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Chakras and The Sound of Health

When physiotherapy, yoga and painkillers failed, A mirror reader took to sound therapy to fight her spondylitis problem. She recounts her experience

Nearly seven years ago, a bout of spondylitis put Nandini Rajan Adhvaryu's personal and professional life on hold. Her tutoring job and long hours spent on the computer only worsened the problem. Slowly, the 48-year-old started shirking everyday chores and even began neglecting her daughters' academic work. "The unbearable pain affected my emotional state of mind and social life," she reveals.

She underwent the routine drill of physiotherapy, painkillers and medicines prescribed by her husband, incidentally a homeopath. She also started practising yoga, but the relief was temporary as the pain reoccurred and exacerbated.

In tune
Two years ago, a family friend introduced her to sound therapy. It's based on the belief that everything in the cosmos (including humans) has a unique rhythm and pulse. Together it generates a distinct, natural sound frequency. "Every cell consists of 70 per cent water, making our system an excellent conductor of vibrations and sound therapy an effective method of healing," says Harendra Khurana, a music therapist with Sound Space.

The aim is to get the mind in tune with the body with the aid of a healer. At a certain 'zero state', the chakras turn sensitive to sound and the patient can sense the healer's vibrations. Using this interpersonal healing process, Khurana helps people balance their chakras that control all body functions. "An imbalance causes diseases, but if they are in order, it boosts immunity and helps react to medicines. The resonance module helps align the chakras through the power of human voice, bija mantras, music, colour and visualisation," adds Khurana.

Therapy time
During the once-a-week, 45-minute long sound therapy sessions, Adhvaryu was made aware of her chakras. She also learnt to align them by channelising her own voice. The therapy involved reciting the bija mantra with the help of a tanpura where the instrument helped give her the right pitch to create the desired resonance. She mentions, "The process calmed me down. I was able to concentrate on my faulty chakras and my incorrect seating posture. I couldn't do that earlier due to problems such as acidity and anxiety, which were again related to spondylitis."

Within seven months, Adhvaryu witnessed improvement. Today, she is not only fit but has also weaned her body off medication. "I feel more energetic and can put in more hours of work in everyday activities. It has improved my lifestyle, for the better," she smiles.

Know your chakras
The seven chakras which are vulnerable to sound are: root support, sacral, the solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown.

- Starting from the perineum at base of the spine is the root support chakra. Blockages in this chakra could result in spinal problems, weight disorders, premature ejaculations, hemorrhoids and knee troubles.

- The second one, sacral chakra positioned halfway between the pubis and navel, connects the human body to others through feeling, desire, sensation and movement. Any obstacle in this chakra could result in sexual malfunctions, kidney trouble and even result in a stiff lower back.

- The third chakra, the solar plexus is located at the base of the sternum. The blockage in this chakra causes psychosomatic disorders such as depression, anger and even poor digestion.

- Placed at the centre of the chest, the fourth chakra, heart relates to the thymus gland. It encourages feelings of love and compassion.

- The fifth is the throat chakra which helps us experience the world symbolically through vibration and rhythm. Any form of congestion in this chakra causes sore throat, vertigo, allergies, skin diseases and sometimes, difficulty in expressing oneself.

- A healthy sixth chakra, third eye, which is sited a little above and between the eyebrows, creates clarity of thought, inner wisdom and intuition.

- The seventh chakra, crown is the highest in order. It symbolises the highest state of enlightenment and facilitates our spiritual development.

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February 16, 2011


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