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October 10, 2011
Saturday Night Live Parody of Vaccines Shows Ludicrous Nature of HPV

Leave it to SNL to take a controversial topic and turn it into an outright comedy sketch. But this time, their satire is not only accurate, but it clearly shows the pathetic and ludicrous nature of the medical establishment's attempt to vaccinate young girls for a disease which could never be prevented through vaccination. In fact, Gardasil, Silgard and Cervarix may turn out to be the biggest medical hoax of the century.

HPV Vaccination is a Hoax

For the last several years, HPV vaccines have been marketed to the public and mandated in compulsory injections for young girls in several states based on the idea that they prevent cervical cancer. However, the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) has no direct link to cervical cancer at all.

HPV vaccines have been proven to be flatly worthless in clearing the HPV virus from women who have already been exposed to HPV (which includes most sexually active women), calling into question the scientific justification of mandatory "vaccinate everyone" policies.

Gardasil increases the incidence of disease by more than 40 percent in certain people -- namely, those who were already carriers of the same HPV strains used in the vaccine.

If the vaccine is given to a young woman who already carries HPV in a "harmless" state, it may "activate" the infection and directly cause precancerous lesions to appear. The vaccine, in other words, may accelerate the development of precancerous lesions in women.

This is information that has simply not been made available in the debate over Gardasil vaccination policies. The pro-vaccination rhetoric has always been about "saving lives" and it carried the implied statement that Gardasil is perfectly safe for all women, posing absolutely no increased risk of cancer.

To summarize some of the facts about HPV and this vaccine:

- HPV vaccine increases the risk of developing a precancerous cervical lesion by 44.6% in women .previously infected with a HPV viral type found in the vaccine.
- HPV virus does not cause cervical cancer.
- HPV viral infections are self limiting and are not a health threat to healthy females.
- This valuable information about the etiology of HPV viral infections has been suppressed from public knowledge.
- Allowing untruths about Gardasil to be disseminated in public hearings and planting fear have been used to promote sales of this worthless vaccine.

The primary drug company involved in the sale of Gardasil is caught in a torrent of lawsuits caused by the failure to warn the public that a widely used arthritis drug they had marketed was known to commonly cause deaths from heart attacks. This company has a sordid history of price fixing, tax avoidance, biopiracy, collusion with the FDA on how to discredit critics, purchasing negative evidence for its drugs and other activities that could be considered criminal in nature. Their product Gardasil should obviously never be given to any woman.


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