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Nov 7, 2012 by NATASHA LONGO
Proposition 37 On Truthful GMO Labeling Fails: A Planned Outcome?

Just yesterday I proposed that it was the corporate facade who spearheaded the NO on Proposition 37 in California. Today I have no doubt this vote was rigged from the start. This was a manipulated and fraudulent voting scheme orchestrated by big business who asserted their deceptive strategies in the State ballot to achieve their strategically planned and measured results.

How could the Yes on 37 fail? How could a simple concept such as truthful labeling of genetically modified foods fail to produce a yes vote through our conscious collective? How could people willingly continue to ignore the deceptive practices of the food industry? Chances are they didn't. Not when 90% of Americans were in favor of GMO labeling.

There was so much at stake for big agribusiness with so much money invested by the biggest players in the industry such as Monsanto, Pepsico, Kellogg, General Mills, Dupont and others who unofficially donated almost 40 million dollars, about ten times the amount donated by organic leaders in the industry. They simply could not take a chance at risking their investment.

According to the official Statewide Ballot Results in California, and based on partial reporting, Prop 37 lost about 57% of the votes meaning only 43% voted in favor. Really? So what happened to the 90% of Americans who were in favor of GMO labeling? You can decide for yourself, but it's obvious there was tampering with this result by a significant margin.

Either that or Americans are so hopelessly lost in their ability to think rationally. The corporate and political machine that influences our decisions is so ingrained in our mental processes, penetrating our psyche at the deepest levels and making most of us incapable of logically making critical decisions that affect our safety and security.

Could I have been wrong? Could Americans have been that reversed in their thinking to actually believe that a NO on 37 would create a more sustainable, safer and healthier food supply? If this is true, perhaps it wasn't fixed and we must wait patiently until a greater percentage of the masses have some kind of revelation or revolution that will shake them to their core.

It's time to start voting with your wallet. Buy only from companies that insist on Non-GMO. If that's the only way to obtain some kind of acknowledgement on the seriousness of this matter, then we must let our wallets be our voices. Our corrupt food industry would eventually crumble in a very short period if they continued to ignore the demands of every consumer who sought Non-GMO and backed it up with their purchasing power. It may be the only way out of this.

Regardless, this was an enormous opportunity to build a foundation for awareness of truthful GMO labeling and despite the result of Prop 37, we can take solace in the fact that we all worked together to achieve a greater platform to influence the collective consciousness. If anything, that alone was worth it!

Natasha Longo has a master's degree in nutrition and is a certified fitness and nutritional counselor. She has consulted on public health policy and procurement in Canada, Australia, Spain, Ireland, England and Germany.

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