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  Benefits of Fitness on Children
As a result of increasing physical exertion on a regular basis, children like adults, also reap the benefits of an increased level of wellness. The research shows that they are simply not getting an adequate amount of exercise. Here's a scientific analysis on the benefits of fitness on children. More
  Child Obesity Prevention in Schools
In the past 20 years, obesity among 6- to 11-year-old children has risen 54 percent, according to John Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. Fat kids often suffer socially and have a greater risk of developing conditions like heart disease and diabetes. The "Active Health & Wellness Program" was developed to curb the child obesity epidemic. Help us help schools create healthier environments for children to decrease their risk factors for disease.

 Read a PDF report on Child Obesity
"Public Health Crisis, Prevention as a Cure"

PDF report from the American Academy of Pediatrics
"Prevention of Pediatric Overweight and Obesity"

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  Parents are Integral in Children's Health
Childhood obesity has risen dramatically since the 1960s, according to government statistics, with as many as 30% of children meeting the definition of obese. Recent studies even show that parents underestimate their child's own weight problems, especially low-income parents. More
  School Activity areas do not boost exercise With teen obesity levels rising, findings suggests that a valuable opportunity to encourage kids to exercise at school is being lost. More structured programs and supervision to encourage more physical activity could help, the study authors report. More

Keep Kids Fit...Not Fat
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) says about 55 percent of adults are overweight or obese, up from 43 percent in 1960.  Much of this can be attributed to poor habits in their youth. Kids are playing less and getting less exercise because of technology.  As parents, we need to teach our children about having balance in our lives, exercise, fitness, and good eating habits.  We need to set a good example and train our children for life.  Kids shouldn't wait till they grow up to start exercising and eating right. More


Helping Kids Make Healthy Food Choices
How can you help children make healthful choices? Children have a variety of likes and dislikes and concerns when it comes to food. Kids are usually more interested in french fries, soda and ice cream than fresh vegetables, fruits and milk. It is common for children to refuse certain foods, such as spinach,or to demand their favorites, like hotdogs and pizza. You must be positive and offer a variety of choices, while balancing and moderating foods. More


Exercise helps Obese Children with Asthma
Children who have asthma or who are obese, or both, report a better sense of well-being and show improved fitness after 2 months in a guided exercise program combined with "rap groups" and lifestyle education. More


Getting Kids Excited to Exercise
In major studies during the last ten years, children from the ages of six to 17 scored extremely low in areas of strength, flexibility, and cardio respiratory endurance. Television watching, electronic games, and inactive parents were implicated as major sources of the lack of exercise. Fitness has to be fun and diverse to peak a child's interest and turn physical activity into a fun and eventful time of the day. More

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