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  Keeping Fit and Maintaining Good Health
While maintaining good health habits will not guarantee a longer life, it will certainly improve the quality of life. Here's an overview of some general fitness and lifestyle guidelines, that if practiced regularly, will help minimize the risk of illness and enrich your life. Getting fit and staying fit, will enhance your health for life. More

You're Never Too Old to Get Fit
It can be difficult for older adults to begin new exercise programs. Often, they fear injury or are alienated by youth-oriented gyms and fitness centers. But exercising can be the single most important thing adults of any age can do to improve their health. You're never too old to start a fitness program guided for your age group. More


Weights - Protection Against Free Radicals
According to findings presented recently at the annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine in Indianapolis, Indiana, lifting weights--even light ones--can protect against free radial damage. Free radicals are natural by-products of metabolism that have been implicated in the aging process and in a number of chronic illnesses such as heart disease and cancer.


Exercising For Fun
Exercise is a great way to stay healthy - especially if you keep at it. At least 50 per cent of people who start an exercise program drop out after six months. Changing certain behaviours regarding your motivation for exercise may influence your ability to start and maintain a fitness program in your weekly schedule. Chances are, if you consider your workouts to be a positive experience, you are more likely to continue being physically active. More


Exercise Helps the Heart
Exercise can improve fitness and reduce cholesterol in overweight and obese people even when it does not result in weight loss, according to results of a study. Individuals who are aerobically fit (a measure of the body's ability to transport and use oxygen) appears to be one of the best determinants for lowering the risk of heart disease. More


Are You Exercising Enough?
As far as fitness and health benefits go, don't count on reaping just rewards if breaking sweat is regularly on the backburner. Regular exercise has come to mean getting in at least 30 minutes' worth of movement three times a week, or enough activity to get the heart going at a good rate every other day. For optimal health, it's best to accumulate 60 minutes of light physical activity - like light walking, volleyball, easy gardening or stretching. More

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