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We Need Writers

Thanks for your interest in our call for writers. Here's some information for your review. is a dynamic, non-profit organization dealing with health & wellness across the globe. We are a portal to health information on the web dealing with fitness and nutrition specific to the most preventable and common diseases. Our goal is to connect businesses, corporations, employees, patients and the public to communicate solutions for preventable illness. Our focus, as our name implies is prevention. We encourage you to review some of the literature and our mission statement published on our site to understand our cause and perhaps recognize mutual goals.

Due to funding restraints, we do not provide any financial compensation for our writers to publish their work on What we do provide now is: 1) an excellent medium to expose your creativity and knowledge in any area of health to the rest of the world; 2) the opportunity to announce your research for a particular supplement, product and/or methodology for the accurate treatment or prevention of a specific disease; 3) the opportunity to expose a false or misleading supplement/product which is misrepresented by advertising or marketing initiatives, etc; 4) a chance to demonstrate your passion, commitment and dedication towards the prevention of disease to empower and provide people with the resources and information to effectively control their own health.

* Announcements for academic/research studies are placed in both our newsletter and news section of our website. An administrative charge of $25.00 (money order/money draft only - made out to A.R.S) ONLY applies to postings of this kind. There is no additional charge for development, advertising, web space or any other fees provided the announcement is for bona fide academic research.

The following guidelines will be applied:

- Previous experience as a health writer is NOT necessary but we ask all writers to submit at least one sample (or excerpt) of their work, preferably in health.

- All writers are expected to become members (membership is free) before submitting their work

- Articles should not exceed 1000 words in length. - All writers are expected to submit their work approx. 5-7 days before the date it is to be published (consult with your rep)

- All articles will be researched and reviewed by one of our staff or peer members before it is published.

- reserves the right to deny and refuse any article it deems unfit for publication. We also reserve the right to edit any content which promotes advertising of specific products or solicits readers to contact third-party individuals or organizations (especially those not directly related to the article or study)

- All writers are expected to include approriate copyright information and reference sources for any scientific/professional quotes, theories, speculation, opinions, research or conclusions.

- All writers will be assigned to a representative to ensure your article is reviewed and published appropriately.

- All writers are expected to submit academic qualifications ONLY IF you wish to publish your name at the base of the article with your graduate or professional credentials (i.e. M.Sc, PhD, M.D).
Alternatively, a letter from an employer or educational institution validating your academic/professional status will also suffice. This requirement will not be necessary for authors with undergraduate degrees or credentials from membership or affiliate organizations.

- Articles with the following content are prohibited:

- Any content relating to the promotion of drugs or drug therapy for specific diseases/conditions which are preventable through lifestyle or behavior modification (i.e. diet and exercise). A typical example would be the promotion of any pharmaceutical fatloss or weight reduction medications.

- Any content relating to supplements whose effectiveness is either unproven throughout research and scientific literature, or has demonstrated a lack of consistent benefits.

- Any content unrelated to disease prevention or advancement of human health

- Any content which consistently reports on the health benefits of one specific population or geographic area, without reference to how it may assist other similar populations/geographic areas.

- Any content which could easily be misinterpreted to negatively affect or harm human health.

- Any content which is consistently offensive to a specific population, gender, race or religion.

- Any sexually explicit and offensive content

- All members who successfully publish 5 or more articles will become an advisory board member for moderation and will have the option of editing other member articles.

- All members are asked to email us at
to submit all entries.

- You will notified by one of our representatives within 2 days of your submission. If you have any more questions, or comments concerning this new feature, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Aiming Towards Better Health,

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