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Six On-The-Run, Low-Cal Breakfasts

Remember those old-fashioned breakfasts? Say, a western omelette, hash brown potatoes, a biscuit and a cup of orange juice? Sounds great until you realize it costs you 1,090 calories and 62 fat grams.

Just saying "no" to that type of meal is smart, but the ideal alternative is not to skimp or to skip breakfast altogether.

Eating a healthy breakfast of protein (dairy or meat), fruit and a whole grain cereal product provides needed energy for the morning and keeps you from getting so hungry that you overindulge at lunch.

Limit breakfast calories to about 300 if you're a woman or 500 if you're a man. That's a norm for weight maintenance purposes, but if you're trying to lose weight, drop to 250 calories (women) or 350 (men).

Fat grams? Try to hold it down to five or less for a woman and ten or less for a man.

Bananas to omelets 

It's easy to put together a quick, healthy breakfast - even one you can munch in the car on the way to work if you're really on the run.

Try these under-300-calorie combinations from registered dietitian Georgia Kostas, author of The Balancing Act Nutrition and Weight Guide and The Guilt-free Comfort Food Cookbook.

•  Banana Peanut Butter Combo - Mix one banana with one tablespoon peanut butter and spread on 2 slices of reduced calorie whole-wheat bread

•  An Apple (to Start) a Day - Polish off one crisp apple, one ounce mozzarella cheese and 4 whole-wheat crackers for a wake-me-up.

•  Laughing Pair - Laugh it up with one small pear, one ounce reduced-fat Laughing Cow cheese, and one cup mixed dry Chex cereal. Mix your own: rice, wheat, corn, bran Chex with pretzels and shredded wheat.

•  English Apple - One small apple goes great with either a whole-wheat English muffin or a bagel plus either one ounce reduced-fat Laughing Cow cheese or one individually-wrapped mozzarella cheese log

•  Grape Sandwich - Put one ounce lean ham and one ounce low fat cheese, such as Weight Watcher's slice or Laughing Cow reduced-fat wedge, between 2 slices reduced calorie whole-wheat bread and enjoy with a cupful of juicy grapes.

•  Omelet Orange - If you prefer egg, OK. Blend one egg or egg substitute with 1/4 cup low-fat cottage cheese and saute until set, using nonstick spray in your frying pan. With one slice whole-wheat toast and an orange, you're still at 260 calories and 7 grams of fat.



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