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The Public Health Agency of Canada
Is Already Hyping The 3rd Wave of Flu

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) is now playing the next instrument in their fear propaganda orchestra. Now that the current
wave of H1N1 activity has peaked in all provinces prompting many vaccination clinics to close, PHAC is now transitioning its vaccine marketing campaign to promote the third wave of the pandemic for
the next surge of vaccine hysteria in the coming year.

Dr. Frederick Hayden, a prominent vaccine and antiviral pusher from Britain's Wellcome Trust (a charity that funds biomedical research) is betting on what he says will be "a bump" of activity after Christmas. He suggests that the reason for the increase in activity will be due to susceptibility to the virus. Though whether that will be a full wave or just an upswing in cases, he's not sure.

Ironically, Dr. Hayden is the same medical official who was helping promote an ambitious plan in 2005, to stockpile massive quantities of antiviral drugs (Tamiflu and Relenza) in conjunction with PHAC. Funny enough, that article published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal four years ago was titled Feds to stockpile antivirals as pandemic "speed bump." Perhaps using the term "bump" is a prerequisite before initiating any mass promotion of antivirals.

Regardless of where the experts come down on the question of a third wave, they say one thing is a safe bet. Whether it's this winter or next, swine flu will be back, so we can all expect a never ending massage of vaccine propaganda from government.

Dr. Danuta Skowronski, an influenza epidemiologist at the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control said "the way I see it, basically people have two choices in general: Get immunized or get infected," she says. "Because this virus isn't going anywhere. It's ours now."

Skowronski, a staunch promoter of vaccines, is on record stating that "the benefits of the flu vaccine still outweigh the risks for the vast majority of people." Yet, the historical record of vaccines, their ineffectiveness and dangers proves the exact opposite.

The common stream of thought among all establishments that are studying the H1N1 outbreak is that it will follow the pattern of previous pandemics. The virus and its descendents will be among us for some undefined period of time. It could be years, it could be decades they say.

The burning question at this point, though, is what will pandemic H1N1 do over the next few months?

Flu season doesn't usually start in North America until late November or December at the earliest, with activity generally spiking in January or February. Is it possible we could face a winter where we got most of our flu activity out of the way before Christmas, or at least the illness caused by the pandemic strain?

Another so-called "flu expert" with the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr. Anthony Mounts says "there's a lot of winter left to go, and I think that's the big unknown." The WHO has been consistently downplaying the
dangers of mutated flu strains
which are misleading nations into a false sense of security.

Dr. Walter Dowdle from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control expects to see some ongoing transmission of the new virus, but not the sharp spike of activity seen in some places in the spring or early summer and seen in most places this fall.

Dowdle says we could even see "a peak here and there after Christmas." Places that didn't have as much illness as others likely have more "susceptibles" - people still vulnerable to the disease. "And for places that haven't had a lot of transmission you could very well see some uptick," he says.

The head of infection control at Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital,
Dr. Allison McGeer, believes we will face a third wave this winter. "I don't think the pandemic strain is finished. I think there are too many susceptibles. I think it's coming back."

Dr. Arlene King, Ontario's chief medical officer of health is big proponent of the "stop debating, keep vaccinating" argument. She stated "I'm concerned that the fixation on waves is distracting from the task at hand, which is to try to get as many people immunized as possible as quickly as possible." King was the Public Health Agency of Canada's point person for pandemic preparedness for years until she took the Ontario job last spring.

"The more people we get immunized and clearly the more quickly we get them immunized, the more cases we're going to prevent overall," she adds. "Maybe we can stop talking about a third wave if we get enough vaccine into the population."

Dr. Arlene King is highly misinformed medical charlatan when it comes to the real effects of vaccinations. That is why she is a well a positioned puppet used by the public health agencies of Canada to promote their poisonous vaccination agendas. She uses immunizing and vaccinating synonymously which is only the ostensible truth of the vaccination theory.

In reality, vaccination has no relationship whatsoever to immunization, a common misinterpretation that the medical community refuses to address. This fact is so obviously irrefutable when looking at natural infectious disease declines vs. vaccination effectiveness.

The coming 3rd wave of swine flu is not only being promoted by PHAC, but across what is the entire mainstream media empire. The fact is, there is a very deadly recombined or mutated virus that is now circulating the globe.

It is not H1N1 as we know it, but a much deadlier form capable of infecting and killing a much higher percentage than H1N1 ever could. They're calling it the upgrade, since there are again signs of lab engineering with a mathematical certainty that the virus did not evolve naturally.

The upgraded virus has already infected almost 2 million people in the Ukraine. They will likely time the release in North America sometime between January and February of 2010. Those reading this article in March will realize the full extent of what was planned.

The fact is, the promotion of this 3rd wave has nothing to do with actually protecting the public, but only further promotion of the poisons "they call" vaccination and immunization. There is no vaccine on earth that will be able to protect populations from this upgraded virus that is currently infecting millions around the world.

The next wave will not be an upswing or bump and is being proposed by many "so-called experts." It will likely be a full blown attack on every compromised immune system. You need to be prepared. Only adopting and embracing natural solutions will give your immune system a fighting chance.

Dave Mihalovic is a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in vaccine research, cancer prevention and a natural approach to treatment.

* A full list of h1n1 vaccine ingredients, alerts and warnings.

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December 1, 2009

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