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The Beginning of Modern Research

Dr. Kyoichi Nakagawa is considered the founder of modern magnetic research and the value of magnetism in enhancing health. He published a study in 1956, which claimed that the Earth's natural magnetic field had declined by at least 50%. He then went on to study the effects of magnetism on health. He coined the term Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome; this is where a lack of magnetic field causes aches and pains. During his studies, he noted that his patients received relief for about 3 weeks, but after this time period the beneficial effects of the magnets lessened. What Dr. Nakagawa did not account for was the different effects the positive and negative poles have on the body. This explains why his study participants experienced only temporary relief.

The Earth’s Magnetic Field

Over the last 165 years, scientists have measured the Earth's magnetic field and have recorded a decline of its' strength. Today the magnetic field of the Earth is measured at 0.5 gauss. It is estimated that the field of the Earth 4,000 years ago was 5.0 gauss. That is a decrease of 90%.

Why Do You Need Magnetism?

Science has established beyond all doubt that all living cells are electromagnetic by nature. There are only two natural sources of magnetism available to you: your brain and the Earth. Eighty percent of the human brain is composed of Astrocyte cells. These cells have the capacity to generate electricity and produce a pulsed, electro-magnetic field with efficiency. The Earth is your other source of magnetism. It provides a supportive, steady state, magnetic field, which your body draws on to enhance molecular reactions. These two magnetic fields work together to accomplish magnetic resonance, which dramatically enhances the chemical reactions of the body.

Magnetic Resonance

Magnetic resonance occurs when the brain’s pulsed magnetic frequency matches the frequencies of various tissues and organs. This is accomplished in 90-100 minute cycles, mostly while we sleep. Resonance will usually maintain a given frequency for a few seconds up to a few minutes. This range depends on the urgency and degree of repair or restoration needed. Magnetic resonance is desirable because it helps repair damage done to cells, makes enzymes, and enhances immunity.

Why do we need to augment naturally occurring magnetism?

There are two major factors adversely affecting magnetic resonance.

First, a gradual cyclic decline in our geomagnetic field has left the atoms of our bodies in a lower energy state, making it more difficult for magnetic resonance to occur. It is estimated that we have lost 80% of our magnetic field in the last 4000 years.

Second, in this technological age, the outside electromagnetic frequencies your body is exposed to are higher and stronger than ever before. As a result, these frequencies override the vital brain function of magnetic resonance with your organs and tissues. This interference leaves you in a fatigued state that, over an extended period, can contribute to the development of chronic ailments. This development is due, in part, to a lack of restorative resonance.

How can you restore the magnetic field your body needs?

These deficiency states can be overcome by exposing your body to an enhanced steady state, magnetic field (much like the Earth’s) during sleep. In North America, the magnetic field must be pure negative and completely pass through the body in order to complement the negative field of the Northern Hemisphere. By using our patented Magnetico Sleep Pad, you ensure your body will receive the right direction of magnetic energy, which is essential for organ and tissue restoration.

Magnetism and Your Body

Magnetism can affect your body in two ways, the first of which is the Earth-type (or unidirectional) field response. But to properly understand how magnetism helps us, let's start at the very beginning - the atoms that make up your body. Atoms are composed of even smaller particles, the largest of which are neutrons, protons, and electrons (Fig. 1).

Magnetic Sources

How Magnetism Effects Atoms

If a magnetic field in which an atom exists is increased, the velocity of the electrons and protons will increase or decrease, depending on the direction of the magnetic field and the orbits of the particles (Fig. 2). The outermost unpaired (valence) electrons are the ones that are shared to make up molecules. These molecules then join to make up the cells that constitute your body.

Magnet Electron Orbit

When a magnetic field passes through atoms in the correct direction, it increases their velocity and energy state, which, in turn, enhances the sharing of electrons (Fig. 3). The increase of precession, or wobble activity, in some electrons (depending on the relationship of their orbits to the magnetic field direction) also contributes to this effect. All this increased action is a catalyst for chemical reactions in the body. This may remind you fondly or otherwise of high school chemistry experiments, where you heat a solution of two elements to form a new compound. In this sharing of electrons, heat is the catalyst, or energy, that makes the elements share their electrons.

Valence Electrons

Which Direction, North or South?

The critical aspect of this activity is the direction of the magnetic field. How does one know if North or South is the right direction? Most cell division occurs during your first two hours of sleep, as this is when the brain produces most of its human growth hormone. The valence electrons (the critical ones) of the atoms of these new cells will orient their direction of orbit depending on the direction of magnetic field in which they divide. This will be whatever the Earth’s naturally occurring polarity is where you live. In the Northern hemisphere, the surface of the Earth is negative (-); in the southern hemisphere, it is positive (+). In either location, the Earth's field will pass right through your body in one direction.

