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Health Canada Wants Canadians With Weakened Immune Systems To Eat Pasteurized, Dead Foods

Earlier last month, Health Canada issued an advisory warning all Canadians with weakened immune systems to make certain they only consume pasteurized foods including hot dogs and deli meats.

The deplorable information update was issued by the federal health agency on January 11, 2011.

"Make sure to cook hot dogs and deli meats until they are steaming hot before eating them," stated one bullet point of the advisory.

A health agency that was truly concerned about the health of the population would recommend AGAINST any consumption of hot dogs and deli meats, and not how to cook them safely. There is no way to eat poison safely.

It seems that foods which are completely devoid of any nutritional value and filled with toxic chemical agents and preservatives are acceptable to Health Canada for people with weakened immune systems, provided they are steaming hot before being consumed.

Why does Health Canada not care to mention that more than 90% of all hot dogs contain less than 10% real beef, hydrolyzed soy, MSG, corn, artificial flavouring, wheat gluten and sodium nitrites?

Each of these ingredients can directly or indirectly DECREASE the immune system. Additionally, studies have found that nitrites can lead to the formation of cancer-causing chemicals called nitrosamines.

In a recent study, researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) have found that eating processed meat, such as hot dogs or processed deli meats, was associated with a 42% higher risk of heart disease and a 19% higher risk of type 2 diabetes.

But as long as they're served steaming hot, don't worry about it.

Other piteous recommendations included avoiding raw milk and fresh juice.

Populations all over the world have subsisted on raw milk for centuries. Researchers discovered that cows on organic dairy farms are healthier and less stressed than conventional cows, largely thanks to a more natural, forage-based diet instead of the grain and ground-up bones that usually pass as cattle feed on factory farms. Raw milk from pasture-fed livestock provides the most benefit, promoting the cultivation of healthy bacteria and active enzymes that enhance immunity, digestion and nutrient assimilation.

Unlike conventional, pasteurized milk which can cause heart-disease and diabetes, raw milk can actually prevent these conditions.

However, the misguided, uninformed opinion from Health Canada is that the reverse is true and that dead, refined, pasteurized and processed milk is the way to go to increase immunity. Read more on the benefits of raw milk from

Health Canada would also have us believe that a freshly squeezed glass of fruit juice is a danger to our health and our immune system unless it's pasteurized.

Alissa Hamilton, author of Squeezed: What You Don’t Know About Orange Juice, states: “In the process of pasteurizing, juice is heated and stripped of oxygen, a process called deaeration, so it doesn’t oxidize. Then it’s put in huge storage tanks where it can be kept for upwards of a year. It gets stripped of flavor-providing chemicals, which are volatile. When it’s ready for packaging, companies such as Tropicana hire flavor companies such as Firmenich to engineer flavor packs to make it taste fresh. People think not-from-concentrate is a fresher product, but it also sits in storage for quite a long time…”

What kind of bizarre existence do we live in where we are being instructed (by those who presumably protect our health) to eat or drink dead foods, stripped of any and all nutritional value?

Dangers of Pasteurization

When certain procedures go unquestioned, we accept them as being “just the way things are.” But pasteurization and homogenization denature foods. They alter the chemical structure of food, make fats rancid, destroy nutrients and result in the formation of free radicals in the body. The fact is everything we know about cow's milk and dairy is probably part of a dairy industry myth.

That fact is, conventional cow milk has measurable quantities of herbicides, pesticides, dioxins (up to 200 times the safe levels), up to 52 powerful antibiotics (perhaps 53, with LS-50), blood, pus, feces, bacteria and viruses. But since it's pasteurized, regulatory agencies feel there is no health risk to the public.

Pasteurization destroys enzymes, diminishesvitamin content, denatures fragile milk proteins, destroys vitamins C, B12 and B6, kills beneficial bacteria, promotes pathogens and is associated with allergies, increased tooth decay, colic in infants, growth problems in children,osteoporosis, arthritis, heart disease and cancer.

And pasteurization does not always kill the bacteria for Johne’s disease suspected of causing Crohn’s disease in humans with which most confinement cows are infected. Much commercial milk is now ultra-pasteurized to get rid of heat-resistant bacteria and give it a longer shelf life. Ultra-pasteurization is a violent process that takes milk from a chilled temperature to above the boiling point in less than two seconds.

The recommendations as expressed in Health Canada's advisory are a very clear indication of Canada's overhwhelming need to reform this regulatory agency.

Heroes such as Shiv Chopra fought long and hard to stop the Canadian government from allowing Canadians to be exposed to ineffective and harmful vaccines, genetically modified foods, pesticides, carcinogenic antibiotics and hormones (such as Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH)) used in food-producing animals. Speaking the truth eventually cost him his job.

We need more whistleblowers like Shiv Chopra within Health Canada to expose this agency for what it is...a pharmaceutical supported crime syndicate whose purpose is to keep Canadians sick and diseased.

The ignorance and complete lack of education regarding nutrition is widespread among it's advisors. They are incapable through either policy or advisory, to protect or maintain the health of Canadians, especially those with weakened immune systems. Wake up Canada, before Health Canada puts you to sleep for good!

Natasha Longo has a master's degree in nutrition and is a certified fitness and nutritional counselor. She has consulted on public health policy and procurement in Canada, Australia, Spain, Ireland, England and Germany.


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February 25, 2011


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