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A Key To Our Power: Finding Peace in the Midst of Chaos

We are eternal and powerful beings whose only true source is love. Yet, we have created so much chaos to awaken the collective consciousness that many of us are doubting the true nature of what it means to be human. All that is about to change.

War rhetoric shouts at us from the TV and internet. The media bombards us with violent images. We run into people in the street who only want to talk about political instability, nuclear disasters, war and chaos and the controlling nature of government entities. Jobs are being lost. People are dying, the earth is dying and some of us feel we are losing our souls. But this is all part of collective consciousness. It's part of you and me and everybody else's thoughts and feelings on the planet. It's not the fault of anybody specifically. This is what we signed up for. This is what we agreed to and you are seeing it unfold before your very eyes. The end result will be one word, "beautiful."

We are all on the same side, yet the matrix necessitated divisions are on infinite levels.  In stripping away layer after layer of unnecessary complexity by realizing the divine balance of each holographic box we find ourselves in, we construct our dimensional axes of awareness.   Lightworkers and Lightwarriors; Toltec Shamans and New Ager's are simply subdivisions of the greater polarity between positive and negative, dark and light.  

It matters not, though, to place a label on or assign a definition to any individual, this is only a continuation of the distortion.  Together all, we are One; As One, we are all together.  What is little understood, however, is that those  parts of creation which choose the path of negative polarity, or service to self; and those achieving positive polarity, ascending from this linear matrix and remaining to inhabit new earth, will no longer be coexisting in physical proximity.  

Whether you are a warrior soul, a martyr, an avatar of love and light; whether it is your part to harbor, understand and transform darkness, or it has been necessary for you to manifest pure white light, we are functioning in unity.  Humanity is coalescing into a social-memory complex:  a civilization of individuals who function with a singular intention, each member having at their access, the combined power of the entire society.

It is happening!  This is the time! Consider the possibility, open your heart to the signs-at whatever level or function, the inhabitants of Gaia are spiraling towards zero point, divinity, neutrality, and much adjusting will be necessary.   In the years to come, every soul incarnate on earth must come to understand neutrality and the lifting of the veil.

Those of us awakening and having these discussions as the calendar date of "ascension" approaches, have much work to do, but it is a work transforming from a battle, to a labor of love. Assisting in the transition of the planet from the dualistic complexity of the old energy paradigm, which becomes non-optional after Earth passes through the zero point of 2012, occurring at a precise juncture in space-time and time-space, and regardless of the readiness of the planet. 

What will make a difference in the ease of transition, is the readiness of the workers, warriors, and wanderers of light; and our realization of harmony, focus and unity of intent.

Many qualities of warrior-like energy souls have been on Earth to embody and become about fighting for what is right. It's about feeling the need to save and fix their environment and those around them, unconsciously taking on and internalizing the energies around them as if it was their own in order to transmute them to higher vibrations, creating an urgent almost dramatic call for those around them to awaken, and working extremely hard to expand emotionally, spiritually, mentally, financially, and in most areas of their lives.

What a gift these souls have been to the evolution of our planet! It’s greatly because of their tireless dedication, consistency, and hard work to their own personal inner and global work these past many decades that we are now in a brand new space where many more people have awakened to their greatest self choosing to create a new world of unity, compassion, love, ultimate joy, and peace.

We have now collectively raised the consciousness of the planet to such soaring heights that the ‘fighting’ and ‘saving’ persona that many of us identified ourselves as being for so long have fully served their purpose and are no longer a prominent part of our conscious advancement as a collective. That is not to say that everyone will want to let go of their warrior identity as it has it’s place in the collective. However, for those who are indeed exhausted by this way of life can now choose otherwise, because the Divine foundation has been anchored. There is just no turning back to the old paradigm of lack, struggle, and limitation.

Unless we are one that enjoys struggling and fighting in most areas of our lives in order to bring about change and transformation, we can now give ourselves full permission to release the warrior identity of having to make things harder than they really need to be, and step into the new vibration of ease, grace, comfort, abundance, and love that is emerging on the planet. This is what we’ve worked so hard to achieve, and now it’s here for us to anchor ourselves in and enjoy fully.

If we are someone who finds ourselves still struggling and experiencing much difficulty in our life and are ready to let this struggle go, it could just be that we’ve unintentionally taken vows, oaths, and contracts with ourselves to remain that warrior we’ve known ourselves to be for so long. There could be some past life religious programming that we might be carrying having very much to do with taking on the role of the martyr. If we do feel we’ve taken on some of these obligations and programs, all that is asked of us is to ‘choose’ or ‘intend’ for them to be resolved, cleared, and released once and for all, from all time, space, lifetimes, and dimensions we’ve carried them. With this simple intention, we set things into motion so that those old patterns can begin to resolve quickly. We can then ease into the knowing that we are fully supported by the Universe in our decision as we choose to anchor in a beautiful life experience that unfolds with ease and grace. We are absolutely worthy and deserving of it, and no longer have to fight in the name of spirituality.

