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First Target of Vaccination Campaigns: Pregnant Women And Unborn Children

Government statistics are claiming that the swine flu has been hitting pregnant women unusually hard, so they are likely to be among the first group advised to get a new swine flu shot this fall.

On July 29th, a federal vaccine advisory panel is meeting to take up the question of who should be first to get swine flu shots when there aren't enough for everyone. At the top of the list are health care workers, who would be crucial to society during a bad pandemic.

Officials may propel pregnant women and their unborn children near the top of the list. This decision will mostly be attributed by unreliable and unsubstantiated reports which suggest that pregnant women have suffered and died from swine flu at disproportionately higher rates than the regular flu. Moreover, very little if any information from their medical reports reveals and rules out other health problems in each case.

Based on junk science, vaccine experts believe an effective vaccine would benefit not only a pregnant woman but also her unborn child.

Immunologist Sandra Diaz disagrees, "the reality of the swine flu vaccine is that it will offer absolutely no protective powers to pregnant women or their unborn children" she explained. "In reality, the swine flu vaccine (like any vaccine) only offers a way to further suppress the immune system with toxic adjuvants and preservatives" she said.

Many experts believe the swine flu vaccine ingredients will be similar if not identical to H5N1 flu vaccine developed by GlaxoSmithKline. The biological index of that vaccine includes chicken embryos and the H5N1 virus itself with the addition of a vast array of toxic chemicals including formaldehyde, squalene, thimerosal (mercury derivative), polysorbate 80 and aluminum adjuvant among others listed on the Biotechnology Information Institute website.

In response to WHO’s Phase 6 alert level, the CDC declared the H1N1 flu pandemic a public health emergency, which allowed the FDA to authorize drug companies to “fast track” experimental vaccines. Fast tracking means the new vaccines are not tested as thoroughly as vaccines which move through the normal licensing process.

In other words, a fast tracked vaccine will be available for use long before it can be proved safe for use.

In total, 6 major drug manufacturers are now in the process of creating experimental vaccines against the pandemic H1N1 swine flu virus. They include AstraZeneca's MedImmune unit, Australia's CSL Ltd, GlaxoSmithKline Plc, Novartis AG, Sanofi-Aventis SA and Baxter International. Between them they stand to make billions in profits.

Pharmaceutical giant Baxter International announced on June 12 it has a patented cell-based technology which reduces the development time to 13 weeks, down from the usual 26, and was scheduled to be completed this month.

Baxter is nothing if not aggressive about getting their influenza vaccines to market. In December, a Baxter facility in Austria sent a human flu vaccine contaminated with deadly H5N1 live avian flu virus to 18 countries, including the Czech Republic.

Novartis, another Big Pharma player, announced on June 12 that it, too, has produced a swine flu vaccine using cell-based technology and the adjuvant MF59.

An adjuvant is an additive designed to generate a stronger immune response to a vaccine. In other words, its purpose is to kick your immune system into overdrive so the size of the dose and number of vaccine doses you receive can be reduced.

The MF59 adjuvant is oil based and contains Tween80, Span85, and squalene. In studies of oil-based adjuvants in rats, the animals were rendered crippled and paralyzed.

Squalene brought on severe arthritis symptoms in rats, and studies in humans given from 10 to 20 ppb (parts per billion) of squalene showed severe immune system impact and development of autoimmune disorders.

"With the introduction of the swine flu vaccine's powerful immuno- supressing agents into the body, the degradation of health is not only a possibility, it is a certainty. It effectually could harm, or depending on the reaction, even kill a person of any age. Pregnant women should steer clear of not only the swine flu vaccine, but any vaccine to protect their health and that of their unborn child's" Diaz added.


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