to stay healthy while traveling:

One: Drink Plenty of Water (with lemon)
I do this all the time. Before traveling. While traveling. And especially after traveling. The lemon helps to support the liver in its cleansing processes, helping you to move out any yucky pathogens that your body may have come in contact with. I love to put a couple drops of doTERRA lemon essential oil in my water. It’s super concentrated and easier to bring along with me than real lemons.

Two: Avoid alcohol
I know, I know, it can be hard to resist those little $5 bottles of wine on the airplanes and in the mini-bars. But alcohol actually suppresses your immune system making you more susceptible to illness. Do yourself a favor and avoid the booze while traveling. Drink water instead. Or better yet, add essential oils to your water that give it a nice flavor but also help to fight illness. (Try adding peppermint, grapefruit, lemon, or cinnamon.)

Three: Bring Snacks

Bring your own high-quality superfood snacks with you! Make your own trail mix filled with nuts, seeds and dried fruit. This is a much better snack than what is available in airports. I also like to bring apples and bananas with me along with packets of almond butter. Super filling and super healthy. I’ll even bring bars of high quality raw chocolate with me. These items are all really good for you and also high calorie. You’ll stay full and be much less likely to eat the food offered on the plane.

Four: Green Powder

I always bring green powder with me while traveling. I add a scoop to my water bottle at least 3 times a day. This keeps my immune system strong. This also ensures that I’m getting plenty of servings of high-quality fruits and vegetables.

Five: Epsom Salt Baths

Immediately upon arriving to my destination, I draw myself a nice hot bath filled with epsom salts. The salts help to relax the body and sooth the tired and achy muscles after long days of travel. If there isn’t a bath tub where you are staying, you can usually find a plastic bucket and simply soak your feet. This is a great detox for the entire body drawing toxins out of the body via the feet.

Six: Green Drinks

As a continuation from point four, you better believe that I juiced about a gallon of vegetable juice the morning after arriving to my destination. Vegetable juices are full of easily absorbable vitamins and minerals that are just what your body needs (and coincidentally most of which are missing from airplane food and fast food restaurants). Didn’t bring a juicer? Luckily juice bars are quite popular all over the world. You can easily find a health food store near you with veggie juice. Or you can bring your own green powder with you and add a scoop to fruit juice or water.

Seven: Yoga

I move, twist and rinse my body in the comfort of my hotel room! All you need is the space of your yoga mat. Yoga helps to rid your body of toxins, gets the heart pumping, and helps to move stagnant lymph through the body. You can easily find a yoga class in your area or stream one online.

And that’s it. Do these seven things while traveling and you bet you’ll arrive happy, healthy and full of energy!!

Emyrald Sinclaire is a Certified Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition Practitioner (CNHP; CHNP) She specializes in detoxification programs, internal cleanses, and helping clients build strong immune systems. She also travels internationally to do raw food workshops, yoga retreats, and personal coaching. In addition, Ermyrald is a Certified Power Yoga Instructor and a Certified Raw Food Chef from the SunKitchen. For more information, visit

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