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Health Freedom: How Long Will You
Be Able To Protect Your Own Health?

The freedom of people to choose natural healing, alternative medicine and methods of disease prevention could soon be threatened by corporate lobbyists who will do anything to protect their wealth at the expense of your health.

Fear can do wonderful things for corporations and for those who control the laws of the world. Many have known this long before the dawn of civilization. However, we are entering into era where fear could actually control our health freedom, especially by controlling the fields of medicine and human nutrition.

So how will fear actually accomplish this? If the current corporate and government agencies have their way, it will do so by coercing us to think we can do little to prevent disease and advance our health by natural means thereby forcing entire nations to a subservience at the hands of drug industries. The sheer irony is that the drug companies will have us believe that drugs will be the solution to our health woes, but in reality they will continue to be the most dangerous threat to our health.

The tragedies of drug side effects are being exposed daily. Drugs such as Celebrex, Prozac, Vioxx, Zoloft and Baycol to name a few, are all examples of how the secrecy of drug marketing has impaired our safety. It will get worse, much worse if this status quo continues.

Governments around the world have considered for some time now to classify most vitamins and other supplements as drugs. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States has already admitted to conducting raids on doctors' offices and health food stores. Some doctors have been threated with losing their licenses or even imprisonment if they used specific vitamins. Even some hospitals who have used vitamins claim they have been denied government grants and other monies from insurance agencies.

Critics of our current system of health protection believe that there is a good chance that without consumer participation, that laws will be created or modified and act to repeal or significantly weaken the agencies that promote natural supplements to the public. Why would they do this? Because the big winners are the large corporations that are able to meet the new standards and/or own patents protected and promoted by modifications in these laws. In the United States, critics say that these large companies are currently lobbying Congress for these changes, while assuring the public that nothing much is going to change and we shouldn't be alarmed.

The question is: Is this alarmist claim true? Some people do tend to over react and there are charges of misinformation being made by both sides. Most natural health experts believe that this situation is worth monitoring. It's certainly logical that if there were billions of dollars to be made by large corporations that they would have a vested position in the issue.

The following is an excellent documentary about the threat to medical freedom of choice by award-winning filmmaker Kevin P. Miller. It's well worth the time to view it.

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