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Canada Sets Aside 170,000 Doses of the Arepanrix H1N1 Vaccine After Reactions

More than 100,000 doses of the H1N1 vaccine are being withdrawn across Canada, after Manitoba health officials announced Thursday they'd noticed a higher-than-usual number of allergic reactions from one batch.

Vaccine manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has asked several provinces to set aside the 170,000 doses from the questionable batch.

GSK say the batch recall is a precaution an they will investigate to see whether there is something wrong with the batch.

Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) have been criticized by the decision to approve the Arepanrix vaccine without any safety or efficacy testing on a single Canadian. The vaccine was was rushed through regulatory processes to ensure it would be delivered.

British Columbia Centre for Disease Control has recently probed why residents have suffered anaphylaxis at a higher rate compared with the previous five seasonal-flu-vaccination programs, suggesting it could be because some people received H1N1 and the seasonal flu shot simultaneously.

"GSK is taking this cautionary action because the Public Health Agency of Canada has received a higher than expected number of reports of anaphylaxis in this lot number compared to other lots," the company said in a written statement Thursday.

One or two allergic reactions are expected in a batch that size. But health officials recorded six severe allergic reactions and alerted GSK.

"We've been asked by the manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline not to use this vaccine at this time, pending further investigation," said Kettner at a press conference Thursday.

"We are being cautious and following the advice... to hold onto the remaining stock until we get further information."

About 1,500 doses of the vaccine were sent to Ontario, but officials say none were administered. Officials are now shelving them until the investigation is complete.

The Alberta government has stopped giving out doses from the same batch, although it says it has not seen a jump in allergic reactions.

Most involved allergic reactions began within minutes of vaccination. All were treated promptly by medical people at the vaccination site.

One person is believed to have died from an anaphylactic reaction following vaccination, but Butler-Jones stressed the death hasn't been conclusively linked to the flu shot.

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Canada Sets Aside 170,000 Doses of the Arepanrix H1N1 Vaccine After Reactions

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Reference Sources:
November 20, 2009


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