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Autism: Made in the USA Transcript

During the Greenbelt MD Film Festival a documentary was shown which addressed a dramatic rise in autism cases in children, as well as deemed likely causes (primarily vaccinations), as well as methods which have alleviated the effects of autism for some children. But, this documentary has twice now come under fire on the part of Sandra Lange in the Greenbelt News Review.

Here is the sequence of events:
1. Oct 25, 2009, Dr. Gary Null’s documentary, Autism: Made in the USA, was shown in the Greenbelt (Maryland) Utopia Film Festival.

2. Oct 29, 2009, the Greenbelt News Review (GNR), published Sandra Lange’s article about the Greenbelt Utopia Film Festival, about half of which was criticism of Gary Null’s documentary.

3. Oct 30, 2009, Bill Norwood submitted to the GNR a letter to the editor, Unqualified Remarks on Autism Documentary, a rebuttal of Sandra Lange’s criticism.

4. Nov 5, 2009, the GNR published a diminished and re-titled version of Bill Norwood’s letter, and titled it: Show Movie Again.

5. Dec, 2009, Shadow of a Doubt, newsletter of the National Capital Area Skeptics published an article supporting Lange’s viewpoint, Review of Autism: Made in the USA.

6. Dec 24, 2009, the GNR printed an article, Lange Vindicated on Film Review, which told of the National Capital Area Skeptics’ support for Lange’s viewpoint.

In the Oct 29 issue of the GNR Sandra Lange, in her article on the Utopia Film Festival, expresses strong and clearly uninformed opinions (not in an opinions section of the paper) about Gary Null’s Documentary, Autism: Made in the USA. She speaks of a danger in the showing of this movie, while she does not mention the danger in our not knowing of the hazard that Dr. Null has so skillfully illustrated for us. She does not indicate whether she has ever even seen the documentary. She does not indicate an alternative explanation for the current epidemic of autism in our children. She asserts that tens of thousands of children are affected by autism. But, from the Autism Society of America we see that 1 in 91 newborns are affected and that 1 to 1.5 million Americans live with an Autism Spectrum disorder.

I recommend that individuals and organizations examine all sides and aspects of this issue and decide for themselves what would be best for any future or present infants and children for whom they might have responsibility, or upon whose lives they might have influence. And I recommend reading carefully the words of any who might effectively discourage your comprehensive researching of autism, or whose words reveal PR-type information management, or whose words focus more on character assassination than on the complexities of autism, or whose words tend to “sum up” "the autism issue by a criticism of just one or two studies. I can guarantee you that anyone who will broadly self-educate on autism will find that it will become easy to discern which individuals and organizations are actually operating in the best interest of families and children.

The writing and promotion of this transcript is part of my effort to correct the autism misinformation problem here in Greenbelt MD (and elsewhere). Another effort will be the writing of a critique of the work of the National Capital Area Skeptics on the autism problem.
(I would welcome any material already written.)

Notably, a coalition of Greenbelt’s environmentalist organizations has scheduled for Aug 16 a re-showing of Gary Null’s documentary here in Greenbelt, and we hope very much that we can generate enough of an event that it would be worth Gary Null’s investment to come and speak and answer questions – as well as accept our praise for the work of himself and his associates.

Author: Bill Norwood

Reference Sources
June10, 2010

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