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Does Our Perception Precede Our Decisions?
May 4, 2016 | Consciousness | J.Richardson
Have our decisions been made far before we make them? Walking down a specific street, choosing a career path or even reaching for a cup of coffee make not be as conscious a decision as we think, new research by Yale University psychologists suggest.

Rhythms of The Earth - How Does Modern Technology Interfere With The Earth's Frequencies
May 4, 2016 | EMF | J.Montiel
The amount of connections we have with our environment is infinite. This may be hard to grasp because we cannot sense all the connections but when we live in unnatural environments as most modern humans do today, this disconnect manifests as illness or at the very least, accelerated aging. One of the main reasons we are disconnected is because of modern technologies whose energies interfere with that of our natural environment, the energies that come from the sun and the earth.

We're Spending Too Much Time On Avoiding 'Bad Foods' When All We Need To Do Is Eat 'Good Foods'
May 3, 2016 | Lifestyle | M.Chan
Focusing on successes rather than failures is always a recipe for progress. Greater consumption of foods found in the Mediterranean diet may be more important for prevention of heart disease and strokes than avoidance of 'unhealthy' processed foods, a new study finds.

Global Looming Water Crises Solved With One Simple Invention
May 2, 2016 | Water | J.Richardson
It's not rocket science. It's practically elementary for the world's scientists and engineers, but we refuse to adopt a fundamental technology that could transform the world's drinkable water supply. One simple invention when applied to any coastal geographical region will make fresh water scarcity and thing of the past.

Eating Black Raspberries Significantly Lowers Cardiovascular Disease
April 29, 2016 | Antioxidants | M.Chan
Black raspberry (Rubus occidentalis) has long been used in traditional alternative medicine in Korea because of its potential to improve vascular function. An extract found in black raspberries can significantly lower arterial stiffness, a key measure of cardiovascular disease, according to data from a Korean study.

Those Little Laundry Detergent Packets Cause Serious Medical Outcomes Over Other Types of Detergent
April 28, 2016 | Toxins | K.Foster
One day we will all wonder why we ever made detergents so toxic--after all they are going on the clothes we put on our backs. A new study conducted by the Center for Injury Research and Policy of the Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital and the Central Ohio Poison Center found that exposure to laundry detergent packets is more dangerous to young children than exposure to other types of laundry and dishwasher detergent.

16 Pollutants Found In Fish Prevent Our Immune System From Working
April 27, 2016 | Toxins | A.McCarthy
The world's oceans are a global reservoir of persistent organic pollutants to which humans and other animals are exposed. A new study has found that fish tainted with common, long-lasting environmental contaminants weaken the human body’s ability to defend itself against toxins.

Laktokhan - What Separates An Excellent Probiotic From The Rest?
April 26, 2016 | Immunity | E.Dahl
What makes a Laktokhan a best-selling probiotic different from other products on the market? Even the name indicates what sets the product apart from the rest. Lacto comes from the word Lactobacillus, meaning "strain," and khan meaning "great." When combined, Lactokhan means "great/good bacteria."

Breast Milk The 'Ultimate Personalized Medicine'
April 25, 2016 | Breastfeeding | N.Longo
Breast milk is the gold standard in infant nutrition. Nothing can compare and nothing can replicate the nutrient density perfectly and naturally customized for an infant. New research underlines the beneficial effects of breastfeeding on short-term child health.

If You Want To Remember Something, Draw It, Says A New Study
April 22, 2016 | Memory | J.Battaglia
A recent study showed that drawing helps to create a more cohesive memory trace that better integrates visual, motor and semantic information and a significant recall advantage for words that were drawn as compared to those that were written.

Ocean Pollutants In Fish Considerably Toxic To Our Children
April 21, 2016 | Toxins | 
Ocean pollutants are estimated to soon cause half of all newborn birth defects. They contaminate our food and tamper with the body’s ability to cope with toxins. Recent findings make it more urgent to know how the pollutants act, especially as they are often found in combination.


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