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Oct 5, 2012 by EDITOR
You Put What In My Mouth?

An excellent soon to be released documentary You Put What In My Mouth? follows the lives of 4 people as they struggle to inform the federal government, public and dentists of the extremely large amounts of mercury vapor and mercury contaminated particulate matter generated during the making, placement, polishing and removal of mercury "amalgam" dental fillings. Mercury vapor thousands of times higher than safety limits is NOT harmless.

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At great expense to their personal lives, the subjects of our film are desperately trying to alert public health officials that these acute and chronic toxic exposures to mercury have a potentially huge influence on the health of dental workers and the 120 million Americans who have dental "amalgam" mercury fillings, especially the tens of millions who fall into “at risk” categories.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies mercury vapor as a persistent, bio-accumulative toxin. Exposure to mercury vapor has been shown to cause or exacerbate over 30 various adverse health effects .These effects happen to mimic the symptoms of many known diseases.

The argument surrounding the safety of “silver” amalgam dental fillings, which contain roughly 50% elemental mercury, has always centered on the potential adverse health effects from the long term use of the product. But the one aspect that both the FDA and ADA refuse to acknowledge is the centerpiece of our film.

Huge toxic exposures during routine dental procedures that violate occupational safety regulations

The film explores why dentists are unaware of manufacturer warnings and the elevated exposures during these routine dental procedures. These toxic releases far exceed occupational safety regulations and levels at which The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) relocates individuals from residences.

Each character in the film struggles to understand why our government and the ADA promote the safety of a product that releases mercury vapor at levels higher than all known safety levels.

It will be noted that most of the 170,000 dentists in this US who work with amalgams do not think exposure to dental mercury causes any harm what-so-ever. And why should they since they were taught in dental school that amalgams don't release mercury.

Thus the vast majority of dentists neglect to mention to patients and staff that amalgam fillings contain mercury. Also, since most dentists are adamant that amalgam fillings are totally safe, they do not know to divulge any adverse health effects that exposure to mercury may cause. This is the exact opposite of what occupational safety laws require.

The lead characters advocate that withholding this required information robs staff and patients of the information that would enable them to make informed decisions regarding their health.

In addition to examining the devastating effects of dental mercury exposure to patients, staff, and the environment, the advocates in the film will highlight the many currently available solutions to reduce these toxic exposures.

To find out more about the people making this film, please go to the FILMMAKERS section on the website.

This project desperately needs financial support to finalize production. It is currently listed on the kickstarter website and anything you can donate would appreciated even if it's one dollar. Help spread the word and promote this excellent documentary which is exposing mercury for the toxic element that it is.


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