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The Hidden Force In Us Needs Space and Time To Unravel Its Treasures

All living things go through the cycle of life. There is a constant stripping of outer layers of being and the evolution of inner states.

During inclement periods, there may be no outer manifestation of the life pulsating beneath the surface. As soon as better times manifest, life continues uninterrupted.

Nature is a source of inspiration. Trees and flowers that hibernate in winter put out bold green shoots at the start of spring. The cycle of death and new life on earth is like the intricate pattern of nature that human life repeats.

At each stage of life we are faced with fresh challenges. And at each stage there is hidden strength at the centre of our being which rises to meet circumstances and overcome hurdles. Like hidden treasure, we can call on our buried wisdom to guide and lead us when we are in a quandary, faced with doubt and despair.

The hidden force in us needs space and time to unravel its treasures. We need to develop physically, mentally and emotionally and also spiritually. Spiritually, we find that people who live close to God, in whatever way He manifests Himself to them, have devoted time to conversation, prayer and service to God. They have also had space to search and shovel out the extraneous and to focus on the beautiful and the noble in human existence.

Whenever we are faced with a catastrophe, it is the hidden force within us that rallies our defeated soul and its energies and leads us to tap the deeper recesses of our being that we never suspect existed.

It is as if we have an inner survival kit that gets activated when our energies flag. For those of us who realise that everyday prayer is a necessity and not a luxury reserved for a few enlightened souls, sooner or later we dip into our inner core and activate this survival kit.

The hidden treasure has nothing to do with egotism. It makes us realise how limited we are but that with our limited powers we can still contribute to living and add our own footprint to the many footprints that others have left behind. We can create beauty, we can set lofty ideals and we can leave our mark on life.

Once we become aware of the life force that each of us carries within, we realise that we are here on this earth for a purpose. The hidden treasure is the divine life within us. Like the merchant who on finding a pearl of great price sold everything else to acquire this pearl, we too begin to focus on the really essential.

Once we find this treasure, we redirect our efforts and our goals. We find that one of the best ways to share this treasure with others is to serve our brothers and sisters. The hidden treasure also helps us develop deep insight. We perceive differently and so our lives acquire an added dimension. Call it what you will, this added dimension is that which gives weight to all we do. It raises our sights to higher goals and helps us connect with others more deeply.

Many of us live most of our lives without becoming conscious of this hidden treasure that we have within. As we approach our end, we cannot but stumble upon our hidden friend. Our best friend is buried within us. No matter where we go or how high we climb, it makes the climb easier, the goal worth reaching. Guard your hidden treasure then and it will take you places, not on the outer journey but on the inner journey we all have to undertake in our lives.

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January 24, 2011


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