Because the Earth’s magnetic field is depleted, your body does not achieve the magnetic resonance necessary to restore and rejuvenate your organs and tissues. A supplemental unidirectional field (like the Earth's) is needed to give extra zing to your electrons at the right time and in the right direction. The reduction of the Earth’s field is the most likely explanation for why the human body responds so well to magnetism, we are in a deficiency state!

Magnetico’s patented Sleep Pad is the best way to provide your body with the magnetic environment it needs to restore and rejuvenate itself. Magnetic resonance is essential to health, growth, and longevity.

The Bi-Polar Theory

Father and Son

The second way that magnetism can affect your body is through the use of alternating fields; in other words, exposing the body to positive (+) and negative (-) fields. Bi-polar fields will elicit an emergency response from the brain. This is because the positive (+) magnetic field is slowing down the electrons and protons, which signals a potential problem. Your body responds to this slowing down as an emergency. It addresses the emergency by sending more electromagnetic energy from the brain and more blood flow to the whole area where the magnetic stimulus is applied. As a result, your body is “tricked” into expending unnecessary energy. This is why the unidirectional negative (-) field you receive from the Magnetico Sleep Pad is the superior source of is a supplement rather than a stimulant.

The Similarity Between Bi-Polar
Magnetism & Acupuncture

Dr. Saul Liss, in a paper presented to the ninth International Congress on Stress, in February of 1997, proved that the response of the body to electro-acupuncture and a magnet placed on the acupuncture point were almost identical (Fig. 4). There was an increase in blood levels of serotonin (24%), beta-endorphins (45%), and ACth (15%). He also found a reduction in cortisol of 12%. This change in blood chemistry is evidence of the body's emergency response to magnetism and acupuncture. In fact, magnetism has been used in conjunction with acupuncture in Chinese Medicine for centuries.

The benefit of the acupuncture technique is that it has a net effect on the treated area. The drawback to this type of treatment is that it is dependent upon the subject’s vitality level. A high vitality results in a good response, but a low vitality results in a poor response. Also, too long or too large a stimulus can deplete overall vitality; this may leave depleted areas more vulnerable to problems or disease.


The obvious choice between the preceding methods of treatment is the unidirectional field. It works naturally with your body to help it function more effectively as well as increasing your body's energy rather than using it.

The question then arises, "How is it possible to make a pure magnetic field like the Earth's, which flows completely through your body in one direction?" Through correct engineering, Magnetico, has answered that question. Magnetico has designed the only magnetic sleep pad that will give you a pure unidirectional negative magnetic field that supplements the debilitating reduction in the Earth's magnetic field.

Scientific Validation

Red Blood Cell Studies

Clumped Blood Cells
Before: Note the clumped appearance of the red blood cells. This formation is typical in people with stress, health problems, or fatigue. Most people experience fatigue at the end of the day, this results in a loss of charge on blood cells causing them to stick to each other.

Unclumped Blood Cless
Twenty minutes of exposure to an increased negative magnetic field enhances chemical reactions, which builds up the charge on cell walls. The cells will then repel each other, eliminating the clumping. With more surface area available, the oxygen carrying capacity of the cells is greatly increased. Pulse oximeter tests confirm these substantial increases in oxygen saturation levels in the blood of individuals who had 20-minute sessions on the Magnetico Sleep Pad.

Health and Magnetism: Recent North American Studies

Field and Trees

A study conducted by Dr. Valbona at Baylor University found that pain from post polio syndrome was significantly reduced in a placebo controlled, double blind study using small bipolar magnets. The effect was temporary and was probably of the stimulatory type, but the study proves that there is an effect.

More recently, Dr. Weintraub, a neurologist at New York Medical College, completed and published a study using magnetic insoles in the reduction of pain from diabetic neuropathy. This was a placebo controlled, double blind study which showed a temporary, but significant reduction in foot pain.

Dr. Alfano and Dr. Taylor of University of Virginia have completed a larger study treating fibromyalgia patients with magnetic pads. They tested both the bipolar and unipolar (Magnetico) types of pad for their effectiveness in the reduction of pain and enhancement of function. This was a random, placebo-controlled study that showed an improvement in function as well as a reduction of pain at the end of the 6 month study. Only the Magnetico pad showed a significant reduction in pain and increase in function when compared to the placebo pads.


