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November 29, 2011
Pushing The Envelope: Children Being Exposed To Shocking Levels of Sexual Content

The current generation of young girls and boys are being psychologically damaged by the onslaught of inappropriate “sexy” children’s fashions, toys, music, books and sexualized images in the media. It should be an issue of great concern for all parents.

This probably won’t shock most people because we live in an age where the envelope has been pushed so far it’s disappeared over the horizon. According to the Daily Mail, pink and leopard-print thong panties with no crotches sized to fit a seven-year-old were being sold at Kids N Teen in Greeley, Colorado. The panties were yanked after a mortified mother complained. As one writer put it: “It’s a new kind of memory: A daughter’s first pair of crotchless panties.”

It’s also a sign of the times when a retailer decides there’s nothing wrong with selling sleazy leopard-print thong panties with a split crotch alongside stuffed animal backpacks.

The sexualization of children and adolescents epidemic has been all over the news and across the internet, partly due to the recent announcement from Mattel, Inc and Nickelodeon that Dora the Explorer is going skank, but also because of the new Tattoo Barbie, Pregnant Barbie and other toys for children and clothes that are sexualizing girls and boys at a very young age.

CNN’s headline report “Dora the Explorer Going Skank, Moms Fear” quickly became a hot topic on various forums and social networking sites including Twitter, with users poking fun at upset moms and dads who fear their children are being targeted by media moguls and marketers to grow up faster than children should.

Sexualizing children is not funny and it’s not a joke, and if parents don’t start paying attention to what the American Psychological Association (APA) report found to be the growing trend to sexualize young girls and boys through video games, television shows, movies, music videos, song lyrics, magazines, clothing styles and toys, you’ll find yourself scratching your head wondering what happened to your little prince or princess well before they reach the teen years.

The definition of the sexualization of young girls or boys means to “make sexual in character or quality”, and sexualized images suggest “sexual availability to the exclusion of other personal characteristics and qualities”, which is inappropriate, obscene, and harmful for young children.

The controversial clothing company Abercrombie & Fitch drew fire from parents (see video) after it began marketing padded bikini tops in its latest swimsuit line at abercrombie kids, the company's shop for boys and girls.

The Parents TV Council (PTC) has reported that there’s some disgusting kid’s programs being aired on TV during the family hour. The PTC released a Special Report “exposing the shocking levels of sexual content in animated programs on cable networks popular with children.” One such program is Allen Gregory. According to the PTC “The program’s namesake, Allen Gregory, is a precocious seven-year-old who has sexual fantasies about his sixty-something-year-old school principal. The program includes Allen circulating rumors of a sex tape of him with the principal; and some of the most explicit language imaginable, including vulgar euphemisms for male anatomy and bleeped f-words.”

According to a new study conducted by the Parents Television Council (PTC), Hollywood is shockingly obsessed with sexualizing teen girls, to the point where underage female characters are shown participating in an even higher percentage of sexual situations than their adult counterparts: 47 percent to 29 percent respectively.

Gone are the days when the producers of children’s cartoons would sooner have their hair set on fire than allow cartoon characters to use any sort of profanity. Can you imagine Mickey Mouse and Crusader Rabbit using the f-word? The bad news is that R-rated material that includes gross profanity has wormed its way into many animated children’s shows.

PTC president, Tim Winter, gave this warning:

Adult content isn’t just creeping into the cartoons that kids today are watching the most; it has overtaken much of that animated programming. We’re not talking about cartoon characters slipping on banana peels and ramming into doors. Our data demonstrates that today’s norm is profanity-laden storylines involving everything from rape and cocaine to STDs and crystal meth. There is now more sexual content on these cartoons than violence -- even when counting traditional ‘light’ cartoon violence.

The major findings from the report are disturbing on so many levels. What youngsters are being exposed to on TV includes “simulations or obscured scenes of sexual intercourse, pornography, masturbation, pedophilia and prostitution.” Moreover, there are “incidents relating to drugs, including cocaine, marijuana, crystal meth, psychedelics and alcohol. Eighty percent of the drug-related incidents were depictions rather than references.” Advertisements on TV-PG and TV-14 shows included ads “for adult media, including TV-MA DVDs, TV-MA shows, and R-rated movies.”

Does this make you angry? It should! Unprincipled entertainment executives are going to great lengths to expose children to grunge. And equally unprincipled advertising executives are willing to do just about anything to sell their products, including exposing youngsters to filthy images that are meant to attract adults.

Video games have become more violent every year. First-person shooter games have become a mecca for video game enthusiasts, especially young boys who can vent any frustration by using a sniper's rifle on unsuspecting victims. Many of these same video games also dramatize rape and torture regularly.

This is the Godless liberal mindset -- anything goes, nothing is off limits, not even innocent children.

While liberals are busy making it ‘cute’ for a seven-year-old to have sexual fantasies about a senior citizen (seems kids are being programmed by perverts that prefer the term "intergenerational sex" to pedophilia) conservatives are working their tails off to counteract what sleaze balls are doing to corrupt the next generation. For those who haven’t noticed, the people trying to counteract the lack of moral restraint in our society are conservatives!

David Kupelian wrote an article titled Selling Sex in the U.S.A. In his piece he noted:

Many people seem to think having sex with children is a good thing, as 100,000 websites now offer illegal child pornography, reports Internet Filter Review. Worldwide, child porn generates $3 billion in revenues every year. And culturally, adult-child sexuality is creeping, ever so artfully and gradually, into the public consciousness.

David wrote the article seven years ago. So you can bet these numbers have climbed.



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