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Why A Major Earthquake Is Soon Coming To A West Coast Near You

Whether you live in the United States, Canada or Mexico, the signs are all there. A major earthquake is about the hit the west coast of North America and it will be devastating. Here's why.

A series of earthquakes that is following the Pacific Ring of Fire is likely set to hit the west coast of North America. Although very difficult to predict, some experts suggest it could happen in as little as a few weeks to months time.

Marine life often anticipate upcoming quakes and dead fish have been a fairly accurate indicator of earthquakes mainly "due to the changes in magnetic fields that precede quakes," according to Geologist Jim Berkland. It's also not uncommon to see mass deaths of marine life after large disruptions and solar activity.

The earthquakes in Chile and New Zealand were both preceded by mass deaths of marine and wild life. More than 100 whales washed up on New Zealand's shore days ahead of its deadly earthquake. Tonnes of fish and penguins continued to wash up on the shores of Chile in the preceding months before the 8.8 magnitude quake struck the Maule Region.

On March 8th, 2011, a rare phenomenon occurred on a beach south of Los Angeles after millions of dead fish were found floating in the harbor in Redondo Beach. Some scientists are speculating that this is a sign of a potential large quake in the coming months to California.

"The next quake to hit California will be devasting," said seismologist Dr. Andrew Fortin who studies the effects of earthquakes and tsunamis.

Japan's recent catatrophic earthquake and tsunami were triggered by massive events of solar activity and tidal forces.

According to Berkland, the highest tidal forces are coming up this weekend beginning on March 19th, 2011 which he calls a "seismic window." That doesn't necessarily mean "a large event" will happen at this time, however smaller events may and aggregate a larger event.

Tidal stresses are directly associated with the varying distance between the Earth and Moon. On March 19th, the moon will be at its closest point in 18 years — a mere 356,577 km away. This phenomenon is also called 'lunar perigee' the opposite of the 'lunar apogee' when the Moon is furthest from Earth. The term refers to the size of the moon that will appear 14 per cent larger.

"The same force that raises the 'tides' in the ocean also raises tides in the [Earth's]crust," said Geoff Chester, an astronomer and public affairs officer with the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C.

A recent report released by the Institute of Physics of the Earth, in Moscow, is warning that the America’s are in danger of suffering a mega-quake of catastrophic proportions until the end of March, with a specific emphasis being placed on the United States, Mexico, Central America and South American west coast regions along with the New Madrid Fault Zone region.

This report further warns that catastrophic earthquakes in Asia and the sub-continent are, also, “more than likely to occur” with the earthquake in Japan being “one of at least 4 of this intensity” to occur during this same time period.

Raising the concerns of a mega-quake occurring, this report says, are the increasing subtle electromagnetic signals that are being detected in the Earth’s upper atmosphere over many regions of the World, with the most intense being over the US Western coastal and Midwest regions.

Important to note are that Russian and British scientists are at the forefront of predicting earthquakes based on these subtle electromagnetic signals and have joined in an effort to put satellites in space to detect more of them.

More ominously in this report are Russian scientists confirming the independent analysis of New Zealand mathematician and long-range weather forecaster, Ken Ring, who predicted the deadly Christchurch quake and this week issued another warning of a quake to hit on or about March 20th.

Astrotometry of recent solar activity indicates an incoming magnetic disturbance which may coincide with a major seismic event. Sustained higher frequency energy moving through disturbances from multiple active solar regions is likely to mitigate the potential seismic activity. But the size of the disturbance and the potentially complimentary trajectories of recent coronal mass ejections indicate events as strong as 8.0 in magnitude may be possible.


Liz Bentley is a graduate in geology, professional photographer and freelance journalist with an acute insight into fossil records and climatology.

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March 17, 2011


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