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Psychoenergetics: How Subtle Energies Relate To Human Consciousness

William A. Tiller, Ph.D. is professor emeritus of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University. Tiller appears in the film What the Bleep Do We Know!?. His seminal book is the 1997 Science and Human Transformation, which postulates the existence of subtle energies, beyond the four fundamental forces, which act on the human consciousness.

Tiller claims to have discovered a new class of natural phenomena which he calls "subtle energies", which manifest themselves in the practices of healers and other practitioners of the paranormal. Tiller defines the term psychoenergetics as the study of these energies in relation to human consciousness. He sees a connection between nonphysical consciousness and the quantum phenomena. These findings are not accepted in the mainstream scientific community.

He is currently director of the Tiller Foundation, an organization devoted to his research in subtle energies and psychoenergetics.

He discussed the conscious creation of a new paradigm with Celeste Adams:

"People know the things I'm talking about deep within themselves. What I have done is to articulate those things in the language that has value today, that is, the language of science. The goal that I have taken is to try to build a reliable bridge of understanding that will join seamlessly with our conventional knowledge and our conventional paradigm. This bridge will pass all the way through the subtle domains, to the domains of emotion, mind, and spirit, so that scientists and others can cross that bridge with confidence.

There is no place, in the formal structure of the existing paradigm, where any human qualities of consciousness, intention, emotion, mind, or spirit can enter. Yet there's abundant data showing that humans can have a significant effect on physical reality, no matter how much conventional science denies that. They either have to sweep all this data under the rug, which is really what they've done, or they have to realize that the beautiful paradigm they have isn't beautiful enough. It means that a new expansion is required.

It's just new physics. It's a multi-dimensional view of reality, wherein humans can influence physical reality. My view is that we are all spirits having a physical experience as we ride the river of life together.

We have a bio-body suit surrounding us, made of four layers.

The outermost layer is the electric monopole substance layer — that's our conventional world. The first inner layer is magnetic monopole substance layer — that's the coarsest layer of the vacuum. It's another part of physical reality. The next inner layer is the emotion domain substance layer. And the fourth inner layer is the mind domain substance layer.

This is like a kind of diving bell. There's a portion of our spirit self inside this device. The spirit activates the device through intention.

The action of our vehicle interacting with the world builds infrastructure into the various layers of the bio-body suit. The more infrastructure there is in the layers, the more of the high-spirit self that can enter the vehicle. Then the vehicle becomes more conscious. And as it becomes more conscious, it has more awareness to things it could never perceive before.

We show that in our experiments. In every measurement of what we call physical reality, there are two parts. There is a part associated with this outer-layer stuff — conventional physical reality. There is a part that is associated with this first inner layer. In the normal reality that we all experience that's called a U{1} Gauge symmetry state. In that reality, the second part is very small in magnitude compared to the first. You have to do very good statistical experiments to discriminate that factor, and that's where most of parapsychology is.

The work of Dean Radin, with his book The Conscious Universe, shows unequivocally that this PSI capability exists in humans. But the effect size is small in most circumstances.

There are superstars in that area, just like the Michael Jordans and the Tiger Woods superstars in normal physical reality. However, generally the effect size is small.

Now, we find that when we imbed intention into these simple electrical devices and we turn them on beside a target experiment, and when we do the experiment again and again — after about three to four months, that space becomes conditioned, and goes to a higher level of symmetry. These experiments indicate that.

There is a strong coupling that occurs between this normal outer layer and the first inner layer. As that coupling increases, the magnitude of the second term grows, and eventually it can be much larger than the first term. Now you've produced quite a different reality. You have new physics. You have all kinds of new things.

This is not unlike to what humans have done for centuries. This happens when well-intended people meet and meditate together and pray together for an uplifting ideal. When they leave that meeting, they all feel good because they've really connected. There's something left in that space. If they wait a long time before they come back to that space, it may decay, but if they come back the next day, before it's fully decayed, then they can pump it up a little higher. If they do that day in and day out, week in and week out, month in and month out, they eventually create what we call "sacred space" — whether they are cathedrals or wherever they are on the earth.

This is a strange phenomenon. We don't fully understand it, but we certainly feel it. Humans have the capacity to do that, but it requires sustained, committed, directed intention.

The solution is for us to learn how to love more fully and deeply; to look at the world through our hearts as well as through our heads — to become more inner-self managed. You're self-managed when enough of this spirit self comes into this bio-body. Then you recognize that you're part of everyone and they're part of you. If you build them, you build yourself. There's no lack of connection.

It turns out that in the outer layer of our bio-body suit, our neural systems are based upon contrast. We appear to be separate from each other, but there is a kind of reciprocal mirror relationship between the outer layer and the first inner layer. At this first inner-layer level we are connected, we are all entangled. One cannot do anything without others being influenced, because we are entangled. We are truly connected at that level.

We create the future collectively all the time. At the reciprocal space level, it is the first inner-layer of the bio-body suit. That's the template, that's the prephysical, in essence.

By our individual attitudes and our thoughts, we make imprints and create changes at this reciprocal space level, this first inner level of the bio-body suit. The mathematics of that plays out to change the future that we are cognitively aware of in distance-time.

If we make pattern changes at the high frequency level of reciprocal space, then it emerges very quickly in distance-time. If it is in the low frequency region, than it takes some time for it to emerge. That's just part of the mathematics, connecting these two subspaces. That's really how we are creating the future in the large overview sense.

The primary nodal network point grid is the mind lattice. The secondary one is this reciprocal space, the first inner layer of the bio-body suit. Its grid size is about 10 to the minus 15 meters. Then there is the third super-lattice, of nodal points, which is the physical domain super-lattice. That's at a grid spacing of about 10 to the minus 5 meters.

These nodal points are transducers and transponders. They are converters of consciousness to energy. They are elements that respond to consciousness.

Spirit makes an intention. The intention is imprinted in some format onto the mind nodal network lattice. Those consciousness waves are propagated and diffracted from the mind lattice to the next super-lattice, also hexagonal {CP} and 90 degrees rotated from the primary one. This means that the diffracted beam from the mind lattice goes through the nodal network points of the reciprocal space lattice. They are converted and downshifted into another frequency band. They are converted into some other aspect of consciousness waves. They are defracted from that sublattice, the reciprocal space nodal network points, and those diffracted beams go through the nodal network points of the third sublattice: the physical sublattice nodal network points.

All those nodal points are converters — certainly the latter two, the reciprocal space and the direct space nodal network lattices. They convert consciousness to energy and send energy beams to the surrounding area. That's what our physical stuff responds to.

I think that there is a further conversion, from consciousness to love. Love — Divine Love, from the level of spirit — creates everything. It goes to consciousness, and consciousness goes to energy, and energy goes to matter. That's the picture I hold, and that's how the geometries come in and are important. This is how intention from the level of spirit can influence the substance of the outer layer of the bio-body suit, and that aspect of the world.

As we increase, through intention, the coupling between the outermost layer and the first inner layer, we increase the magnitude of the effect. If the effect becomes big enough, we totally change the world.

As you condition the space to a higher level of symmetry, you can see it as a sort of spot that starts in one place, and then another place, and then another place. We have seen this in the various laboratories that we've conditioned. Once they are conditioned beyond a certain level, you can take away the conditioning device, and they can stay stable, in one place, for well over a year and still keep going.

It looks to me that this is the way that humanity can eventually change the level of Gauge symmetry of the world. It will be a totally new experience, a new world. How long it will take to get there I don't know. But we're on the path.

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January 3, 2011


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