The attachments to specifics or that overwhelming ‘need’ for something outside ourselves to fulfill us is disappearing before our very own eyes. What an extraordinary space to be in, because it’s when we are completely indifferent to the specifics (the how, when, where, what, who, why) that we create the ‘Most Miraculous Out-of -this World Life’ for ourselves. The length of time we are finding ourselves in this space is becoming longer, and soon enough it will be the norm for many. Indifference isn’t to be mistaken for not caring, in fact, it’s the opposite.

Because we are now entering this new space of being completely detached to the specific outcomes of what our lives ‘should’ look like or ‘how’ our manifestations need to appear, the seeds we’ve been planting for years are now beginning to blossom. Isn’t it awe-inspiring how powerful our deliberate manifestations become when we become indifferent to the specifics? This really is one of the greatest concepts quantum physics has shown us, and when we are able to work with this concept we are gifted with the experience of instant transformation.

What we focus on on always expanded. This is true now more than ever. Those that focus on war will live in a world of war. Those that focus on pollution and nuclear waste will live in the world. But we don't have to.

Peace is a state of mind we can acquire when we come to know that life may not always be rosy. As humans, we are subject to the whims of our emotions and the fragile state of our lives. Standing in the midst of personal and global chaos it is easy to make snap judgments based on many outside influences. When we encounter a stranger the first reaction may be fear. Who is our enemy now? How do we handle these fears and judgments? What is the right choice about whom to trust and love? We try to make the loving, the creative decision, but we cannot know whether or not we are right. Alleluia! We don’t have to be right! We do have to love, to be vulnerable, to accept joy and pain, and to grow through them.

In Ethics for the New Millennium, The Dalai Lama tells us, "I believe that our every act has a universal dimension. Because of this, ethical discipline, wholesome conduct, and careful discernment are crucial ingredients for a meaningful happy life." He asserts that creating contentment is critical for the welfare of the universal community. When you are content, you cannot sow the seeds of envy, greed or resentment. In essence, we are part of the global family. We can no longer ignore the world because it is now knocking loudly on our door. As part of the universal community it is our responsibility to first take care of ourselves, practice and embody peace offering it to the world.

1. Get present

When you find yourself in the midst of a worrying situation, stop. Go inwards, and ask yourself “what is wrong in this moment?” usually, nothing is wrong right now. It is when we stray off into past regrets and future concerns that anxiety kicks in. Don’t deny the problems you are facing, but don’t get lost in them either: being present will bring you greater alertness and inner security, allowing you to face challenges more objectively and with greater calm.

2. Laugh at yourself

When you realise you are obsessing with a concern or worry, laugh at yourself. Just look up at the sky and think, “Oh! I’m doing it again!” When you don’t take yourself so seriously, you immediately disarm the worry and anxiety of the intellect. This will help you take stock of the situation and reassess things more clearly.

3. Go with the Flow

As adults, we have lost the ability to flow. We cling to the idea of what we want, and fight against the current of life, because we think that what we want is what is going to make us happy, but that’s not the truth. Our happiness depends upon the choices we make in each moment. Am I choosing to be happy, or am I fighting for what I want? Am I attached to an idea or am I willing to flow?

4. Take responsibility for your own happiness

If only he wasn’t so … then I could be happy! Sound familiar? We are so dependent on the behaviour of those around us, that whenever they aren’t the way we want them to be, we suffer. If your happiness depends on other people, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. People change all the time, and things are never exactly how we expect. Stop trying to change others so that you can be happy. Instead, focus on praising and appreciating the people around you.

5. You have the greatest power of all

The power to create your own reality. If most people came to the full realization that they are the creators of their own fears, happiness, pains and wellness, we would likely witness society's transformation overnight. We pursue happiness not realizing it lies within ourselves. Focus on your power as a sovereign being and you will soon manifest what you feel at will.

Now is a good time to reach deep into your pocket where you stowed a bit of hope and share it with those whose pockets are empty, save for yesterday’s lint. Now is the time to put your ears and eyes and hearts together to sense a response to the earnest questions and wishes for a sign from the heavens that you are connected to a network of loving creation. The world is shifting into place for a new band of frequency to be detected. While the transformation is underway, you will yet see distress. More is coming. Hold your hearts together amid the mayhem and let each other know, in whatever way you can, that come what may, there will be no separation from what is to be. Mourn the loss, be of comfort where you can, and with awe for the transformation in every being from death to life, share hope, open your hearts and see where light is waiting to appear. Remember who you are, remember where you are from, and know that you are becoming the people you have been destined to be. Love is your nature. You cannot lose that.


Reference Sources
April 20, 2011


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