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Oct 15, 2012 by EDITOR
Flashback To Awaken: Ten Articles Worthy of Review

New readers have recently brought an important point to the forefront. We forget that as new readers join us on, we often overlook many concepts which serve as the foundation and offer a better understanding of why our current society functions the way it does. For this we apologize as we should reiterate these concepts more frequently to complement current material, or at least provide links for review.

For those who have recently awakened (or are in the process of awakening) and approached us with this idea, we thank you and offer the following archived articles which serve as an excellent introduction to many concepts which get lost in the archives, but help assist tremendously in the learning process once revisted. However, keep an open mind, emotions calm and understand that we have all created this society together and there is no one guilty party or group. Sometimes, reflecting back on history only re-energizies that vibration keeping our heart center disconnected from where its focus is needed.

Casting blame is a detriment to the united mission we are all hoping to accomplish in this next era for humanity. For long-term readers, when reviewing these links, refresh your minds but stay grounded and focused in the journey towards what we know we are all accomplishing together. If the ego steps in, flip over to our consciousness channel for inspiration.

Here are ten articles for review if you require them:

1. Incrementalism: Breaking Free From World Powers Who Gradually Destroy Our Health

2. Most Modern Day Diseases Are Man-Made

3. It's Time To Reclaim Dominion and The Creation of Universal Moral Rules

4. Everything Is A Lie: The Deliberate Intent To Deceive People Is At An All Time High

5. Does One-Third of The Human Race Have To Die To Have a Sustainable Earth?

6. Why Do We Feel We Can't Escape A System That We Created?

7. Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed

8. Dumbing Down Society: Food Beverages and Meds

9. Chilling Statistics: What Are We Doing To Ourselves And Our Children?

10. ARCHIVE: The Planned Orchestration of the H1N1 Pandemic

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