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Managing The Positive and Negative Vibes of Others

Have you wondered why we like being with some people and why we want to stay away from others? The reason is simple. We feel good around anyone who is calm and at peace, or creates a serenity around them while we feel anxious around those who create disturbances around themselves thereby giving signals for people to stay away. The difference is the ying and the yang between positive and negative vibrations.

Waves that a person radiates directly affect his immediate environment and yet the state of the person is also dependent on its immediate environment. So, what a disturbed person would radiate would not only affect the immediate environment but also their complete creation. Thus, it can be assumed that a person who is troubled would spread disturbances into their immediate surroundings, and as its effect would in turn get more disturbed; and all this would have a chaotic and cumulative effect on the whole environment.

The above clearly tells us why the present state of the world is what it is today. We, the selfish beings of today cannot think beyond ourselves and just want peace for the self, failing to understand that if there is disturbance around us how can we ever be peaceful!

Being at peace is only possible if there is peace all around us. Here is are some suggestions:

Sit in a comfortable position preferably cross legged on the floor. Closing your eyes and think of a peaceful place or thing in nature. Gently inhale and exhale such that your breathing takes on a soft rhythmic movement. Then take your awareness to your anahat chakra (the chest region). Become aware of the entire creation in front of you. Feel one with the whole creation and focus in a relaxed state.

- Visualize peace in the universe

- Visualize peace on mother earth and our oceans
- Visualize peace in the plant kingdom
- Visualize peace among all life forms

At the end you will find yourself enveloped in a peaceful cocoon, where everything is beautiful and at peace. Even when you get up (make sure you get very slowly) you will carry the peaceful vibrations not only inside you but also around you. No matter what troubled you before now the world is your beautiful oasis.


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