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More Canadian Propaganda:
Hyping H1N1 Vaccine Scarcity

Opposition parties in Canada are having a field day hyping the scarcity of H1N1 vaccines and long line-ups in an effort to create a sense of urgency, panic and promote the polarization of political debates.

Yesterday the opposition Liberals pounced on the government in question period, accusing it of mishandling the H1N1 pandemic. Carolyn Bennett demanded to know why there is a shortage of vaccine that is pushing back the date that healthy Canadians can get inoculated. The untested Arepanrix flu shot will do nothing but harm the health of Canadians, but the issue is still under debate.

"It comes at the perfect time to boost liberal confidence for the 2009/2010 federal election," said political analyst Isabelle Poulin. "They know this a serious issue for Canadians and they have to publicize it as much as possible to make people angry and spark debates over issues that really don't really exist."

Meanwhile, major media outlets such as the Toronto Star and its web portal are doing their best to promote long line-ups and waiting periods to get a vaccine that nobody wants. As the government continues to stuggle to counter myths, recent polls have shown that more than 55%, and others close to 65% of Canadians do not want the vaccine.

Delays and glitches, the use of ticket systems to shrink line-ups and truly pathetic videos such as those from Star photographer Steve Russell are examples of how low the mainstream media will stoop to promote panic for a vaccine that Canadians are just not interested in.

Notice below how Russell emphasizes that the line-ups started at 4:30am, yet the woman speaking in the video states "I was surprised that nobody was here." The title of the video was "Vaccination lineup starts early."

Again, in the video below, Russel attempts to obtain a favourable response after emphasizing the 6am arrival time of a woman whose situation simply required her to work around her father's schedule. Unfortunately, she was getting the vaccination for her two children. The title of the video was " Vaccination lineup at Toronto Memorial."
Despite assertions by health officials that people would only need one shot, the Canadian government ordered 50.4 million doses of the H1N1 vaccine for a population that does not exceed 34 million. Yet highly populated provinces like Ontario seem to have trouble accessing just 5% of the stockpile even though Ontarians make up almost 40% of the Canadian population.

How can this be? A majority of Canadians are now aware of vaccine dangers and do not want the shot. This was obviously not a very well planned assumption of health officials. So the federal government has conspired with provincial bodies and media outlets to introduce the idea that the vaccines are scarce to essentially create a sense of urgency and panic.

News images of long lines, political debates and controversial public discussions that surround the issue are just part of this hoax being perpetrated around the world. It is not that the vaccines are not available or accessible - it is precisely the opposite. The vaccines are in such abundance and there is such a lack of public cooperation, that a psychological mainstream media operation is needed to draw more people to vaccination clinics.

The veil of deceit is getting thinner as Canadians are awakening to government control mechanisms. As more people become aware, the attempt to obtain greater control will increase, but the promotion of line-ups and artificial scarcity is a good sign that things are starting to fall apart for the controllers.

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Reference Sources:
November 3, 2009


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