In a study presented as a paper at the North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy Convention in 1999, Dr. Bonlie demonstrated the effect of a reduced magnetic field on mice. He used a specially designed cage designed to block out magnetic fields. In doing so, he created an environment that reduced the magnetic field of the earth to one-tenth its present value. He then placed six, six-month old mice in the cage and found that they went into “slow motion.” One mouse died in 7 days and within 2 months the others compensated for their lack of energy by eating twice as much food, which made them very obese, but still left them slowed down by about 60%. This is another indication of the importance of environmental magnetism.

Dr. Gumiel DSc, a researcher working on Project Genesis for The World Development Organization, tested for longevity in enhanced magnetic fields. In testing twenty-three different species of insects, he found he could increase their life span by 5 times on average in comparison to the control group. He was also able to increase the life span of human tissue cells by 2.5 times.


Dr. G. Lewis MD conducted a double blind study with twenty-nine of his patients. Twenty used the Magnetico pad and 9 used placebo pads, all were on standard fibromyalgia treatment. At the end of a six-month period, the patients using the Magnetico pads showed an average of 2.4 times the improvement. This included pain reduction, better sleep, less fatigue, and the ability to do more hours of work. This study was presented to the North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy in January of 1996.

Dr. C. DeMarco MD of Toronto conducted a small pilot study with her six most debilitated Chronic Fatigue patients. At the end of six months, all patients using the Magnetico Sleep Pad and headboard showed improvement in 3 out of 5 dysfunctions; one patient improved in all categories. The categories were sleep, sense of well being, hours of work, fatigue after exercise, and cognitive ability. Three out of the 6 patients were able to return to work. Dr. Bonlie presented this study to the North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy.

Magnetico actively participates in collecting research data. The Magnetico Sleep Inventor, Dr Bonlie, has contact with many medical and scientific research professionals who are studying the effects of magnetism and its health benefits.

Who should use Magnetico Sleep Pads? Everyone - from infants to seniors!

  • Athletes – improve your body performance.
  • Individuals under high stress.
  • Individuals doing heavy physical work.
  • Individuals experiencing multiple health problems.
  • Individuals with chronic, low energy problems.
  • Pre- and post-surgical patients – speed your recovery and healing.
  • Infants – including premature babies and those suffering with compromised health.
  • Children – relieve growing pains and assist their immune systems.
  • Seniors – helps lessen concerns associated with aging.
  • Environmentally concerned individuals.
  • Everyone who wants to improve their quality of life!

Why use a Magnetico Sleep Pad?

Energy is the currency of life. Your of sources of energy are: your brain, food, and the Earth’s magnetic field. The problem is -- the Earth’s field is severely depleted – it has been reduced to one half of a gauss. Restoring this geomagnetic field is as important to your health and vitality as the quality of the air, water, and food that you consume. It is important that your body receives an adequate supply of this vital energy source while you sleep.

Sleep is not just about putting your feet up and nodding off. It is the vital time in which your brain cycles through all the various frequencies (or harmonics of frequencies) in the tissues of your body, matching them briefly by means of an ongoing process called “magnetic resonance”. One sweep through all body tissues constitutes a sleep cycle, partially restoring the charge on your fatigued cells from your daily mental and physical activities. After all the sleep cycles are completed, your body is re-energized and ready to face the coming day. Many of our clients report waking up earlier and feeling better with less sleep since investing in the Magnetico Sleep Pad.

You may be wondering if “resonance” still occurs without a Magnetico Sleep Pad. It does, but it takes significantly longer and is does not occur at the same level. If you were to enhance our depleted natural magnetic field produced by the Earth by ten, 20, or even 40 times, you could expect an improvement in body function and in your reserves of vitality and immunity. You would also make gradual gains with chronic ailments. Think of the Magnetico Sleep Pad as a more powerful engine in your car. It gets you up hills faster and with less wear and tear!

The Magnetico Six-Month Satisfaction Guarantee is in place to encourage you to try our Magnetic Sleep Pad, for yourself or for your family. We have been helping people since 1990, this is not a new gimmick, but a tried and tested product. It is a one-time investment, this “under- the-mattress” product never loses its charge, it keeps going and going and going!

The Benefits

The question everyone wants answered is "How can this help me?" Besides the overall energy increase, our customers have reported a variety of benefits.

