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Surprised? WHO Announces That Seasonal Flu Vaccine Will Now Contain H1N1 Virus

As anticipated, this year's seasonal flu vaccine in the northern hemisphere will include the H1N1 virus, the World Health Organization (WHO) has announced.

The composition, announced after a four-day meeting of so-called experts, means the stockpiles of unused H1N1 swine flu vaccine will likely be used for part of the seasonal flu vaccine mix for the 2010/2011 flu season.

Most countries had to reduce their orders for the H1N1 vaccine after a mass awakening of the flu scam spread throughout the globe last fall, largely disabling the WHO and pharmaceutical machination. Media and governments around the world then launched artificial scarcity campaigns to attract those "on the fence" about the lab created virus. Once the vaccine was oversupplied, tactics were then used to disseminate fairy tales which attempted to qualify that only one dose, not two, was needed which was then held as the excuse for and contributed to the excess.

"The inclusion of the H1N1 pandemic virus in the influenza vaccine does not signal that the pandemic is over," said the WHO's Pandemic Special Adviser Dr Keiji Fukuda. "This virus is expected to be a significant threat to people as we go into the fall and winter period."

Fukuda continues to parrot the same rhetoric used by the WHO last year claiming that pregnant women continue to be at a target and are at "higher risk of infection and viral pneumonia from the H1N1 virus", when there are no well-documented case studies in any country that establish pregnant women as having an increased risk for pandemic flu. (See: More Scare Tactics To Convince Pregnant Women To Submit To The H1N1 Vaccine)

A committee of WHO's influenza so-called experts will meet on February 23 to evaluate whether the world is moving out of the pandemic, but they claim the H1N1 virus is expected to remain the dominant virus circulating worldwide regardless.

"The post peak period means that we continue to be in a pandemic," Fukuda said, but also means the virus is declining and flu infection rates are getting closer to normal.

The end of a pandemic is "more of a tailing off phenomenon."

H1N1 vaccine component held by pharmaceutical companies in bulk form -- but not that already put into syringes or vials -- may be used for the seasonal vaccine mix, he said.

What is very disturbing are the statements by Fukuda to encourage
national health authorities to combine several strains into a single "trivalent" shot, offer three separate vaccines, or use a separate H1N1 shot and combine the other two in one shot," he said.

Due to H1N1 and other viral tendencies to acquire genetics from their hosts and especially from vaccinated hosts, this could potentially turn a fake pandemic into a real pandemic by the end of this year. The vaccine will always escalate the lethal potential of any flu virus and subsequent pandemic, especially one that is lab created.

But according to Fukuda, "for many countries, I think the answer is that a trivalent vaccine would make sense," he said.

Meirion Evans, chair of the Health Protection Committee at the UK Faculty of Public Health, stated that the pandemic H1N1 flu may well return in the autumn in the form of seasonal flu.

It is clear that the WHO, health protection committees and agencies will push for a more potent form of the H1N1 vaccine some time this year. However, vaccinated hosts will clearly be the most lethal carriers of the virus. Once the H1N1 strain recombines and reassorts itself, the lethality of the virus will no longer be questioned. The question will be, when will it become a real pandemic?

Dave Mihalovic is a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in vaccine research, cancer prevention and a natural approach to treatment.

February 18, 2010

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