Relief Of
Allergy Symptoms
Athletic Performance
Arthritis Sleep
PMS Symptoms Healing (esp. of muscles, ligaments and bones)
Pain Relief
Fibromyalgia Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Sore, tight muscles Hypertension
Back Problems Blood Pressure
Migraines Post Polio Syndrome
Circulation/Oxygenation ADD/ADHD
Bone Density Lupus
Energy Levels Multiple Sclerosis

Magnetico Sleep Pads and Detoxification


Detoxification is among the multiple benefits associated with Magnetico Sleep Pads. Through our years of research and experience, we have found that the increased negative magnetic field produced by a Magnetico Sleep Pad assists your body in expelling environmental toxins. You will be amazed at the renewed energy and symptom relief you will experience once your body is free of this environmental “sludge”.

How do Magnetico Sleep Pads detoxify?

Most toxins have a Positive (+) charge. The increased Negative (-) energy from the Magnetico Sleep Pad (which supplements the Earth’s depleted field) passes through all the cells of your body, thereby assisting the release of toxins and waste products.

How do you know its working?

In order for your body to expel these toxins, they must be filtered through your lymphatic system, passed through your liver and kidneys, and finally excreted in your urine. Fatigue, brain fog, and sciatic nerve sensitivity often accompany detoxification. The presence of these symptoms will vary due to the health condition and toxicity of each individual. Most detoxification is accomplished in the first two weeks as the toxic load is lightened. It is important to note that a large percentage of people may not notice any significant detoxification symptoms, although some detoxification is occurring.

Who benefits from detoxification?

You may not think you fall into a toxic category, but a 2006 study of four “healthy” Canadian Government leaders who volunteered to be tested, revealed surprising results. When tested for 103 pollutants; 61 were found in the four subjects.

The following toxins were found:

  • 54 carcinogens
  • 37 hormone disruptors
  • 16 respiratory toxins
  • 54 reproductive or developmental toxins
  • 33 neurotoxins


So, who needs to detoxify?

Everyone! If you use the test results for toxins present in the blood of these “healthy” Canadian leaders as an indication, we all need to detoxify!

Certain health conditions may also indicate a higher likelihood of toxicity. For example:

  1. Parkinson’s Disease
  2. Multiple Sclerosis
  3. Alzheimer’s Disease
  4. Lyme’s Disease
  5. Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue
  6. Autism
  7. People whose dental history involves more that 5 silver amalgam fillings on chewing surfaces.

Helpful Hints in Detoxifying:

  • A specific binding agent is often needed to facilitate this process. DMSA in capsule form is a good general chelator that has been used for 50 years. It has an affinity for lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic. It does require a prescription, but there are other natural types of chelating agents available as well.
    Call 416-273-2684 for more information.
  • Maintaining an annual detox program is considered wise as it appears we are under continuous environmental exposure; heavy metal toxicity is not vanquished with a single round.
  • Try to consume a minimum of 8 glasses of water and non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic beverages per day. This will assist your body in flushing out toxins and easing the load on your liver and kidneys.
  • Avoid eating seafood during this time as it can increase you toxicity levels.
  • Take a good vitamin and mineral supplement to replace any natural ones that may be lost.
  • Taking a good quality garlic supplement as well as Vitamin C assists detoxification.

The above information relates to the enhanced detoxification results induced by the increased pure Negative (-) field supplied by the Magnetico Sleep Pads; the only “under-the-mattress” magnetic pads on the market.

Study Validates Increased Detoxification

A clinical pilot study of thirteen subjects was conducted by an independent private physician. The study supports the increased detoxification capability associated with the Magnetico Sleep Pad, Super Model (20 gauss). This involved three urine challenge tests, all analyzed by an independent lab.

  1. Baseline levels, taken three days before any treatment.
  2. After one night on the Magnetico Sleep Pad.
  3. After the second night on the Magnetico Sleep Pad plus taking one 500 mg DMSA capsule.



Excretion levels of toxic metals after one night on the Magnetico Sleep Pad compared to Baseline Levels:

Weighted Averages:
Arsenic -31.66%
Lead -22.18%
Mercury -28%
Nickel -6.6%
Tin -10.44%

Excretion levels of toxic metals after a second night on a Magnetico Sleep Pad and 500 mg of DMSA taken at bedtime, compared to Baseline Levels:

Weighted Averages:
Arsenic -16.7%
Lead -80.58%
Mercury -45.6%
Nickel -4.15%
Tin -57.72%

Think about it, what a simple way to assist in good health.... It’s as easy as going to bed! Sleep is all about restoring, repairing, rebuilding, healing and in children-growing. A Magnetico Sleep Pad is a life-time product. Those magnets just keep going and going, helping you on your way to health every single night! Your satisfaction is guaranteed. At Magnetico, we have been learning and helping people since 1991.

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